Ragged DVD


Ragged DVD is one of the information archives in Nier: Automata.


"School Life 101"

The first-ever DVD of the beautiful Kikyou, created just before her popularity skyrocketed.  With a variety of costumes - including blazers, blouses, school swimsuits, and a spcial hot-teacher look - this DVD is packed with content no true fan can afford to miss.  It's the must-have disc of the summer!

Starring: Kikyou (feat. Cheki)

MSRP: 3,800 yen (before tax)

Where to find/Location

  • City Ruins - Locked Chests: From the City Ruins: Center access point, make your way to the building where Sorting Trouble 3 happens. Across the large road, near where the Golden Robots appear, a chest awaits. To reach it, you must use a combination of long jump and attack techniques: Hold X (jump) before you get off the platform, press R2 to dash off, then square (You will do a round kick with your pod). Now let go of X and press X+Square for an upwards attack, keep X pressed and press square again for roundkick, then if you still aren't there press X + r1 and your pod will launch you.


    • Anonymous

      18 Mar 2018 09:21  

      Just as easily you can get a running start, jump, dash, double jump, pod fling then hover, works just as well.

      • Anonymous

        12 Mar 2018 20:41  

        the idiot who put the advice on how to get this clearly didn't try it out, as you can NOT do the upward rising attack in midair after a jump

        • Anonymous

          27 Mar 2017 00:59  

          I just remote controlled one of the flying machines and flew to it from the top of the building with the red "box fort." You have to press X wisely but it works.

          • Anonymous

            26 Mar 2017 10:06  

            This is the first set of golden robots. The ragged dvd is not in the desert it is in the city ruins close to the access to robo dojo with the red crates

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