Project Gestalt Report 2


Project Gestalt Report 2 is one of the information archives in Nier: Automata.


April 4, 2015


- Protests in opposition to the "Spritual Preservation Method" that was disclosed as Level 1 information related to Project Gestalt have sprung up in all areas.

- The committee continues to receive formal complaints from our research team regarding the collection of biased data as a result of the Gestalt process being conducted on the sick and elderly.

- The number of civilians having undergone the Gestalt process remains at four.

- A public relations department will be established in order to better control information and improve our image. We will also consider rescheduling the project itself if such an action is deemed necessary.

Where to find/Location

  • Abandoned Factory during 9S' hacking to help 2B escape on Route B. After you hack the second gate take the side path north and go left. (Ch. 09-02_1 )


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    • Anonymous

      Location: When helping 2B to escape from the factory as 9S. After hacking the elevator and meeting 2B + Pascal you have to hack some gates inside a hacking minigame. You find it after taking some branches in this minigame (together with Gestalt Report 1 and 3)

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