Project Gestalt Report 11


Project Gestalt Report 11 is one of the information archives in Nier: Automata.


December 31, 3361


Due to the relapse of the Original, Gestalt units in preservation are now relapsing at an accelerated rate. The process of recording their bodies and gathering their DNA continues, but progress is poor.


New countermeasures and development intended to serve as a replacement to Project Gestalt are scheduled to be transferred to the Next Generation Preservation Project Preparartion Committee. As for this report, it will serve as a collected record of both Project Gestalt and the Committee. For information about the development plans for new android models and the refinement of existing models, please refer to the attached sheet.


Furthermore, we have received approval to consider the disposal of the "Devola" and "Popola" observer models at a later date.

Where to find/Location

  • The Tower - Locked Chest: Route C. Located behind broken pillars in the room where 9S gets a new arm.
  • Chapter 17-05, turn immediately around and behind the rubble is the chest.


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