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Resistance Disappearance is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"A woman at the Resistance camp claims that one of her friends is missing. Investigate the materials storage site and search for clues."

"Investigate the location at the coordinates inscribed on the storage site wall."

"Upon arriving at tthe coordinates, you found a dead Resistance member and a blood-covered machine lifeform. Examine the body of the Resistance member."

"Judging from the data found on the man and the machine, both tricked the other into coming here in order to exact revenge. Report your findings to the client."

"The client has been informed of your findings. Though overcome with grief at the loss of her friend, she seems to have some kind of plan..."

"The woman was nowhere to be found in camp, though a man claimed he saw her leave with a weapon in hand."


Resistance Disappearance Objectives

  1. Investigate the Materials Storage Site
  2. The door to the storage room was shut tight.
  3. Complete the quest The Manager's Request.
  4. Investigate the location at the coordinates inscribed on the storage site wall.
  5. Defeat the machine
  6. Examine the body of the Resistance Member
  7. Return to the Resistance Camp to the client.



Resistance Disappearance Rewards



Resistance Disappearance Walkthrough

  • This quest becomes available once the player returns from the Machine Village after talking to Pascal.
  • Initially, the door to the storage area of the Resistance Camp will be locked. You must complete The Manager's Request to gain access.
  • Once the back door opens, go in and down a ladder, then investigate the ground level metal poles for an inscription.
  • Follow the coordinates on your map, they will take you to the Desert Zone. Here, you will be attacked by a sword-wielding Medium Biped machine, that apparently has a grudge against androids and lured them here to kill them. It is added to your intel as Blood-drenched Machine.
  • You will obtain Memory Chip x1 and Man's Journal x1.
  • Go back to the Resistance camp to tell the client of your findings. Leave the camp and come back later, and she will be gone but leave you a reward.




  • To quickly complete the quest and collect your reward; you can leave the camp by foot and after a very short distance the quest will update and you can return finish the quest. 


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    • Anonymous

      You can get the Max HP Up +3 Chip Diamond [7] from this quest by load rolling. I kept loading until getting [7] took less than 10 tries and usually it gives [13]

      • Anonymous

        Fuk, I wanted to see what happens after I decide the lie choice but didn't know there was a change after you comeback to the camp so i just left and reloaded, later after finding out & wanted to redo the thing I've accidentally overwritten that save point so now i can't unless I resume from the lovely Opera Boss fight save, but the enemy you have to face in this quest was above lvl 30 when i was around 18 and took me a long time to kill wtf so meh don't wanna redo all the leveling just to beat it..

        • Anonymous

          To answer that question yes you still get the reward you just have to exit the camp and then re-enter and talk to the guy that was next to her. he will be marked. Also there are 3 different out comes to this, 1 tell the truth and she gets all depressed you leave the camp and head back in to find out she left armed for revenge and then the guy gives your reward to you. 2 you lie to her and she says thank you for trying and gives you your reward. 3 you lie to here she tells you that she knows you're lying to her and thanks you for the kindness and then you leave the camp and re-enter and the guy gives the reward because she went out to seek revenge

          • Anonymous

            "This quest becomes available once the player returns from the Machine Village after talking to Pascal." may not be accurate, I grabbed this after backtracking from the first save point in the Carnival for an upgrade.

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