Ragged DVD


Ragged DVD is one of the information archives in Nier: Automata.


"School Life 101"

The first-ever DVD of the beautiful Kikyou, created just before her popularity skyrocketed.  With a variety of costumes - including blazers, blouses, school swimsuits, and a spcial hot-teacher look - this DVD is packed with content no true fan can afford to miss.  It's the must-have disc of the summer!

Starring: Kikyou (feat. Cheki)

MSRP: 3,800 yen (before tax)

Where to find/Location

  • City Ruins - Locked Chests: From the City Ruins: Center access point, make your way to the building where Sorting Trouble 3 happens. Across the large road, near where the Golden Robots appear, a chest awaits. To reach it, you must use a combination of long jump and attack techniques: Hold X (jump) before you get off the platform, press R2 to dash off, then square (You will do a round kick with your pod). Now let go of X and press X+Square for an upwards attack, keep X pressed and press square again for roundkick, then if you still aren't there press X + r1 and your pod will launch you.


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