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The Tower is a Location in NieR: Automata. A machine-made structure reminiscent of the Copied City.  Locations can be discovered in the game as players progress through the main storyline and quests. Each Location in the game will have its own set of unique interactions, Quests and Characters. Eventually, players will have access to each location's Access Points which can be used to travel back and forth to previously unlocked locations. This is the game's method of Fast Traveling. This page covers all known points of interest, significant ItemsEnemiesBosses and NPC encounters in this area. 


The Tower Information NieR Automata 

"9S and A2 are guided into the Tower, unaware of the purpose for which it was built by machine lifeforms. A truth awaits them inside, as hideous as the Red Girl's nightmare." - Chapter 17: The Tower

Players come across this Location in Chapter 11 after it emerges from the ground. This is where more Enemies and Bosses will be ecountered. It is access through the elevator entrance and will require some hacking, which will also require three Access Release Keys as 9S.

This Location is one of the final Locations of the game and where a number of endings take place as 9S and A2.

Bosses in this Location:


The Tower Quests in NieR Automata

The Tower Main Quests

Chapter 17: The Tower

The Tower Side Quests

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The Tower NPCs and Merchants NieR Automata

NPCs that can be found in The Tower:  

Merchants that can be found in The Tower: 

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The Tower Trivia, Note & Tips NieR Automata

  • The Tower NieR: Automata Notes, Tips and other Trivia.


 The Tower Maps & Gallery Images NieR Automata

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