Type-3 Fists

type 3 fists combat bracers nier automata wiki guide
Attack 418 - 646
Combo Light 8
Combo Heavy 3
Weapon Type Combat Bracers
Special Effect/s

Endurance Up (Increases DEF)

Finish Blast (Adds an additional attack after finishing a combo)

Type-3 Fists is a Combat Bracer in NieR: Automata. Type-3 Fists is an old and outdated YoRHa model, but this weapon still has explosive power as a Combat Bracer. This weapon increases your defense and with Finish Blast, it adds an additional attack in the form of a shockwave after you successfully finish a combo. Combat Bracers are Weapons that are equipped on both hands and are different from the other bladed weapons in the game. Combat Bracers are also the fastest weapons in the game with also the lowest damage output out of all the weapon types.


Outdated YoRHa models.

These old YoRHa weapons have a crude but reliable mechanism that imparts blows with explosive power.


Where to Find Type-3 Fists in NieR Automata

  • Can be purchased from Emil's Shop for 20,000G.


Type-3 Fists NieR Automata Weapon Story

Type-3 Fists Level 1 Weapon Story

"The man wailed an inhuman scream as he brought his fist down on his opponent's skull. He brought it down again. And again. And again. Until the victim was nothing more than a splatter of blood and bits."

Type-3 Fists Level 2 Weapon Story

"The man had a beautiful wife that drove everyone wild with jealousy. They lived a simple, happy life, yet the man always strove to keep his wife safe above all else."

Type-3 Fists Level 3 Weapon Story

"One night, the man came home to find a stranger in his bed. His wife told him that he had forced himself on her, at which point the husband flew into a rage and vowed to exact revenge."

Type-3 Fists Level 4 Weapon Story

"The man bought a weapon from a craftsman famed for forging instruments of pain, then used it to punish his wife—for he could not abide that she failed to protect her virtue. His revenge was complete."


Type-3 Fists Weapon Upgrades in NieR Automata

Level Atk Value Combo Other Improvement Required Materials
1 110 - 170 Light: 3
Heavy: 1
2 198 - 306 Light: 4
Heavy: 1
Endurance Up
3 308 - 476 Light: 6
Heavy: 2
Endurance Up
4 (Max) 418 - 646 Light: 8
Heavy: 3
Endurance Up
Finish Blast


Type-3 Fists Notes and Tips

  • Other Notes, Tips, and Trivia for Type-3 Fists in NieR: Automata goes here.



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