Sorting Trouble 2


Side Quest


Resistance Camp

Quest Giver

Resistance Member



Sorting Trouble 2 is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"Retrieve the package from the even more cluttered storage area."

"You gave the client the package and he kind of... sort of... maaaybe showed remote signs of coming close to being sorry. He still blamed his supervisor, however, and claimed he always has to clean up after her."


Sorting Trouble 2 Objectives

  1. Solve the sorting puzzle to retrieve the package



Sorting Trouble 2 Rewards



Sorting Trouble 2 Walkthrough

  • This quest requires having completed The Manager's Request. It is available on your third playthrough.
  • Go to the back of the resistance camp (behind the Manager) and down a ladder to talk to an NPC and begin the quest.
  • Start by moving the first block right, second block up, first block down.
  • Then go to the top block and push it just a little bit up so you can walk by its side, pick up the Skill Salve (S)
  • Now the last block must be pushed all the way down to retrieve the last package.
  • Go outside to turn in the quest.




  • If you're having trouble grabbing the leftmost box (the one you must push down to gain access to the second chest), position yourself to the "North" (i.e. so that you're above the box, positioned so as to push it downward), and then move as far to the right as you can. The prompt to grab the box should then appear. To rephrase, as this is difficult to describe, the prompt to grab the box may not appear if you are standing in what appears to be the dead center of the box, due to the awkwarness with the fixed camera. In summary: push the box down, from above, and position yourself at the upper-right corner of the box if the prompt is not appearing. This user hopes the above has been helpful, and apologizes for the inherent difficulty of expressing this quirk. 
  • This quest appears to only be available whilst playing as A2.
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