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Key Item

Stamp is an Key Item in NieR: Automata


Stamp Information


"A stamp from the amusement park."





Where to Find\Location

  1. Under the machine statue at the entrance (shining on ground)
  2. Provided by a Crying machine halfway up the stairs behind the Item Shop and back entrance path.
  3. Provided by an Angry machine by a gate on the way from Amusement Park to Machine Village (turn near machine family up the main staircase)
  4. Provided by Revved-up machine, to your right at the top of the main staircase.
  5. Provided by Creepy machine, up the back entrance stairs near the Machine on a Break.
  6. Under the broken thrill ride up the back entrance stairs (shining on the ground)
  7. By the stairs leading up to the Roller Coaster (shining on the ground)
  8. Provided by laughing machine on the bridge on the way to the boss room.
  9. Dropped by Small Biped malfunctioning machine one must destroy. To find it, go past the bridge towards the boss room, go right instead and take a lift down to a basement. Here, many level 20 machines will attack you - destroy them all to obtain the stamp.
  10. Make your way to the boss room and witness the Romeo & Juliet play by the machines. Once it finishes, go to the receptionist near the curtain to get your stamp.



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