Speed Star


Side Quest


City Ruins

Quest Giver

High-speed Machine



Speed Star is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"A machine in the city ruins has challenged you to a race. Reach the goal before he does!.

You won the race, but the machine is not done with you yet."


Speed Star Objectives

  1. Race to the finish line
  2. Talk to the High Speed Machine.



Speed Star Rewards


Speed Star Walkthrough

  • This quest unlocks after the Assault event on City Ruins. To start it, head over to the broken Goliath machine Engels and go up the broken highway. A blue flyer machine is going in a speedy circle - talk to it to begin the quest.
  • Equip as many movement speed chips as you can, and race to the finish avoiding the enemies and using Evade to dash and increase your speed.
  • You can also use the Pod Program A110: Slow to throw on the High-speed Machine right at the start of the first two races and give yourself a clear advantage.
  • You will have to race it 3 times in order to finish the quest.



  • Sometimes the machine bugs out and does not show at its location. You will have to travel away and come back or reload the game, or come after finishing your current main objective.
  • If you progress the Main Quest too far (Flooded City) the quest fails and you will have to restart it on your next playthrough or on chapter select.
  • There is a chance that you can just use Alt+Tab when the screen go dark. You can skip the race introduction and set your own a headstart bug when High-Speed Machine still wait for countdown.
  • Quest tag q032 in save file.



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    • Anonymous

      You can use "Missile" pod program with three pods, I just beat third race that way and then noticed that I was using wrong set of chips without incresed move speed.

      • Anonymous

        Beat this as 9S.
        Hack that wormy boy (gun one if possible, so aggro from headbutt). Full sprint (left click) and front arrow on the right route, try to cut corners using hold jump.

        Trial and error i beat this bastard w that

        • Anonymous

          Okay, so I finally got him in the 3rd race. +20 Move speed chips as always. Started the race by possitioning the camera to be looking straight down on my character (2B in this case) so that the Pod Program Slow is aimed basically at 2B's feet. Do that and you can catch the machine right at the start of the race.

          Then I jumbed to the left path while holding the Self-destruct button - when you do that, the boom sequence will be cancelled by you touching the ground but it will also negate the fall damage and not play the animation where you struggle to get back up buying you a bit more time.

          Not sure if the left path (the side of the Cavern closer to the Comercial Facility) is faster or the right (the one closer to the Resistance camp) but I won when I was trying the left path and I was just 0.5-1 secs behind him on an earlier attempt at the right path. On that one I got him in the Slow but when I jumped I instead triggered the "sky-dive" animation for 2B and I couldn't stop the getting back up animation from playing.

          Another trick that may help that I didn't use is to bait a machine on your path to attack you while you have Overclock chips since you globally slow down time when you evade something - it's like hitting him with Slow again mid race. I didn't do it as on my runs there were no machines I could make use of and I didn't have a lot of Overclock time due to a low number of chips so I might not even regain the time I used to bait a machine's attack with that.

          Also, any trick discussed here should be used completely guilt-free in any race against this prick since he's already cheating - he flies to the goal in basically a straight line while to beat him you have to complete an obsticle course which requires turns and verticality and likely has enemies trying to kill you on it which completely ignore him. It's like someone saying "Let's race to the top of that building on the other side of town" and while you show up with your car, they came with a helicopter.

          • Anonymous

            I beat level 3 with 1, +1 evade
            range up and a speed item at the beginning i used fists heavy to shoot toward thr ground and then self destructed to cancel animation then ran normally an did it.

            • Anonymous

              It can be done without speed chips or slowing the robot if you continually dash and optimize your movements.

              • Anonymous

                Contrary to popular belief, you can use pod program slow on the 3rd race as well if you aim at the ground (corner of the building). The bot will be slowed while you sprint out and land quickly to the ground by using heavy attack in air. Then just dash and sprint at full speed, you should beat it by a second or two.

                • Anonymous

                  I did the first race without anything (only speed + 3 chip I used throughout the whole game), 2nd race - I managed to beat it only with using Pod A110 Slow at the start line, then just sprint+jump+evade, and for the 3rd race I found a good solution after several dozens of tries. Cap your speed with all speed up chips you have (it will be capped at +20% eventually), and then equip as much pod cooldown chips as you can (I used +6 and +3).Then equip Pod A160 Missile (can be found in the abandoned factory on Route C). At the start of the race, jump and use self-destruct, as stated in the comment below to prevent staggering after falling, and then sprint to the left, around the edge of the hole, and spam Pod program. The cooldown time was something about 200-250 for me which means you can use the program 4 times during the race. It gives you a big speed boost and do not cancel sprint at the same time, so you can get a spare 1,5 seconds if you are doing it right. God, it was the LAST damn quest in the whole game, and I finally got my 100% quests... It's time to end this, finally.

                  • Anonymous

                    "If you progress the Main Quest too far (Flooded City) the quest fails..." This is false. The quest does not fail, the npc simply bugs out. Save & reload and he will be there. I just finished the Forest: Castle area (which is *after* Flooded City) and I just triggered the 3rd race, no problem.

                    • Anonymous

                      During the third run it's actually pretty easy by going to the right of the hole, jumping to the building on your left and using the Wire Pod programme on the robot that is waving the flag

                      • Anonymous

                        seems like it's better to evade once and just hold the button (or i dunno, maybe use auto-run) without jumping or running to different directions, even for minor obstacles, that seems to slowly increase character's speed upon time

                        • Anonymous

                          If anyone is having trouble beating this quest, check your usable items for speed salves; they help a lot. Make sure you save before incase you use a salve and still lose.

                          • You could do it without abusing any systems, just get the 20% speed increase from editing chips, and finding the easiest way with least obstacles... And lots of patience.

                            • Anonymous

                              Here you go, speed star made easy. Use a pod program and for about 3 seconds that will make everyone besides you slow down. when those 3 seconds are up dont release your program, just fire a normal shot with your pod and that will reset your pod program. rinse and repeat. Did the last challenge first try with about 5 seconds to spare with no speed buffs.

                              • Anonymous

                                For those who have problems with the last (3rd) race: equip all the speed up chips up to 20% (cap), and when you jump from starting building, press both sticks to initiate self-destruct. It won't get through because it will be cancelled by falling, but the funny thing is: this way you won't get staggered after falling to the ground and can run straight after you fall. That split second you gain there will win you the race.

                                • Anonymous

                                  I did not edit the chipset in the beginning. I first started by finding others tracks with less obstacles. I followed the tree roots but it's quite hard in the second race: I tried to climb the second tree, near the building where the finish is located, by using double-jump and evade. Very frustrating, but it works!

                                  • Anonymous

                                    The Linked-Sphere enemy (the snake like enemy that floats around and has a drill nose) makes this pretty easy. The snake's speed seems to be faster than running, and it's floating ability makes gaps trivial. For some reason I couldn't get the second race to activate with a snake, but the first and third races I got on the first try by racing to the end with the snake. Maybe give it a try if nothing else seems to work for you.

                                    • How necessary is this side quest... because I hate it. I fell off the cliff at the end of the third race after losing and fell right into the main quest. Since I didn't want to progress for fear of losing side quests, I had to re-load and really don't want to do this again.

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