Play with Us!


Side Quest


Machine Village

Quest Giver

Machine Children



Play with Us! is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"The children of the village are desperate for new playthings. Head to the local tool shop and see what you can do."

"Collect the required materials in the amusement park. Deliver a toy to the supply trader in Pascal's village. The village has new play equipment! Go tell the kids!"

"The overjoyed children give you a reward, though their sincere happiness fills you with complex emotions."


Play with Us! Objectives

  1. Visit the Machine Village's Item Shop
  2. Collect Toy Material x5 at Amusement Park
  3. Give the materials to the Machine Village's Item Shop
  4. Go play with the children



Play with Us! Rewards



Play with Us! Walkthrough

  • This quest unlocks on your third playthrough, as you play as A2. You must have completed the Maintenance quest.
  • After talking to Pascal, walk right towards the ladder and a group of machine children will ask you to play. Agree to get them something from the shop
  • Visit the Item Shop at the Machine Village. You will be told nothing is available for sale, but if you bring materials it can be built.
  • Go to the Amusement Park, and pick up the parts from the ground around the broken thrill ride and where you fight the Amusement Park Goliath Tank and then up near the Roller Coaster.
  • In this same area, you can pick up Pod Program: A150: Volt
  • Go back to the Machine Village's Item Shop. It will build a slide for the children machine. Go up to the highest spot in the village to talk to them and get your reward and complete the quest.




  • There is a bug that makes it so you cannot collect all the Toy Parts. Bug fixed.  
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