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Standard Machine


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Small Biped is an Standard Machine enemy in NieR: Automata


Small Biped Information

"A small machine lifeform with limbs similar to those of a human. Its less-than-sizeable build makes it well-suited to swift attacks.

Occasionally, machine lifeforms can be found carrying torches in dark places. As machine are thought to be capable of seeing in the dark, it's assumed they have some other reason for this behavior. They tend to use their own vital fluids as fuel for torches, though the meaning of this--if there is one--is also unknown.

Desert version: Its small sword is thought to have been created by a machine lifeform haphazardly combining metals.

Forest version: The tip of its spear is made of painstakingly refined metals, and can pierce even an android's armor."


Small Biped Locations



Small Biped Drops




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Normal Small Biped

Small Biped: Sword equipped

Amusement Park: Small Biped


Machine Village: Small Biped
Small Biped: Spear-equipped
Small Biped: Enhanced


Factory: Small Biped
Rampaging Small Biped
Amusement Park: Rampaging Small Biped


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    • Anonymous

      25 May 2017 21:33  

      Where can I find Small Biped: Enhanced? I don't know if my game is glitched or I've never found one and how did I miss it. Some help on possible location or chapter would be great. Here there is only info about Standard Units and not too much explained... This enemy is really driving me mad.

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