The Recluse


Side Quest


Machine Village

Quest Giver

Overprotective Machine



The Recluse is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"You heard a machine lifeform in Pascal's village crying out for help. It seems her son sealed himself inside her house with an electronic lock and now refuses to come out. Find a way to open the door and drag the boy into the light."

"With the lock hacked and the door opened, the son reluctantly emerged. When asked why he sealed himself inside, he expressed fear of losing his connection to the network and becoming unable to understand what others were thinking. Thanks to your help - and a bit of persuation from his mother - the incident was resolved without much trouble."


The Recluse Objectives

  1. Talk to the Son Machine
  2. Hack the lock



The Recluse Rewards



The Recluse Walkthrough

  • This quest becomes available in your second playthrough, when you are using 9S and have hacking capabilities
  • The quest opens up after the Assault event in City Ruins. Travel to Machine Village and go up the ladder to your right to find the "Normal Machine" with the problem.
  • Try talking to the son, and when it fails hack. This is a hacking attempt of destroying black blocks to progress quickly. The way forward veers right towards the end.
  • After the hack, talk to the Son Machine, who confesses is scared of other machines because they are no longer on the network.




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    • Anonymous

      23 May 2018 23:51  

      It doesn't open up after the Assault event, for me I was able to do it just after they stopped waving the white flags.

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