Walkthrough for NieR: Automata covers a detailed step-by-step guide for the main story of the game. The game necessitates 3 playthroughs to unlock the "Final" Ending, but there's a total of 26 Endings to unlock. If you follow the suggestions below, you will get to the destination without much fuzz. See the Side Quests page for details on alternative and optional objectives. There are 3 Routes in the game, played consecutively as 3 playthroughs. Route A, Route B, and Route C. The chapter list below shows you which route and quest each chapter belongs to. Click on the quest link to find where you are. Click here for the Walkthrough Section.

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How long does it take to achieve all Endings in NieR Automata?

If you decide to play and rush NieR Automata, you can finish all endings in more or less 62 hours.

How many times do I need to play NieR Automata?

Although NieR: Automata requires multiple plays to complete the main story, it is not the longest game available. NieR: Automata is not recognized for being a particularly short game; in order to complete the game, players must complete the main story at least three times.

Is there an achievement for beating NieR Automata on Hard?

There is no Seperate achievement received from beating the game on Hard Difficulty.

How to get Route D NieR Automata?

During your third playthrough, choose 9S for the final boss battle. During the text portion, you'll have 2 choices: "I'll go with you" or "I'll stay". Choosing either result obtains this ending, though the contents of each version differ.

How many times do you need to beat NieR Automata?

To get all of the Main Endings in NieR Automata, you should complete the game at least 3 times to get the main endings.

Which Ending is Canon in NieR Automata?

It's still unknown which of the Main endings was canon in NieR Automata. But you may find a list of all the available endings below.

How to save 2B in NieR Automata?

Don't go inside the Commercial District once you've crossed the bridge there. You will be attacked by two corrupted YoRHa units. While keeping in mind that you are unable to fight, combat them as effectively as you can. You'll see a cut scene as soon as it occurs. A2 shows up and destroys both YoRHa Units. A2 will be asked by 2B to take care of everyone and the future. You can tell she has the infection by looking into her eyes. To keep her safe from the infection, A2 will kill her. We are unaware of no other means to protect 2B from the virus than that. There's a "True Ending" where the player is asked if they want to save YoRHa; if they choose yes, they are then launched into a hacking minigame where they literally fight the credits; after winning that, they are then asked if they want to help other players; if they choose yes, they lose their save data, so I recommend saying no here unless you want to start over; after that, you get a cutscene where the pods are gathering up the androids. The fact that 2B, 9S, and A2 are among the collected android bodies suggests that they intend to restore them. Therefore, they might not stay dead.

How long is Route A, B, and C in NieR Automata?

If you decide to play and rush NieR Automata, you can finish Route A, B, and C in more or less 10 hours.

Do the Dialogue Choices matter in NieR Automata?

The Dialogue choices you make in NieR Automata have no affect with the outcomes of the sotry.

How long is Ending E in NieR Automata?

If you decide to play and rush NieR Automata, you can finish Route E in more or less 10 hours.

How long is Each Ending in NieR Automata?

If you decide to play and rush NieR Automata, you can finish Endings A, B, and C in more or less 10 hours.

How to Complete NieR Automata?

You must finish Nier: Automata in full in order to acquire all trophies and accomplishments, get all the side missions completed, get all the Pod programs, get every weapon and fully upgrade it, and catch every fish. This entire process will take about 62 hours.

How Many Times Do You Have To Complete NieR Automata?

To get all of the Main Endings in NieR Automata, you should complete the game at least 3 times to get the main endings.

How to get Ending W NieR Automata?

In the prologue when 2B flies into the factory, let yourself get killed by the giant laser/Die during the prologue in general.

How do I start Route B in NieR Automata?

You can immediately start the route to Ending B once you achieve Ending A.

Who do you play as in Route C NieR Automata?

In Route C, you'll be playing as A2 and sometimes 9S. They are two playable characters for this route that will show you their story. You'll have to choose at the end on whose side you'll pick for the final battle.

How to get ending X NieR Automata?

After reaching the commercial facility as virus-infected 2B, when the game switches you to controlling A2, run away instead of helping.


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Chapter 01: Prologue

2B and 9S have been ordered to gain intel and destroy a Goliah-class weapon. They find their target and engage in combat, but 9S ends up getting wounded trying to protect 2B.

Route A

You and a fleet of spaceships are attacked as you attempt to sneak past a machine defense at the start of the game. You will be quite familiar with this if you've ever played a shmup. Just use your melee attacks while firing the approaching orbs and the ships they are coming from. Your flight suit will crash soon, and you'll be fighting a gang of foes by yourself. After you defeat them, a huge machine will attack you. To defeat it, use a combination of mild and heavy assaults while avoiding double tapping. As it starts to rapidly drive toward you, get ready to dodge it and move as far away from it as you can. Then, strike it repeatedly until it is destroyed. A sizable amount of damage will also be added by using the pod you are given. Be careful because it employs assaults that are tougher to avoid horizontally than vertically.

