Terminal Repairs


Side Quest


City Ruins

Quest Giver

Operator 60



Terminal Repairs is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"Operator 60 contacted you about an access point going offline."


Terminal Repairs Objectives

  1. Travel to City Ruins: Center
  2. Defeat the machines jamming the transporter
  3. Pick up your reward in your Inbox



Terminal Repairs Rewards



Terminal Repairs Walkthrough

  • Auto-assigned when coming into the City Ruins as 2B after completing Report on A2 main quest.




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    • Anonymous

      27 Mar 2018 19:19  

      This can be a quest obtained earlier, right before you first open up the forest area, as you make your way towards the bridge to the commercial center at the city ruins, you will receive a message and some mail where it gives you the quest

      • Anonymous

        06 Jan 2018 11:44  

        I somehow didn't do this quest when I look through all my quests. I tried going back through chapter select, but it's just not trigger. I need the Type: 4O blade.

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