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Reconnaissance Squad is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"After the fall of the Bunker, 4S, a similar model android to 9S, has taken refuge at the Forest Castle. Even though the YoRHa squad has been destroyed, he still trying to gather data on the enemy, and since there's only so much he can do on his own, he has asked 9S for help. Gather new enemy intel, and give it to 4S at he Forest Castle"

"4S felt a sense of guilt at having survived when all of his friends had died. He is very grateful that the intel gathering was completed faster than expected, and he tells 9S not to succumb to the same sense of guilt. He decided to give serious thought to how he's going to live his life from now on."


Reconnaissance Squad Objectives

  1. Gather enemy intel
  2. Give Unit Data to 4S



Reconnaissance Squad Rewards



Reconnaissance Squad Walkthrough

  • This quest becomes available on your third playthrough, after the quest Loss, when you select 9S and trigger "Tower Recon".
  • Go to the Forest Zone: Royal Chamber access point and go right past the linked-sphere type. When you reach the ramp, double jump to reach a higher level, then go around to find 4S and talk to him to begin the quest.
  • Sharing data with him will give you rewards at intervals
  • When your Unit Data tab shows 95% you can complete the quest and obtain a large reward




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    • Anonymous

      I saw a few confused comments in here. In order for units to count towards the overall percentage, you need to kill all models for that particular unit. For instance, drill, axe, and gun models for the small unit. You have to do that for all units in every category too such as normal and forest. It's a pain in the ass, but I was able to get from 75 to 100 in one night by looking up locations and reloading saves.

      • Anonymous

        Just to clarify my question (comment below this, it won't let me reply to it): I'm only asking because the percentage seems unusually low considering I've gotten every other unit in the game recorded, and I'm a bit of a completionist and stuff so.

        • Anonymous

          So, I've defeated and recorded all the enemies except for three (Advanced Reverse-Jointed Goliath (if it exists), Emil, and Emil's heads) and my unit data is at 88% (which I don't really understand since?? There's only 3 enemies left?? So how is it only 88%??), will defeating those boost it to 95% or will I be perpetually trapped unable to complete this quest?

          • Anonymous

            i have a question. for some reason in the description of the misión says that i have to find White animals but i have like a ton of White meat from elks and boars, do i have to kill more of them or do i only have to focus on killing enemies?

            • Anonymous

              I finished the game over 7 times i cant get past 92% what exactly do i need to do, where do i get this "enemy intel" pls someone tell me its soooo annyoing, nobody ever tells exactly what and where to do.

              • Anonymous


                I find it strange what happens later but unifortunatly in the end 4S would die at some point since the pod was spacific that ALL YorHa black boxes has been deactivated

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