Spirit of Fire


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Spirit of Fire is a Picture Book in NieR: Automata


Spirit of Fire Information


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Where to Find\Location

  • Sold by ??
  • Found at ??
  • Dropped by ??



  • ??
  • ??


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    • Anonymous

      28 Feb 2018 04:39  

      robot from 1st neir p2 (something) not dead (memory loss, kinda remembers the gezstalt on his head), finds some robots, becomes hive mind, finds way out of the mounting in explosion, hacks machines in neir: auto.. time-line (little before the game i think) and gives them the message "let us live"(could be why they kiiled the alien masters), then *****s off into space, has a song, all to to the smallish idea the little gezstalt he knew.

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