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Treasure Hunt at the Castle is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"You heard from a resident of Pascal's Village of a great treasure hidden in the forest. Go see if there is any truth to the rumors."

"Search for a door in the forest castle that matches the key."

"A rampaging machine has appeared. It looks like there's something ahead."

"The hidden treasure turned out to be storage media containing the forest kingdom's history, made by its machine lifeforms as a show of gratitude to the original Forest King. When you told this to the villager, he recalled a time long ago when he had been shunned by the kingdom's denizens for his strange speech. He was filled with delight that the grave's guardian had been destroyed, and he wished death upon the entire Forest Kingdom."


Treasure Hunt at the Castle Objectives

  1. Travel to the Castle in the Forest Zone.
  2. Find 3 machine parts.
  3. Find the locked door and use the key.
  4. Defeat the Knight.



Treasure Hunt at the Castle Rewards



Treasure Hunt at the Castle Walkthrough

Machine Parts:

  1. Go to the Forest Castle and go forward, then up, drop down a level and continue until you find a chest with a "junk" machine part.
  2. Go to the second-highest floor of the castle library, then find a ledge to dash across to grab another junk part.
  3. Go to where Masamune is and dash across the broken bridge to the right as you exit Masamune's shop. Continue going right until you find the last piece.

Once you have all 3 parts, your pod will inform you that they can be used as a key. From here, go back up to the level of the Royal Chamber, then go right past the bridge with the Link Type machine. Backtrack until you arrive at the library. On this floor find the ladder going down, and find two more floors to go down to. The exit to the door will be on the third floor of the library, only accessible from the ladders above it. 

As you find the right floor, you will notice an open window with a tree root you can walk out of towards a gigantic door. A level 30 machine with a tower shield will confront you. After the encounter, approach the King's remains and read his gravestone to obtain an Archives entry.

Return to the Weird-speaking Machine at Machine Village.

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  • DO NOT defeat the knight guarding the King's body by hacking it before it sees you. This will glitch the encounter and cause the headstone to be unreadable, with the knight fight remaining as a quest maker. This is because he is a quest encounter entity. He will not respawn unless you revert to a prevous save or go back to the room where you opened the door with the key and interact with where the door was again.
  • After route B, the door will be closed and cannot be opened. Only by reloading a chapter before completing route B will it be available.
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