Phoenix Sword


270 - 340

Combo Light


Combo Heavy



Large Sword



Phoenix Sword is a Large Sword in NieR: Automata


Phoenix Sword Information


"A greatsword made from the plume of a phoenix."

  1. "A sword allegedly made from phoenix feathers, used by temple guards. As yet untested in combat."



Where to Find\Location

  • Immediately after you arrive to the City Ruins first time as 9S, head straight until you hit the wall and look right. You will see a chest you could not open before on 2B's campaign. Hack it to obtain the weapon.




  • ATK Speed Up increases attack speed.
  • Phoenix Flash gives a chance of restoring your health when hitting enemies.
  • Reference to the weapon used in Nier: Gestalt/Replicant




LvL Attack Combo Other Improvement Materials Needed
1 270 - 340 Light: 2
Heavy: 2
- -
2 486 - 612 Light: 2
Heavy: 2
ATK Speed Up Rusted Clump x5, Broken Circuit x5, Pearl x3
3 756 - 952 Light: 3
Heavy: 3
ATK Speed Up Dented Plate x4, Titanium Alloy x3, Crushed Nut x3, Black Pearl x2
4 1,026 - 1,292 Light: 4
Heavy: 3
ATK Speed Up
Phoenix Flash
Memory Alloy x2, Crushed Nut x5, Clean Nut x3, Machine Torso x2, Meteorite x1


Weapon Story


 Level 1


One day, a hawk lost its way in the woods. Its proud wings soon grew weak as it tried in vain to find its way home. As death approached, a songbird took pity on the hawk and did its best to offer aid."


 Level 2


The songbird slowly nursed the hawk back to health. The beautiful sight of the small white bird nestled in the elegant wings of the hawk soon made it the envy of all the creatures in the forest."


 Level 3


When the hawk was fully healed, it knew it was time to leave the forest. But before flying away, it promised the songbird it would one day return. In turn, the songbird gave the hawk one of its shining feathers as a token of friendship."


 Level 4


As promised, the hawk eventually returned-but with a human in tow.  "Well done," said the human.  "These feathers will sell for a great price at the market."  Then he slew the songbird in one blow and plucked its carcass clean."



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