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Popola's Errand is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"Devola and Popola need more materials. Collect 5 Desert Roses from the desert."

"You gave the desert roses to Devola and Popola. Now ask Anemone why they continually get asked to do difficult assignments."

"You asked Anemone for an explanation, but she dodged the subject."


Popola's Errand Objectives

  1. Collect Desert Rose x5
  2. Take the desert roses you collected to Devola and Popola
  3. Talk to Anemone



Popola's Errand Rewards



Popola's Errand Walkthrough

  • This quest becomes available on your third playthrough, after the quest Loss, when you select 9S and trigger "Tower Recon".
  • You must have completed Devola's Request to do this quest.
  • Talk to Devola and Popola at the Resistance camp to trigger the quest, then travel to Desert: Camp and make your way through the next desert area towards the shortcut for Desert Housing (the one you emerged from after your first encounter with Adam (Boss)
  • Once at the sand-river area, defeat a Medium Biped, a Linked-sphere Type and some Small Biped, then collect the Desert Rose items in the area.
  • Go back to the Resistance Camp and talk to Devola to receive rewards, although the quest is not complete
  • Talk to Anemone.although she does not share more information.
  • Unlocks: The Twins' Request




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