Pod C

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Attack 150 - 180
Type Pod

Pod C is a Pod in NieR: Automata. Pod C can be found in the Desert Zone, this Pod locks on to enemies before firing homing missiles. The missiles have a chance to knockback or stagger opponents. Pods are small robots that provide tactical support to your Character during combat. They can be used for ranged attacks by shooting projectiles, used for gliding to cover more distance, and hanging to allow you to jump higher.


Where to Find Pod C in NieR Automata

Found in the Desert Zone after an event marker appears. Its high-pitched signal gets louder as you approach it, helping you pinpoint its location.


Pod C Upgrades in NieR Automata

To upgrade your Pods, you would need to speak to the merchant at the Bunker or Resistance Camp and select the upgrade option. Pods can be upgraded with Gold and their required Materials. Pods gain a bonus each time you upgrade them. On the first upgrade, they gain a bonus on their regular attack. Second upgrade grants the Pod C an ability that charges while firing. The last upgrade grants them an additional charging on top of the second upgrade while firing.

Level Atk Value Other Improvement Required Materials
1 150 Takes several seconds to lock onto up to 5 enemies, then will fire 5 homing missiles. If only one enemy is locked on, it fires all 5 at one enenmy, but if 5 enemies are locked on, it fires 1 missile at each enemy.
  • N/A
2 165 Increases the number of missiles fired to 10.
3 172 Hold down the trigger to charge the attack. Once released if charged, the pod fires 12 explosive projectiles upwards that land in a small area around the player and explode.
4 (Max) 180 The pod can be charged further, increasing the number of explosive projectiles to 21 and increasing the spread. The projectiles now explode on impact, and turn into mines that explode again after 4 seconds. The mines will also explode if an enemy walks over it.


Pod C Notes and Tips

  • Other Notes, Tips, and Trivia for Pod C in NieR: Automata goes here.




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    • Anonymous

      POD C is especially useful on very open space locations, like the DLC Arenas or Adam's Pit. Since you're running around most of the time preparing high-damage melee attacks, you can just keep pressed the Missile Attack button for increased free damage without giving any additional coordination thoughts.
      It's also super-useful on Linked-Spheres enemies, because, given enough space, it will automatically try to hit the enemy weak spot (provided that it don't change it in the time the missile is fired - in that case the missile autoguide is usually not enough to correct the hit). The only Linked-Spheres enemies that are problematic with POD C, are the one that zig-zag vertically while attacking you (like the Drill ones in the collapsed area in the Ruined City).

      • Anonymous

        It seens that you can also pick this pod up from fishing. I got both pods B and C from randomly fishing in the Flooded City area while testing out the feature.

        • Anonymous

          Well I'm SOL, I'm missing one Powerup Part S and I did Anemone's Past, Robo-Dojo Red belt and killed the vengeful child and his brothers in all 3 locations. I might of missed one from killing the golden bipeds and I can't go back.

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