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The Twin's Request is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"Devola and popola need some materials. Collect five Tree Saps from the Forest."

"Deliver the tree sap to Devola and Popola, and tell them you defeated the enemies."

"You received the desert rose liquor as a reward, as well as the knowledge that Popola and liquor are a disastrous combination"


The Twin's Request Objectives

  1. Collect 5x Tree Sap
  2. Deliver the tree sap to Devola and Popola



The Twin's Request Rewards



The Twin's Request Walkthrough


  • This quest becomes available on your third playthrough, after the quest Loss, when you select 9S and trigger "Tower Recon".
  • You must have completed Devola's Request and Popola's Errand to do this quest.
  • Talk to Devola and Popola at the Resistance camp to trigger the quest. You would most likely have enough Tree Sap already to turn this in immediately, if not, it can be found in Forest Zone.
  • Return to Devola and Popola for your reward.




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    • Anonymous

      10 Nov 2017 07:15  

      Thats it?
      OH man, I hoped they would tell me more about why they get the hardest jobs.... like, the explanation of "We are malfunctioning models, copies of us were caught in a accident" hurr durr.

      I wanna know what exactly happened and why :( more story plox

      • Anonymous

        01 May 2017 14:17  

        It should be noted that the Machine called "Monster Type" is missable here, because he spawns only during this quest in the Forest Zone.
        Which is also an Easter Egg of Godzilla.

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