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The Manager's Request is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"A Resistance camp manager has been having some personal problems lately, so she can't concentrate on her work. Find a "box that makes music when you open it" to help her out."

"The music box has been delivered to the manager. It seems she knew the android that used to own it, as all she could do was silently clutch it in her arms."


The Manager's Request Objectives

  1. Find the music box by investigating the Amusement Park.
  2. Deliver the rusty music box to the manager



The Manager's Request Rewards



The Manager's Request Walkthrough

  • This quest unlocks once the player returns to the Resistance Camp from the Machine Village. To start the quest, find a ladder on the further section of the camp to the right of Anemone and talk to the manager.
  • Go to the Amusement Park, straight up from the entrance up the staircase until you see the machine family (father, mother child).
  • Take a left from the family, and follow the path as if you are going to Machine Village. Look near the gate that divides this section from the main staircase you walked earlier.
  • Go back to the Resistance Camp and talk to the manager.




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    • Anonymous

      There is no side path to the left of the machine family, there should be. But for me there is only a locked door.

      • Anonymous

        Not sure that the information that "This quest unlocks once the player returns to the Resistance Camp from the Machine Village." is accurate, I just grabbed it after backtracking from the first save location at the Carnival.

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