Robo Dojo--Red Belt


Side Quest


City Ruins

Quest Giver

Father Servo



Robo Dojo--Red Belt is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"Father Servo has enhanced himself using parts you gave him. Go verify the results for yourself.

You emerged victorious from Father Servo's training, but he has yet to show you his true strength. Rise to the challenge once more - this time with your life on the line."

"Having ascended to the apex of his strength, Father Servo put everything on the line and lost. With your victory achieved, nothing remains but to reminisce about the excitable machine


Robo Dojo--Red Belt Objectives

  1. Defeat Father Servo



Robo--Dojo Red Belt Rewards



Robo--Dojo Red Belt Walkthrough

  • Complete Robo Dojo--Red and White Belt
  • Come back and Father Servo is now a modified version of Medium Biped. He is level 60. Accept his challenge.
  • After you deplete his healthbar once, he will say this time the battle is to the death, heal to full, and continue fighting.
  • Defeat him again and he will give you your rewards




  • After you defeat him, the song "Faltering Prayer (Dawn Breeze)" plays
  • ??
  • ??



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    • Anonymous

      06 Mar 2021 14:54  

      my powerup part s never came to the inventory, i was looking where i can get some because i want to uprade the pods, and i saw that i get it from father servo.... but i have already DONE THE WHOLE FATHER SERVO QUEST. reply if you had the same problem

      • Anonymous

        19 Apr 2020 00:03  

        Did this with level 38-40 or so 9S, took maybe 10 minutes. Can't think of anything special I did beyond Level 4 Virtuous Dignity, a Weapon Attack +4 chip, Shockwave +3, and Overclock +3 (the rest were inconsequential to the fight pretty much). Didn't even touch the hacking button. (I play on Normal difficulty, so maybe it's different on hard.)

        • Anonymous

          17 Apr 2020 02:41  

          Dude i play this on B route and when he's on his final for i can't even deal a damage what i do is just play a *****ing 40 minute touhou game to damage him.

          • Anonymous

            01 Aug 2018 20:32  

            I didn't know the quest doesn't reset through playthroughs. I did it as a level 22 2B using overclock +5, Offensive Heal +3, and Counter +6 for a goddamn HOUR and you're telling me I could have done it as a level 40 A2? Press F to pay respects.

            • Anonymous

              18 Dec 2017 09:57  

              I'm using 9S lvl 30, kill this stupid machine by hacking him twice on the first battle, and the hack him again twice in battle to death. LOL, father servo, serve you right!! XS

              • Anonymous

                29 Aug 2017 12:34  

                Lv.29 this is how I made it.
                1-Set the game to Easy mode.
                2-Auto-Chips: On.
                3-Put your controller down, go do something else and come back in 20 minutes or so.

                • Anonymous

                  26 Jun 2017 05:34  

                  At level 55+ you can easily beat him even with bare fist (without combat bracers), as a respect to pure martial art fellow.

                  • Anonymous

                    13 May 2017 17:20  

                    Taunting is OP as all hell. Taunt with as many taunt up chips as you can get, then unleash a fully charged barage of blast (or whatever your best pod power is) with all 3 pods. Then back off until you're ready to fire again.

                    • Anonymous

                      01 Apr 2017 01:05  

                      The key to beating Father Servo easily is to use 9S's hacking ability to do it. It's way faster and takes a large chuck of his damage.

                      • 28 Mar 2017 02:00  

                        The fight took about 10-12 minutes @ level 28 for me doing the above. This was for both stages. You bring his HP down once, then he heals back and you gotta fight him again. I just let 9S tank him, while I sat back and spammed him with shockwaves using the starting small sword @ +3 upgrade. The only reason I didn't stack more taunts was because I only had one of them. But if you want to go for broke, you can stack taunt chips until you either run out of space (if you got them), or the game tells you that you reached the % limit and end the fight even quicker. If you go with the "stack as many taunts as possible" setup for this fight, I still recommend using a shockwave chip, because ranged is way safer in this fight.

                        • 28 Mar 2017 01:44  

                          Here is the trick to beating this at a lower level, around level 25-30.


                          Taunt - If you're using a pad, you tap Lstick down until the mob's head turns red and is steaming, this applies taunt effect which gives them and you a % damage boost. Even low level taunt chips give as high as 200%. I'm unsure what the cap is, but a +8 likely gives in the ballpark of 400-500%.

                          Shockwave - gives you ranged DPS on melee attacks. One of the best chips in the game, IMO.

                          Weapon damage - Stack as many as you can.

                          Evade distance - A lot of people aren't aware, but this also extends your Iframes for a perfect evade window.


                          Melee damage up. Stack this with taunt, and you can do quadruple damage, or more if you got a high level taunt with above +200%. This doubles whatever you do with taunt, confirmed. So if your taunt is 300-400%, then you do 6x-8x more damage.

                          The taunt + melee damage up trick works for ALL fights. All those war-of-attrition fights can be won within a reasonable amount of time with proper chip loadouts.

                          • Anonymous

                            24 Mar 2017 09:45  

                            I beat this at Level 28.

                            Please don't attempt this at Level 28.

                            It took over an hour of non-stop attacking.

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