Turf War


Side Quest


Forest Zone

Quest Giver

Animal-loving Machine



Turf War is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"The animal-loving machine lifeform has another concern: A roving herd of animals from parts unkown is encroaching on its territory, injuring animals and taking over their land. Chase off the invaders and save the woodland creatures!"

"The roving herd is under the command of an animalistic machine lifeform which roars as it charges at foest. Defeat the animals and their leader"

"The machine lifeform felt at ease knowing that the herd has disappeared. When you inform him that you had to destroy one of his kind, he seems unfazed."


Turf War Objectives

  1. Find the invading animals
  2. Defeat the migrating animals and their leader
  3. Tell the machine lifeform in the forest shack that you've repelled the herd.



Turf War Rewards




Turf War Walkthrough

  • This quest unlocks after you have completed Animal Care. Returing to the Forest Zone will make it accessible by talking to the Animal-loving Machine at its shack.
  • The animals in question are on a section of the Forest that borders with the Machine Village.There is a large group of boars led by a machine moose. They are all level 40 so beware.
  • The enemy leader machine is level 44, and has deadly charge attacks. If you want to do this at low level, change 9S battle configuration to aggressive and attack the enemies from the safety of high up tree roots, letting 9S tank them.
  • Return to the animal-loving machine to complete the quest. An entry on Animal Machine is added to your Unit Data.




  • The boars and their machine leader cannot leave the clearing in which they start in. By setting 9S to long-range, luring the leader onto the root at the entrance of the area, and standing on the other side of it, you can cause the machine to try charging you but get stopped by an invisible wall. He can then be killed with ranged attacks in complete safety.



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    • Anonymous

      The auto heal chip I got was minimum capacity, not sure if it's like that for everyone or if it's random. If it is random, you could save before turning in the quest and spamming the save to get an easy +5 minimum.

      • Anonymous

        this side quest was patched to heal the machine if it hits the border being claimed here can make the fight trivial with long range attacks, please edit

        • Anonymous

          tried that invisible wall thingy (PC version). Then the machine leader kept hitting the glass-wall like once per sec. Healing it self for like 1400 hp each time. No way I cold out-damage that.

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