After that, meet your comrade 9S, then advance near the debris and fire the crane with your pod. Turn right after crossing the new bridge. As you move further down the alley, engage your foes. Cross the street and ascend the stairs. Around the big tower, keep going until a door opens. For now, disregard it and carry on, jumping across the collapsed bridge to battle an adversary defending a Crystal. Drop down below to engage additional foes, then turn left to find Small Recovery. After that, come back and enter through the door. After taking out more enemies, pass through the big entrance. Take the 1000G from the chest on the right side. Take the walkway to the top platform, then exit through the wide door there. Go to the next door and enter what appears to be a factory there.

chapter 1 route a nier automata wiki guide 600 px min

Fight the foes at the bottom of the steps before climbing the following flight. Destroy all the nasty guys by dropping them down to the crates where they will flow out, then hop onto the suitable boxes to up the ladder. Head up it, then proceed down the path until you get to a door, where you'll encounter bulletproof enemies. Then, while still using melee, utilize your friend to shoot them after shredding their shields with your melee blows. After eliminating the following wave of adversaries, proceed through the door with the blue light above it, down the walkway, up the stairs, back down, and out onto the open bridge, where two enormous buzzsaws will attack you. This battle isn't as difficult as it may sound; all you have to do is take the buzzsaws out to roughly maintain your health. When the buzzsaws become hostile, concentrate on using your pod and Gatling rifle for ranged strikes and dodging them. Once they've fallen, Goliath with buzzsaws attached will show up. The most challenging part of this fight is the first exchange: do your best to avoid buzzsaw strikes from the front before shooting him and the buzzsaws repeatedly. Run left when they attack from the left; run right when they strike from the right. This will let you dodge their attacks and then finish them off with melee attacks. In due course, 9S will hack Goliath, render him inoperable, and then vanish over him, leaving no trace of his whereabouts.

Climb the ladder after ascending Goliath's stairs to the summit. Fight the bad guys and talk to 9S, who is about to pass away. Several Goliaths will soon appear; you and 9S will utilize your black boxes to eliminate each one of them. After speaking with 9S further down the hallway, you will learn about humanity's conflict with alien invaders who evolved into robots and your role as the YoRHa. If you wish to buy and sell stuff, speak to 9S once more after that. Then, touch the screen next to your bed. After leaving the room, you will get a mail notification. Turn right to view the message, which is just a test notification, by finding the black boxes there. You may find the Commander by going through the door next to the entry point. She will tell you that she wants your assistance to aid the Resistance. Return outdoors, then take the lift to the hangar where you will depart to assist the Resistance.

Route B

As a machine seeking to resurrect your sibling, you start the game. Locate the pail at the opposite end of the map, and then pour the nearby liquid that is dripping from the pipe into it. As you return to your brother, the game will switch to 9S, so take care to avoid the pipes and any other objects, and don't jump. Then, help YoRHa by hacking a base: locate each of the four necessary devices and travel to it, fighting robots along the way. To achieve a silly ending, down the nearby stairs or go to the platform below and across the crane. Then, hop in your flight unit. Be aware that this flight unit is more maneuverable than 2B's flight unit, so make the most of the mobility provided by the evade button/key.

chapter 1 route b nier automata wiki guide 600 px min

After finishing, you'll go outdoors and help 2B defeat the boss for a moment before going back inside to face more machines. You'll then assist 2B in defeating a Goliath. Hack its numerous parts whenever possible when shooting it. The final hack will be the most challenging: target the orbs and the grey objects shooting them with your fire, then take down the core node. If your skull has been injured, hack your way to consciousness and then fight the robots as your Pod. 9S will eventually discover a method to hack Goliath once more. Use the three hack spots around him to do so, and it will be demolished, leaving you inside the bunker.


Chapter 02: Resistance Camp

2B and 9S have to gain intel from the Resistance at the city ruins. When they arrive at the camp, they find many androids who need their help.

Route A

You finally reach Earth's surface after spending some time in the Bunker and learning a lot about the story. The City Ruins, a long-since-destroyed city, serves as the primary core of the map and serves as a crossroads to other regions you will go through during the game. You can wander around the immediate region after landing at your leisure, but your goal will be to get to the Resistance Camp there. The site is close to a running river and will be indicated on your mini-map. To get more EXP, equipment, and money on the way to the camp, take some time to fight some of the nearby, weaker foes. You must communicate with the camp leader when you arrive at the camp. She will direct you to speak with the various camp merchants, who will assign you little side tasks to accomplish for them. After speaking with everyone, doing so will enable you to shop for more stuff in the shops and move forward with your main goal. All Shop tasks can be completed without difficulty just outside the Resistance Camp. Simply travel to the places shown on your map and eliminate the robot opponents there to collect supplies for the requests. After completing this, go back to the Resistance Camp and speak to each of the shopkeepers once more; they will all give you incentives and invite you to buy a greater range of goods and memory chips from them. Then, before leaving the area, have one final conversation with the rebel leader. The Bunker will call you to arrange a visit to the following place which is the Desert Zone.

