The Bunker is a Location in Nier: Automata. The Bunker is the headquarters of the automated infantry squad, YoRHa, which floats in the satellite orbit. From here, the Commander sends down orders to the YoRHa units through Pod transmissions, as well as drops down support materials and weapons.

General Information

  • Previous: None
  • Next: City Ruins
  • Recommended Levels: None
  • Bosses: N/A


The Bunker Map


NPCs in the area





The Bunker Walkthrough

 First Visit

After the prologue is complete, players will awaken in The Bunker during the Reboot main quest. You have freedom to investigate the areas, but head over to command center and talk to the commander to be sent on a mission to Earth. To access the mission, you will have to make it to The Hangar and board a flight unit to go into City Ruins.

There is a special Locked Chest in the Mainentance area, that you can unlock on your second playthrough.


Quests in The Bunker

The Bunker Map


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