Parade Escort


Side Quest


City Ruins

Quest Giver

Machine Lifeform



Parade Escort is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"A clown at the city ruins wants to hold a parade as a sign of peace towards androids. However, some machines are... less than fond of this idea, so the clown needs protection. Make sure the machines holding a parade in front of the Resistance Camp don't get hurt!"

"You defeated the menacing machines. Go check on the Clown Machine"

"You successfully guarded the machine lifeforms. Apparently, they want to hold another parade somewhere else. The clown was exhilarated at the parade's success, but he also seemed a bit sad his efforts were not recognized by his peers."

"You went to check on the clown and discovered a different machine lifeform who wants out of the dangerous parade business. Apparently, the parade you protected before disappeared in the desert while moving to their next venue..."


Parade Escort Objectives

  1. Defend the parade from the enemy onslaught
  2. Talk to the parade organizer
  3. Travel somewhere, then check in on the parade



Parade Escort Rewards



Parade Escort Walkthrough

  • This quest becomes available after Assault quest is completed. Head towards the Amusement Park entrance from City Ruins and talk to the clown machine with the balloons.
  • Answer all of its questions about love and friendship positively in order to obtain the quest.
  • The enemies are regular machines levels 32- 38 and Enhanced Machines, so it's best to do this after you are level 40. Set your partner on aggressive behavior.
  • After the first parade, travel somewhere and you will receive a notification to check on it. Go back to the parade spot to end the quest.




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    • Anonymous

      06 Jun 2018 23:12  

      I think you'll find this far easier when using 9S. Just keep hacking one immediately after the next since there's no downtime between each hack; with 2B you need to attach each one individually and they'll eventually overwhelm the paraders.

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