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The Wandering Couple is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"You met an android couple who fled from the Resistance to hide at Pascal's village. They abhor violence, and only wish to live in peace. Go to the abandoned factory to collect the following item in order to perform maintenance on the male android."

"You brought the male android the elaborate gadget. Apparently, they plan to leave Pascal's Village as soon as the maintenance is done."

"You ran into the android couple again at the flooded city, and learned they are trying to flee beyond the sea. Give them 50,000G so they can pay a man called "The Emancipator".

 "The thankful couple vowed to repay the money you loaned them"

"Upon revisiting the flooded city, you find that the male android has been betrayed and knocked out by The Emancipator. The female android fled as a distraction, but should be somewhere in the amusement park. Go help her!"

"You found the female android's heavily damaged body in the amusement park. Go to the city ruins and track down the following items to repair her: Memory Alloy."

"Pascal fixed the female android, and the couple has reunited. They are also still insistent on resetting their memories. The female android was trying to modify the male android's personality to be more to her liking. This is the sixth time she's reformatted him."

"The experience with the female android who wanted to modify her partner has taught Pascal that women can be scary"


The Wandering Couple Objectives

  1. Elaborate Gadget x1
  2. Deliver the items to the Android couple.
  3. Travel to the Flooded City and find the couple again.
  4. Give the couple 50,000G
  5. Travel away and then again to the Flooded City, find the male android
  6. Use the bio-data to find his partner.
  7. Repair the girl with 1x Memory Alloy



The Wandering Couple Rewards



The Wandering Couple Walkthrough

  • This quest unlocks after you obtain the main quest Machine Trade. Return to the Machine Village and go to the ground floor via a ladder, speak to the androids near the ladder.
  • Go back to the City Ruins, and make your way to the Factory area, where you had previously retrieved your body during the quest Improving Communications. The item is by some boxes.
  • Return to the Machine Village to give the androids their needed parts. They will thank you and promise to leave the village, but the quest does not end yet.
  • Visit the Flooded City and find them standing by a broken building. They will request 50,000G from you. Give them the money to proceed the quest.
  • Leave the region and the quest will update, then come back and find the male android hurt by the bridge. He tells you the Emancipator was a swindler and that he doesn't know where the girl is.
  • Use the bio-data with your pod to locate her. She was last seen at the Amusement Park. Travel there and find her by a tree near the reception area. She needs 1x Memory Alloy to be repaired. Once you have the material, talk to the android and Pascal will appear and perform the repairs for you.
  • After this is done, the androids will discuss that they want a reformat to go back to their resistance camp life as it has proven too challenging to be on the run. If you agree to reset them, the male android will go first, and you soon learn this was the girl android's plan




  • Quest ends when you talk to Anemone and trigger main quest in the Flooded City.
  • BUG: in the Amusement Park, after you give the Memory Alloy for repair the android, you can't go away or reload the game, if do that, the two androids and Pascal disappear, and you cannot complete the quest anymore. You can repeat the quest in the B game (if you bug the A) or chapter select.
  • BUG: Also after starting the search for the woman who fled into the Amusement Park you can's save / restore or the two androids and Pascal disappear, and you cannot complete the quest anymore.



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    • Anonymous

      Wooow that twist is f'd up! Was not expecting it.. Pretty annoyed that the player is just railroaded into agreeing to go through with it once the full plan is revealed. I would have definitely liked a different option! Should have at least done the upgrade then reset them both as initially agreed. No need to let that vulture continue to manipulate and abuse its prey.

      • Anonymous

        this is so stupid that it ends after the missile quest starts, if this is your first run and you didn't want to spoil where locations were and find them for yourself by following the story, you wouldn't know about the tunnel until you start the quest, so that means you won't be able to fully do the quest except in another playthrough or whatever

        • Anonymous

          To quote 9s: Women can be pretty scary sometimes.
          It's ****ing 9s who said this. Take his word for it. This whole quest is foreshadowing... You know.

          • Anonymous

            If it'd be up to me, I'd reset them both. Surprised 9S didn't at least propose that, if not outright did it. That was, after all, exactly what both of them asked...

            • Anonymous

              If the quest doesn't update after you've given them 50,000G and you have quick-traveled or left the area, I suggest quick-traveling to the desert (Desert Oil Field to be exact). That fixed it for me and updated the quest.

              • Anonymous

                Quest in completly broken for me. it wont show, even when i go back in chapters. I was at the point where you had to return after giving them 50 000 G. I wouldnt mind if this was just some quest, but i need the podprogram for the achievement...

                • How the hell are you supposed to even know to go to the flooded city before the main quest has you go there, let alone get there? Is it not blocked off before the main quest like every other area?

                  • Anonymous

                    enterence to the damned city is almost impossible to see without anemone's quest at first time unless you came across it by luck QQ failed the guest and it bothers me no save other than main one QQ

                    • Anonymous

                      I was able to complete Emil's memories AFTER I talk to anemonie how ever the wandering couple quest was locked as soon as I enter the flooded city.
                      would I be able to completed on the second playthrough?

                      • Anonymous

                        Do both Emil's Memories and The Wandering Couple BEFORE talking to Anemonie to trigger the main story line quest to go to Flooded City. Triggering the main quest will make both of the former quest unable to be finished.

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