chapter 2 route a nier automata wiki guide 600 px min

Route B

Follow the maintenance procedure in 2B's room in the Bunker. Holding Circle will automatically advance the entire sequence. After that is finished, use the terminal elevator to travel to the maintenance store and make any purchases that might still be necessary. You should have enough money on hand right now to take everything from the inventory. Additionally, the selling prices for the most of goods have increased, so if you have any machine core or white moose meat, now would be a good time to sell it. After receiving your orders from the Commander, report to the Hangar and depart for the surface. When you go to the city, look for a locked chest in the nook to the left of the concrete shed. For the Phoenix Sword, hack it. Return to the building that you had just landed on by descending to the ground level. Just ahead, there ought to be a ladder alongside a wall. Another locked chest with some high-level upgrade materials is at the bottom. Climb the lengthy ladder to the top, then use the pod to glide down while moving the analog stick forward to escape. Consider stopping by the abandoned factory to find more locked chests too before going to the resistance camp. Whatever is there can only be obtained by making a special detour since 9S won't be going back there at any point in the plot. If so, the first chest lies just next to the vehicle beside the bridge that collapsed and led to the factory. The paper Attached to the Vehicle is the archive entry that it contains. When you go to the factory area, check around for another truck. Next to that truck should be a locked chest. That has a tool for recovery. To get two additional treasure chests, enter the factory. One can be found in the space to the right of the area surrounded by gun stubbies. It provides you with even another recuperation item. Now proceed until you reach the circular catwalk that leads out of the room. Climb down two flights of stairs and jump off to the right in the following room. Factory Cafeteria Sign is the archive entry that is kept in the chest.

chapter 2 route b nier automata wiki guide 600 px min

Return to the city and make your way along the rooftops until you come across the resistance storage facility to find the next locked chest. It is a structure with a large collection of metal containers. On the structure across from it is where the chest is located. All the chest locations discussed here are in the movie above, which also contains the archive entry Ragged DVD. If all of this text explanation is still unclear to you, have a look at it. The items in the city area should end there for the time being, so move on to the Resistance Camp. There, look beyond the access point for a Type 4O Fists-related weapon. Additionally, search the storage space's end for a recovery item. Then, proceed to Anemone and finish the two traders' missions. Once the weapons dealer is back in operation, purchase some upgraded guns. Before accepting Anemone's next task, spend some time fusing chips.


Chapter 03: Adam and Eve

While heading to the desert area, 2B and 9S run into machines that can talk. Chasing after them, they find a machine lifeform that looks exactly like an android...

Route A

The Desert Area will be the first place you visit following the Resistance Camp. The sand-covered, enormous region of the city remains is covered in ruins. To access the Desert Area, move to the northern part of the map. There, you'll discover a tiny camp before entering the larger desert. Before pursuing your goal, stock up on any helpful healing goods at the camp in the desert, where there is a shop where you can buy items. You'll receive a brief communication upon arrival before a new spot is marked on your map. Visit this location to meet Jackass, an android. She will blast open a doorway leading to a different area of the desert. You may see a vast open desert if you keep going along the trail that opened up. From here, you must travel to a few locations listed on your map to eliminate enemy groups. The enemy will flee before you can destroy it in the final location, so follow the map to each point and combat the foes there. Follow it until you reach a lengthy pipe that leads to a different area of the desert that is home to demolished buildings. You will encounter new enemy groupings as you follow the robot to other parts of the terrain. Continue fighting and going to each new location on your map until you reach a location where you must engage a larger robot with smaller foes. There isn't much to this fight, but you must win it to move on. You can ultimately take it down if you just keep striking while avoiding its attacks.

chapter 3 route a nier automata wiki guide 600 min

You'll eventually reach an underground passageway that leads to a crater where several robots are conversing with one another. You'll have to fight the full group of robots after a brief cutscene. More robots will keep appearing and attacking you after you've destroyed all of them. After some time, a cutscene will start just before a boss battle. You'll have to combat Adam, a new type of android that appears after the cutscene, as soon as he appears. He will become familiar with your attacks as you attack and start to adjust and counterattack. If you just keep attacking and occasionally dodge when Adam hits, the combat itself is rather simple. When you use projectiles against Adam, he will sometimes absorb the attacks and use the energy to blast out a counterattack that you can dodge.

Route B

After obtaining your next task, proceed to the city's desert region. Push through the camp there and keep going until you come across the collapsed structure. A long pipe is lying on the ground here. A gap in the canyon wall should be visible if you look to the left. Enter and descend through another hole to reach the subterranean. Here, the trail diverges in several directions. All of them are explorable, however, only the routes to significant objects are documented here. To begin, turn right, then up, then continue along this path until it ends to find a chest containing various upgrade goods. Return and turn left this time. Soon you'll reach a large metal door that you can break into. To obtain the Cruel Blood Oath weapon, eliminate and destroy the foes inside. To obtain the Cruel Blood Oath weapon, eliminate and destroy the foes inside. When you are back outside, keep moving left, then down, and finally left once again. A locked chest containing the archive entry for Project Gestalt Report 6 is located by using this route. Once you reach the top of the neighboring ledge, go to the Lunar Tear to find another locked chest. The archive entry for Mysterious Lithograph 4 is found in this one. To continue seeking Jackass, climb out through the ledge above. As soon as the passage is open, go on to the desert and head for the exit leading to the Desert Housing Complex. Project Gestalt Report 8 is inside the next lockable chest, which is hidden to the right of a nearby boulder. The chest containing Mysterious Lithograph 3 can also be found if you take a side trip to the Oasis, which is located far to the north of the desert. Moving on to the apartment building, two chests can be located there: one adjacent to the collapsed structure at the east entrance and one to the left of the access point. They each contain an archive entry, such as Bulletin Record or Mysterious Lithograph 1. Once more, the video above contains detailed directions for all of these items. Go beat Adam in his den once you have everything, then head back to the Resistance Camp.

