Robo Dojo--Red and White Belt


Side Quest


City Ruins

Quest Giver

Father Servo



Robo Dojo--Red and White Belt is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"Father Servo has enchanced himself using the parts you gave him. Go verify the results for yourself."

"You emergd victorious from Father Servo's trianing, but he demanded parts as payment for his services. Go find the requested materials."

"In an effort to reach the utimate heights of strength, Father Servo made an entirely one-sided promise about a rematch"


Robo Dojo--Red and White Belt Objectives

  1. Speak to Father Servo
  2. Defeat Father Servo
  3. Bring the materials to Father Servo: Gold Ore x1, Pristine Cable x1, Large Battery x1, Filler Metal x1



Robo Dojo--Red and White Belt Rewards



Robo Dojo--Red and White Belt Walkthrough

  • This quest is unlocked by completing Robo Dojo--Black Belt and then returning to City Ruins after Father Servo has enhanced himself.
  • Talk to him to begin the quest. He is now level 50 and a powerful Goliath Biped.
  • It is likely you will need to finish the game once and begin your second playthrough before you are able to challenge him. The quest does not reset to White Belt so feel free to continue on another playthrough
  • After defeating him bring the materials to Father Servo: Gold Ore x1, Pristine Cable x1, Large Battery x1, Filler Metal x1 (the last one found at the Abandoned Factory)
  • Return to Father Servo for your reward.
  • Unlocks the next quest: Robo Dojo--Red Belt




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