R020: Mirage


Pod Programs

R020: Mirage is a Pod Program in Nier: Automata



Analyzes all enemies in a fixed radius, allowing combatants to deliver a series of deadly slashes to all who are caught within.


Effects & Uses

  • Causes the user to disappear while rapidly hitting nearby enemies.
  • Area of effect increases the more pods that are used.
  • You are extremely hard to hit whle in the Mirage but you can get knocked out of it.


Where to Find/Location




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    • Anonymous

      28 May 2019 21:31  

      This is my favorite pod program by far because of its use and i-frames (it definitely has i-frames), but it seems bugged. Now and then, either when charging it or just pressing Square (what I have pod programs mapped to) to use it, it won't activate. A few times I've had to mash Square out of an evade to make it work, and now I just mash out of habit, but when charging it and I let go of Square to use it, sometimes the sphere around me just disappears. It's annoying when I'm using it to time i-frames and it doesn't work, causing me to get hit.

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