chapter 3 route b nier automata wiki guide 600 px min


Chapter 04: Mad Songstress

 2B and 9S head to the Amusement Park, where they are welcomed by strangely dressed machines. They also have an audience with an aspiring opera singer.

Route A

You will receive a mark on your map instructing you to visit a new location after finishing the Desert Zone and returning to the Resistance Camp. However, you must follow a path that descends via a sewer close to the Resistance Camp to get to the crucial location. This is because barricades have blocked the way to your goal. You may go to the front area of the machine amusement park by following the tunnel. Once you leave the sewers, you will hear the fireworks starting to go off. It's not difficult to enter the amusement park. You can avoid all of the robots by following the straight path inside and doing it without engaging any of them in combat. But if you do, the entire group will turn hostile and begin firing projectiles in response. You can't pass through a gate when you get closer to the park's far end. To get past the blacked-out roadway, you'll need to back up a bit and take an alleyway on the right side. You can jump along the carts on a damaged amusement ride by following this path. You will encounter a large tank controller at the end of the path, up a little hill, surrounded by some adversaries. As long as you keep attacking and avoid all of the tank's projectile shots, the battle won't be too challenging. Attacking any of the enemy heads that are poking out of the tank's turrets or armor will even help you take the tank out more quickly. Once the tank has been destroyed, you can ride a roller coaster to get to the next region. You'll battle a small number of adversaries during the roller coaster journey before arriving at a building that you'll plunge off of. A brief cutscene that sets up the encounter is followed by the boss fight.

chapter 4 route a nier automata wiki guide 600 px min

Speak with Anemone to give a mission report when you return to the Resistance Camp. Then, if you'd like, she will make a room available for your use. Even if you never utilize the location at all, there is some stuff in there to purchase. Be careful to check in with the supply trader and purchase the Item Scan chip before departing the camp for your subsequent assignment. This allows you to view any nearby unopened treasure boxes on the minimap. helpful If you go back to the Bunker, 21O will offer you a sidequest. I urge you to do that side task because it contributes to 21O's character in a few important ways. In any case, follow the objective marker into the sewer and continue navigating until you come upon the ladder leading up to the amusement park. Most of the machines in the plaza are not hostile until you attack first, and when you can farm plug-in chips, it certainly pays to be aggressive. While Small Flyers leave Drop Rate Up chips, Small Bipeds leave EXP Gain Up chips. The latter is particularly helpful when you start looking for upgrade materials and additional chips to fuse while farming. Move on and enter the open gate to the right after ascending the first set of steps. This shop does not yet offer any worthwhile goods, but after you reach Route and unlock Chapter Select, it will be a priceless source of materials for upgrades. Find the stairs leading up to the alley that connects to another area of the park. Here, search the neighborhood around the ride for a locked chest. Tattered Pamphlet is an archived entry in this one. Climb the stairs to the opposite side of the park, where there is a Goliath Tank, and use this ride as a platform to get there. For a Machine Core, destroy it once more. Additionally, search for another locked chest in the space beneath the set of stairs leading to the roller coaster. Filthy Lottery Ticket is the archive entry that it contains. As the roller coaster takes you to your destination, get on and destroy the bad guys. After you exit, take the dead android's plug-in chip and plunge through the hole. Once you've defeated Simone once more, continue down the stairs and look to your left as you descend to find yet another locked chest with a sizable sum of cash inside. The machine lifeform you encounter outdoors will lead you to Pascal's Village.

Route B

Speak with Anemone to give a mission report when you return to the Resistance Camp. Then, if you'd like, she will make a room available for your use. Even if you never utilize the location at all, there is some stuff in there to purchase. Be careful to check in with the supply trader and purchase the Item Scan chip before departing the camp for your subsequent assignment. This allows you to view any nearby unopened treasure boxes on the minimap. helpful If you go back to the Bunker, 21O will offer you a sidequest. I urge you to do that side task because it contributes to 21O's character in a few important ways. In any case, follow the objective marker into the sewer and continue navigating until you come upon the ladder leading up to the amusement park. Most of the machines in the plaza are not hostile until you attack first, and when you can farm plug-in chips, it certainly pays to be aggressive. While Small Flyers leave Drop Rate Up chips, Small Bipeds leave EXP Gain Up chips. The latter is particularly helpful when you start looking for upgrade materials and additional chips to fuse while farming. Move on and enter the open gate to the right after ascending the first set of steps. This shop does not currently offer any worthwhile goods, but once you reach Route and unlock Chapter Select, it will be a priceless source of materials for upgrades. Find the stairs leading up to the alley that connects to another area of the park. Here, search the neighborhood around the ride for a locked chest. Tattered Pamphlet is an archived entry in this one. Climb the stairs to the opposite side of the park, where there is a Goliath Tank, and use this ride as a platform to get there. For a Machine Core, destroy it once more. Additionally, search for another locked chest in the space beneath the set of stairs leading to the roller coaster. Filthy Lottery Ticket is the archive entry that it contains. As the roller coaster takes you to your destination, get on and destroy the bad guys. After you exit, take the dead android's plug-in chip and plunge through the hole. Once you've defeated Simone once more, continue down the stairs and look to your left as you descend to find yet another locked chest with a sizable sum of cash inside. The machine lifeform you encounter outdoors will lead you to Pascal's Village.

