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Report on A2 is a Main Story Quest in NieR: Automata


"You met the traitor unit YoRHa A2. Command will not tell you why it deserted, but perhaps Pascal knows more about it."


Report on A2 Objectives

  1. Talk to Pascal



Report on A2 Rewards



Report on A2 Walkthrough

  • After fighting the YoRHa A2 unit for the quest The Forest Kingdom, an event with command will trigger. 9S proposes to talk to Pascal, and a conversation with him opens the shortcut between Forest Zone and Machine Village.
  • Head over to the Machine Village for a talk with Pascal
  • Talk with Pascal, but it has nothing of interest to say. Continue to the Resistance Camp for the next quest: Resupply




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    • Anonymous

      If you missed this side quest, load chapter 7-01 and head towards the city ruins pit. You'll need to get the quest details from an email in any access point.

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