Taunt Up

Item Type Plug-in Chip
Chip Type Support Chip

Taunt Up is a Plug-in Chip in NieR: Automata. The Taunt Up Plug-in Chip is a Support ChipPlug-in Chips are items that you can equip to acquire or customize mostly passive and some active Skills in the game. Primarily, Plug-in Chips provide passive buffs or additional stat bonuses, as well as provide the user with different skills and/or effects. There are five types of Plug-in Chips: AttackDefenseSupportHacking, and System.


Taunt Up NieR Automata Plug-in Chip Effect

  • Taunts raise player and enemy attack power to 180-500%


Where to Find the Taunt Up Plug-in Chip in NieR Automata

  • Obtained as a reward for completing the Side Quest, Lord of the Valley.
  • Frequently drops from Medium Fliers in the Desert Region. Two spawn near the oil field save terminal.


Taunt Up Plug-in Chip Upgrades in NieR Automata

Name Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Most Efficient Load
♦ Storage Cost ♦4 ♦5 ♦6 ♦7 ♦9 ♦11 ♦14 ♦17 ♦21 (Number of Chips)x(Level) [Cost]
 Taunt Up 180% 200% 240% 280% 300% 350% 400% 450% 500%  3x2 [18]; 1x3, 1x2, 1x1 [18]; 2x3, 1x0 [18]; 2x4 [18]


Taunt Up Plug-in Chip Notes & Tips

  • Other notes and player tips go here.
  • Plug-in Chips can have a Level between 0 and 8 that determines how strong the effect of that chip is. Not all chips have multiple levels.
  • All Plug-in Chips have a Cost that determines how much space they take up when equipped in storage. You can purchase more storage space from merchants so that you can equip more chips.
  • The Cost of a chip can vary, and so lower Cost is desirable because the chip will use less of your storage capacity.
  • Chips have a minimum and maximum Cost that is determined by their type and Rank. Chips with the lowest possible Cost for their Rank are marked with a ♦.
  • Plug-in Chips of the same Type and Rank can be Fused to create a new chip of the same type that is one Rank higher.
  • The Cost of a new chip is calculated from the Costs of the two chips being Fused. Check out the Plug-in Chips Reference Guide for optimal chip fusion if you need help creating ♦ Cost chips.
  • Chips can be Fused to Rank 6 typically and up to Rank 8 at the Canyon Machine after completing her quest.
  • When prompted for the first time she aks for a painless death thinking the androids were sent to kill her, if the player chooses to spare her life, she will give you the side quest Lord of the Valley. After clearing the quest she starts selling and fusing Chips. Canyon Machine can fuse chips up to +8.
  • Plug-in Chips can be purchased, obtained from quests, or acquired from enemy drops. Chips purchased are often a high rank while chips dropped from enemies have a random rank and can sometimes drop ♦ Cost chips.
  • When you die you lose all the chips you had installed. To recover them you must make your way back to your prior body. Failing to do so results in losing the chips.



All Plug-in Chips in NieR: Automata
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    • Anonymous

      Did some testing: no chip: 150%; + 50%; *1.5 +0: 180%; +80%; *1.8 () +1: 200%; +100%; *2 () +2: 240%; +140%; *2.4 () +3: 280%; +180%; *2.8 () +4: 300%; +200%; *3.0 () +5: 350%; +250%; *3.5 () +6: 400%; +300%; *4.0 () +7: 450%; +350%; *4.5 () +8: 500%; +400%; *5.0 () +0/+2/+3: cap warning: Results in Faktor 2,8: = +3 alone, +4/+1: no cap warning adding faktors to 5: Results in Faktor 3.0: = +4 alone, +4/+6: cap waring adding +% to + 500%: Results in Faktor 4.0: = +6 alone, any other combinations i tryed eigther w or wh cap results always in multipling damage (6700) whit the highst chips faktor. TAUNT CIPS DO NOT STACK EQUIPING MORE THAN ONE IS A WASTE. Only way to get 500% is by equiping +8 So a +1 raise Att to 200% adding another +4 raise Att to 300% Notes: 1 and 2 are Worng.

      • Anonymous

        Although mathematically, and according to the game's own warning (when you throw on another +0 on top of +3,+2,+0; it tells you have exceeded 500%) these chips SHOULD stack.

        However, there was a reddit thread where someone tested this with real in-game testing, and showed that the chips do NOT actually stack for some reason (maybe bugged). I also tested it myself, and can confirm that these chips DO NOT STACK in effect.

        Standard Attack : ~3,048
        TauntUp+3(280%): ~8,520 (expected 8,534) WORKS
        TauntUp+3/+2/+0(500%): ~8,520 (expected 15,240) FAIL [Same as just a +3 (above) Game only took highest effect chip].
        TauntUp+6(400%): ~12,700 (expected 12,192) WORKS

        So because of this, the ONLY way to hit 500% is with a +8 chip, and hence the most efficient combination is really a single, perfect +8 chip.

        • Mobs in the last room of the desert housing complex area, I'm talking about the area that initially had a boss fight, and if you come back later there are infinite waves of level 38 mobs that spawn there. Anyway, I can confirm taunt drops here.

          Also, taunt is the most OP chip in the entire game. It stacks mutiplicatively with Melee damage up items, which doubles the bonus of whatever you do with taunt.

          How you use taunt (doesn't explain it very well in game) is you tap Lstick down (assuming you're using a pad), until the targets heads turn red and start steaming. This is how you know you've landed taunt, and at which point you can stop mashing Lstick, because the effect persists for about 10 seconds or so, and then you have to re-apply the effect again.

          All of those really tough nut, war of attrition fights are best approached with a taunt-stacked setup. If you're doing crap damage to a mob who's got high defenses, or a massive HP pool, retreat and come back with a taunt stacked setup, and mop the floor with them. This works on any fight in the game, including all the toughest fights. If you're like me and don't care if you're oneshotted, and would rather end a fight quicker instead of fighting an enemy that's not challenging and is effectively a giant punching bag which takes dozens of minutes to drop, then this chip is for you.

          Or if you're one of the few masochists playing on "very hard", then there is literally no reason to not stack taunt, even on your main chip setup. It's a way for you to even the odds a little bit.

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