chapter 4 route b nier automata wiki guide 600 px min


Chapter 05: Excavated Land

A large hole has opened up in the City Ruins, and 2B and 9S travel down it to find the alien mothership. Inside, they run into Adam and Eve

Route A

You can enter a community filled with amiable robots by following the floating robot waving a white flag. This is the Machine Village, governed by the robot Pascal, who values peace over war. Go to Pascal's location that is indicated on your map when you initially arrive in the village to chat with him. Pascal will give you something to give to the head of the Resistance Camp when you speak with him. However, before you do that, take a minute to scan the area for a shopkeeper nearby from whom you can buy supplies and anything else you require. You can also finish a few side quests to earn quick experience points and money for later. You can find a passage that goes to the City Ruins once you cross a bridge and leave the Machine Village. You can move a huge box nearby to create a shortcut between the Resistance Camp and the Machine Village. The Resistance Leader will offer you something to bring back to the Machine Village for Pascal if you go to the camp and speak with him. Before leaving the Resistance Camp, you'll start a little conversation between Pascal and 2B along the road. Pascal will need to be spoken with one more time when you return to the Machine Village through the shortcut you created before the next series of events can begin. This will result in a significant attack inside the City Ruins, and you'll receive a map goal. You'll need to go to the multistory building from the game's opening once you've finally left the Machine Village. For the upcoming tasks, 2B and 9S must get to their flight units. But as you make your way there, you'll run across another Goliath-class machine that you'll have to take on.

chapter 5 route a nier automata wiki guide 600 px min

Although the second Buzzsaw combat is much quicker than the first, the strategies used are much the same. When there is an opportunity, avoid the strikes and counterattack the machine. You will eventually knock the machine over, but it won't be destroyed. After the combat, head in the direction of the flight units that are on the other side of the collapsed bridge. This will launch you into the subsequent combat, which is fought in the air the city's destruction. Before encountering another Buzzsaw foe, you'll fly through the city. To take it out, you'll need to use your projectile and melee flight unit attacks while avoiding all of the bullets and lasers that are fired in your direction. When you notice the machine's laser blast charging up, move to the side and continue to fire your ranged attack. To cause additional damage, you can occasionally approach the Buzzsaw's face and use melee weapons against it. A cinematic that plays after you defeat the machine shows a huge hole forming in the area's middle. After the cutscene, locate the crater on your map and descend there to reach the location. At the bottom, a cavern will be open for you to explore. Just before entering the caverns, there is a transporter that can be used. As you proceed, take out any foes you encounter. The entrance to the underground alien base is toward the end. There will be a cutscene that features both Adam and Eve. After 2B and Adam's conversation is through, you'll start battling Adam and Eve. Eve will directly assault you while Adam will occasionally converse and use ranged strikes in the background. You will be in charge of 2B at the beginning of the battle, but none of your attacks will be effective. Until you can eventually begin harming Eve, avoid attacks. Eve will create an aura of energy after taking enough punishment before releasing a counterattack that you must avoid. He will not be damaged by melee or ranged attacks while he is building strength. Eve will temporarily vanish after taking enough damage before reappearing with more health. Attack Eve more to take him down and start a new cutscene. The same way you entered the surface can then be used to exit. Jackass will be waiting outside next to the transporter, which you can now use to travel between all of the locations you previously activated. Use it to get to the following destination on your map.

Route B

To get a Fuel Filter to give to Anemone at the Resistance Camp, speak to Pascal twice. The hamlet is connected to several different places via several bridges. To create a shortcut back to the City Ruins, take the one that is going down and shove the box out of the way. You will then receive some oil from Anemone to send to Pascal. Give it to him when you return to the village. This starts the city's goliath attack. Follow the shortcut you just created to get there, then enter the building you landed on when you initially entered the city. When you ascend to the rooftop, an Engels model will attack you. Take it down and climb atop your flight apparatus. The next event is a run-in with yet another Engels model goliath. When you destroy it, a significant portion of the city will collapse in the cutscene that follows. You should proceed to that location next. Reach the bottom by continuing to descend. Around here, there is a locked chest with some upgrading materials. The alien ship should be at the end of the tunnel if you go deeper. Meet Adam and Eve inside. Once they decide that negotiations are finished, the subsequent war will conclude. Return to the subterranean area where Jackass has a transporter set up once they have left. If you wish to immediately teleport back to the Bunker, use that. Or remain for a while to complete secondary missions.

