Robo Dojo--White Belt is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata obtained in City Ruins from Father Servo which gives extra (EXP), items, and occasionally even weaponry for completing any of the side tasks. Most of the side tasks available to you can be completed during playthroughs with all characters. You won't be able to go back to earlier regions in various parts of the story, which may prevent you from completing some of these side missions until later.


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Side Quest Rewards


Plug-In Chip


Enhancement Item

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Robo Dojo--White Belt Walkthrough

"In the city ruins, a machine lifeform called Father Servo devotes himself to training. He is eagerly searching for a sparring partner against whom he can test his strength."

Spar With Father Servo

Father Servo will attack you after you initially get near to him. It is preferable to wait until you have attained a level of experience comparable to Father Servo's (20) before beginning this quest. You can combine evades with ranged and melee attacks to deal combat damage. You can speak with Father Servo and accept another sparring session once you prevail in the bout. The machine shouldn't be too difficult to defeat.

Aquire Warped Wire

Father Servo will ask for a Warped Wire as "payment" for the sparring. This artifact, which is occasionally left behind by particular machines found in the Desert Zone, may already be in your possession. If you don't already have it, head to the location indicated on the map and triumph in the battle to obtain the component.

Give the Aquired Materials to Father Servo

After acquiring the needed materials from the enemies, head back to Father Servo and give him the materials. This will mark the end of the side quest. Upon completing this side quest you will be rewarded with 3000 G, 600 EXP, Weapon Attack Up, Small Gear, Melee Attack Up (L), and Small Recovery.


Robo Dojo--White Belt Trivia & Notes

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    • I got to him by climbing to the top of the building with all those crates (maybe a cancelled crate-moving puzzle?) then aerial spear-stabbing across.

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