Pascal's Despair


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Abandoned Factory

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Pascal's Despair is a Main Story Quest in NieR: Automata


"The children of Pascal's village took their own lifes for fear of what they were about to face. Pascal's heartbreak cannot be mended, and he asks A2 to delete his memories or kill him."


Pascal's Despair Objectives

  1. Decide what to do with Pascal



Pascal's Despair Rewards

  • delete pascal's memories - unlocks Pascal's Item Shop.
  • Killing him grants Pascal's Core



Pascal's Despair Walkthrough

  • This quest unlocks once you complete Protect the Children on your third playthrough while you are A2
  • Talk to Pascal and he will request that you delete his memories or kill him.
  • Delete his memories via a hacking game with your pod.
  • You will obtain the trophy Farawell Pascal
  • This generates another bot exchange, and you can monitor 9S for the quest: Obtain Keys




  • You can walk away and make no choice (reward??)
  • ??
  • ??



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    • Anonymous

      Ahahahaha I went to kill him with a wide axe heavy attach and the attack ****ing *missed* ( I did not have the camera focused on him because this was such a hard decision and I really didn't want to kill him).
      I was literally facing Pascal and my axe attack went sideways and I swung myself out the door- leaving Pascal by accident. Fml

      • Anonymous

        There was the option of walking away? Man I was crying buckets while erasing his(?) memories, it just hurt so bad.

        • Anonymous

          Damn this gets dark. Pascal goes from an almost harmless village leader hoping for a bright future, to selling the children's body for scrap to you if you decide to erase his memories.
          Useful shop, but holy crap.

          • Anonymous

            I killed him, like the game tells you, machines are doomed to repeat their mistakes and I just could not imagine Pascal creating another village with other robots that got disconnected for the network over time, and having him see them kill each other again... I think that is more cruel than death. In fact when you kill him he thanks you.
            Anyway if you kill him you get his core, so technically you could revive him.
            And if you left him to suffer or sell his core you have no soul.

            • Anonymous

              Leaving Pascal as is should be a more legitimate option; Pascal is a machine that is learning more and more to be human, and living with heartbreak and carrying on is one of the most human traits there is. Just sayin'.

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