chapter 5 route b nier automata wiki guide 600 px min


Chapter 06: King of the Forest

2B and 9S head to the forest kingdom. As soon as they find the king, he is destroyed by a mysterious female android. Her name is A2 and she is a deserter

Route A

You'll receive another goal that sends you to the Forest Area after returning to the Resistance Camp. Follow the marker for the goal on your map, which will lead you through the City Ruins and over a damaged bridge to an abandoned shopping center just beyond the Forest. Before you may access the Forest region after you get there, you must first battle a small band of opponents and start a cutscene. You'll need to fight your way through the Forest Area after you arrive to reach a big castle buried deep beneath the forest. You will be challenged by larger robot groups that attack simultaneously as you are moving about and will also be attacked by robots that are patrolling the area in the bushes. Attack the minor foes rather than merely concentrating on the leader to disperse these groups more quickly. This will make crowd control much simpler. Defeat the big machine that fights you when you reach a damaged stone bridge near the castle, and then cross it. Before going through the castle entrance, turn on the transporter you can see at the end of the bridge. Once inside, continue along the route as the angle of the camera shifts. You'll need to maneuver around the many chambers and ledges to get further inside the castle. As you move through the castle corridors to the right, jump up platforms. Keep moving further along the trail until you can enter more rooms that circle the area. You'll eventually find yourself in a library, where the upper floors will begin to move backward. As you move through the castle, eliminate any enemy groups that are in your path. One of two paths leads to a broken bridge on the upper level. Masamune's blacksmith shop is located on the platform beneath the collapsed bridge, and the top section, which you can jump towards, leads to the throne room and your goal. As you continue forward after entering the throne room, turn on the Transporter. A large number of opponents will ambush you and try to stop you; defeat them to continue. When all of the enemies in the area have been eliminated, enter the next room to start a cutscene adjacent to the robot carriage.

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Route B

The Commander instructs you to get further information on Pascal when you return to the Bunker to deliver your report, so visit his town and chat with Pascal there. Until he mentions a place named the Forest Kingdom, consider each choice. 9S determines they should investigate the lead, thus they proceed to do so. Cross the bridge toward the commercial facility after using the access point to teleport to the tower region of the city ruins. In the greenery beside the wall just outside the institution, there is a locked chest. Department Store Flyer is an archived entry in that one. Take the elevator down to the basement before you proceed to the area behind the "waterfall." The archive entry for Project Gestalt Report 10 is located in that locked trunk down there. Get back there and enter the Forest Zone. Continue from this point until you reach the region next to the bridge that leads directly outside the castle's courtyard. Now, if you look at the minimap, you should see that two boxes of riches are placed very close to one another. One of those contains the archive entry for Strange Doll, which is locked. Till you reach it, work your way around. Trying to go to that chest in the video, I got a little disoriented. Now head for the castle, and look behind the wall there to your left to see if there's another locked chest. The archive entry for Rotten Info Sheet is found in this one. Continue inside the castle until you come to the library section, where you must use a metal ladder to reach a higher floor. Climb the ladder to the following screen. To access a different area of the library, leap to the ledge on the right at this point. Here is the next locked chest that has the Beastcurse weapon. Take it and move forward. Return to Masamune to enhance your arsenal. The blacksmith will offer you the Cruel Lament weapon once you max one out to level 4. After one final confrontation with A2 in the royal hall, escape the forest through the new gate that Pascal unlocked for you.

chapter 6 route b nier automata wiki guide 600 px min


Chapter 07: Lost Child

The aircraft carrier is under attack, so 2B and 9S head there to offer support. Once they arrive, a huge machine lifeform appears out of the depths of the ocean.

Route A

Your next task is to get to the Flooded City after finishing the Forest Area and returning to the Machine Village. By passing via the location where the large crater in the center of the City Ruins is located, you can get there. The location of the Flooded City will be accessible to you via a sizable sewer pipe that you can pass through. There is an Acces Point just outside of the huge pipe you came from, right before you reach the Flooded City's open space. As you enter the area, activate it. As you visit the area, you'll notice several demolished structures buried in the water of the ocean. To get to your destination, leap along the building platforms across the sea. To gain the Pod B in the water pointing toward the sun, you can fish in the open water toward the sea along the road. You must eliminate all the adversaries in the region when you go to the area on the other side close to the massive rocket. It's a tiny group of foes that shouldn't be too challenging to take out, and doing so opens up a brief conversation that leads to the area's following portion. For your assignment, you'll board an aircraft unit that will transport you to another air fight. The next part of the game has you fighting your way through waves of adversaries. They assault you, but you can simply deal with them with your ranged or melee weapon. Another goliath class machine boss battle will ultimately arise as you advance through the level and eliminate all opponents that pop up.

