Type-4O Sword

type 40 sword small sword nier automata wiki guide
Attack 170 - 180
Combo Light 5
Combo Heavy 3
Weapon Type Small Sword
Special Effect/s

Stun Up

Energy Charge (Increases damage while standby)

Type-4O Sword is a Small Sword in NieR: Automata. This weapon is issued for the elite YoRHa troops that are on the front lines. It also increases the weapon's damage when you're on standby and adds stun to opponents. It is also part of a set along with the Type-4O Blade, Type-4O Lance, and Type-4O FistsSmall Swords are fast-swinging and one of the easiest Weapons to use among the different classes of weapons. It has decent attack speed perfect for chaining combos and used to deal with multiple enemies at once. 


The latest YoRHa model.

An advanced blade, issued to elite YoRHa on the front lines. Its power increases with its charge.


Where to Find Type-4O Sword in NieR Automata

  • Received as a reward at the end of Find a Present sidequest. (Exclusive to 2B)


Type-4O Sword NieR Automata Weapon Story

Type-4O Sword Level 1 Weapon Story

"YoRHa R&D Team Journal: August 29
Held a progress-report meeting for the new weapon. Considering how many observers we have from other orbiting satellites, I can tell they expect a lot from us."

Type-4O Sword Level 2 Weapon Story

"YoRHa R&D Team Journal: December 10
We had our first core-installation experiment today. Saw some troubling signs, including issues with unexpected irregular output and core perimeter defenses."

Type-4O Sword Level 3 Weapon Story

"YoRHa R&D Team Journal: January 8
The circuits of three consecutive staffers burned out after attempting to remove the core's protection. I've requested replacement personnel."

Type-4O Sword Level 4 Weapon Story

"YoRHa R&D Team Journal: December 15
Command pulled the plug on our project. The weapon will go into official operation with the core still sealed."


Type-4O Sword Weapon Upgrades in NieR Automata

Level Atk Value Combo Other Improvement Required Materials
1 170 - 180 Light: 5
Heavy: 3
2 306 - 324 Light: 6
Heavy: 3
Stun Up
3 476 - 504 Light: 7
Heavy: 3
Stun Up
4 (Max) 646 - 684 Light: 7
Heavy: 3
Stun Up+
Energy Charge


Type-4O Sword Notes and Tips

  • Other Notes, Tips, and Trivia for Type-4O Sword in NieR: Automata goes here.



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