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It's not difficult to defeat the Goliath Flyer. Its center weak point must be repeatedly attacked with your ranged weapon while being protected from projectiles. The flyer will keep firing bullets at you, which you must avoid or deflect with your melee weapon. The numerous projectiles that are fired at you could get tiresome, but they shouldn't be difficult to avoid. You can easily take down the Goliath Flyer if you keep attacking while dodging. When it is eliminated, the level's next phase will begin as additional adversaries descend upon you. As the stage's bigger boss emerges from the sea below, a cutscene will start. You'll have to eliminate all of the other enemies that show up on the screen even though you won't be able to battle them just yet. After a brief period of flying about and eliminating smaller foes, you'll come upon a big machine with yellow orbs. To take out the machine, you must eliminate the tiny orbs that surround it. The machine will attack while you are doing this with a laser blast, projectiles that shoot from its center, and smaller orbs. Avoid these attacks and destroy each part of the machine to cause an explosion. A cutscene will start after a brief flying segment, at which point 2B will be on the ground near a large gun. To utilize the cannon, approach it and blast the boss in the gaping mouth. When you shoot while its mouth is closed, it won't be damaged and will start preparing a counterattack. If you don't stop it before it fires its blast, you'll see one of the game's comedic endings and have to play the level over. To cause enough damage and start another cutscene, you must hit the boss in the mouth twice. You'll ascend to the air once more and fly over the boss, who has started to stand on two legs in the water.

As you fly over the area, eliminate all of the tiny opponents that emerge. Another machine with yellow orbs that you must destroy will fly right up to you. Continue with the same approach as before to advance. You'll uncover another machine with yellow orbs after turning around once more, which you must also destroy. But this time, you'll see a countdown clock. You'll fail the level right away and have to start over from scratch if the timer expires. You'll watch a cinematic that marks the finish of the stage if you take down both machines before the timer runs out. The following objective will become clear after the following cutscene.

Route B

Speak with Pascal at the Machine Village to learn more about A2 from him. Additionally, if you continue past him to the left and descend the ladder, you will find a locked chest with a sizable sum of money inside. Teleport to the Desert Camp and then head back to the City Ruins before returning to the Resistance Camp. Email should be flying around in his tiny automobile, I tell you. Shoot him to make him stop, then inspect his goods. He sells you the Type-3 Fist and Angel's Folly to get to the vicinity of the Resistance Camp, which is the current objective. Another addition is the Dress Module. After making your first trip to Emil's shop, walk over to the Desert Camp and check your map icons to see if Emil's shop is grayed out. In that case, it indicates that he has relocated. To reset the world till Emil's shop reappears, move between access points. It ought to be somewhere now, close to the factory. It's also feasible that he won't even pass through the factory district and instead head directly for the Resistance Camp. If it does, you are fortunate because it will save you a ton of time. If he is in the factory area, go back to his shop and speak to him again until he tells you that you are being too assertive. Reset the world via an access point, then check your map icons to see whether Emil has moved. It's preferable to reload a save and restart the process if he doesn't. Other than that, I was unable to move him. But if Emil does move, walk to the vicinity of the Resistance Camp. Avoid using access points for quick travel because doing so will reset the world. When you get close to Emil's new path, you'll see that his automobile is now moving incredibly quickly and the music is also playing in fast forward. Take note of his route so you can anticipate when he will pass and shoot his car. He should want 20,000G for each of the two battle bracers. Additionally, he will sell high-level upgrade materials if you stop him fairly close to the Resistance Camp in Route C (or perhaps Route B), saving you a ton of time from farming. Speak with Anemone when you get back to the Resistance Camp, then proceed to the Flooded City's marked location. The isolated building's shed also houses a lockable chest. It formerly had the following archival entry: newspaper scrap. Repeat the entire battle with Grun until 9S advises using the mortar cannon. To give 2B access to it, hack into it twice. Assuming the mission is completed as previously, 9S will eventually depart to attempt to use the missiles. As you fly to your destination, take out foes. When you get to the launcher, a cutscene starts to play.

chapter 7 route b nier automata wiki guide 600 px min


Chapter 08: Copied City

9S disappeared after the destruction of the giant machine. 2B sets out to find him and ends up in a mysterious white city where Adam is waiting for her

Route A

You'll find yourself in the Flooded City when the last mission's cutscene concludes. To activate a conversation that reveals your next goal, jump across the platform back to the area's entrance. Returning to the Resistance Camp and the City Ruins will be necessary if you want to get the new Pod ability Scanner. To find 9S in the Flooded City, this will be necessary. You must search the area for any android lifeforms when you get back to the Flooded City. The Scanner will produce noise and indicate where you can interact with an android when you utilize it. Scan the locations indicated on your map. When you try to scan for androids, adversaries will attack you from the surrounding area. Before you can communicate with any androids you encounter, you must defeat them. A brief chat that plays when you locate the correct android will tell you where to go next to look for 9S. You must proceed to the sizable crater region inside the City Ruins and use your map to find a new spot close to the crater's base. As you move through the region and move closer to your goal, defeat any foes that get in your way. You can take an elevator to descend even deeper into the ground towards the end of the journey through the caverns. The Copied City is the white city you view as you exit the elevator and is littered with android bodies. Adam is waiting in an open location once you take the path there.

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You will have to confront Adam in the Copied City when a cutscene has finished playing. Adam will first tease you while teleporting away from your assaults. Once the fight gets going, though, you can injure him. The only difference between Adam's assaults now and when you first encountered him and Eve earlier in the game is that he is stronger and will hit harder this time. Additionally, Adam will regularly teleport throughout the arena, disrupting your lock-on as you battle. Keep assaulting him violently while trying to keep him in your line of sight. Adam may launch an assault that surrounds him in a shield, deflecting your blows while also pushing you back. It will do a lot of harm to you if it hits you. To attack Adam when you can't strike him with a regular weapon assault, try to utilize your Pod a lot during this battle. Like previously, Adam will release a counterattack blast that you must avoid while also taking some damage with an aura. By remaining watchful during this battle, you can take Adam out and start a cutscene. The second phase of the fight will now start, during which Adam will replenish his health bar and ratchet up his aggression. However, the strategies against him remain the same, so keeps attacking and reducing his health. Once you have reduced Adam's health bar to nearly half, another cutscene will eventually start. As the struggle enters its last stage, Adam becomes much more powerful than before, but the strategies for taking him down remain the same. You'll get another hilarious alternate ending if you lose this fight with Adam, and you'll have to start the entire conflict over again. However, if you succeed in killing Adam, a cinematic depicting his demise will play, and 2B will return to your control. 9S is on the floor in the middle of the space. Before going on to your next objective, approach him to finish the area.


Route B

The only thing left to do is locate and activate every single white tile once 9S finds himself in the hacking area. A series of text-based stories follow each. Continue repeating this until the scene where 2B defeats Adam plays, at which point the chapter will conclude.

chapter 8 route b nier automata wiki guide 600 px min


Chapter 09: Deranged Religion

2B and Pascal head to the abandoned factory to negotiate peace with a group of machines. They find a religious cult that soon turns out to be hostile

Route A

Your next task will send you back to the abandoned factory where the game began after the events in the Copied City. Pascal will be waiting for you when you get there, and you will speak with him briefly about what happened. You will be welcomed by a group of machinery as you walk through the factory's main door. Follow the head machine further inside the factory to reach the elevator that descends to the previously inaccessible basement region. After exiting the elevator on the ground floor, proceed to the main altar by following the path marked by several torches. Before moving on to the next location, you can grab a few things and open a chest. Before you have to battle every machine in the space when you finally enter it, a cutscene will start. You will then need to keep fighting the machines until you are instructed to escape the area through the back elevator. To exit the area and enter a different area of the factory, use the elevator. You'll run into a machine that 9S is in control of, and the two of you will engage in a brief conversation. Start traveling through the factory by following the path upfront. Until you get to the open area where opponents will ambush you, keep pushing forward. While battling incoming foes, you must keep pushing forward. You will eventually arrive at a room that has an access point that you can unlock before proceeding into another open space where you must cross an assembly line in front of you. Avoid all assembly-line equipment as you go, and eliminate adversaries that stand in your way. Another Access Point with adversaries that seem to be in your way is in the area directly above. Continue through the facility while fending them off. Kill the opponents that come as you exit the elevator in the subsequent region. You'll need to combat a bigger machine that comes at you and slams the ground and jumps, sending shockwaves out every time. Once you've defeated it, move on through the factory. Before entering a chamber with several passive robots, you must first travel through numerous passageways and manufacturing lines. Continue to the next location while ignoring them. There is one more access point after moving forward a little distance before the area's boss.

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You will proceed down a path after riding an elevator up until you reach an inaccessible bridge that lifts. You will be attacked by a huge sphere machine that resembles a spider. Until 9S turns off the electricity to the location and turns off the boss' shield, you are unable to damage him at the start of the battle. It may seem like a while before 9S turns off the power because this takes a little while to complete. You can start fighting the boss and causing damage as soon as the power is turned off. You must avoid the boss's several assaults as they come at you. If you approach it, its spinning strike will throw you back, and its spear that emerges from its back will attack three times before it switches tactics. If you don't dodge the boss' shockwave when it jumps, it will damage you. You'll be able to avoid harm and carry on attacking if you jump above the energy wave. Throughout the entire battle, be sure to combine your melee strikes with shots from your Pod. This should be possible while avoiding attacks and applying pressure on the boss. The boss will eventually lose all of his HP if you continue like this. When the battle is over, the bridge that had been raised will descend once more, enabling you to proceed. Before crossing off your next goal, the route exits the factory and 2B and Pascal have a conversation.

Route B

Perform a self-hack and run through the diagnostic tests in the bunker before your pod opens a port into the server. Simply move in a circle and turn on any white tiles you come across. To obtain an archive entry, finish the hacking game that comes next. There are three you can obtain before he decides to return to his body. Use the elevator that leads to the terminal to access the computer network of the shuttered facility. To save 2B, be sure to have Hijack Boost chips equipped before entering. Remote-controlled vehicles will be used by you to move across the region, and Hijack Boost chips should make them more resilient. Since I was unaware that the menu would be unreachable after entering the factory, I neglected to do this in the movie. In any event, swap the rust bucket for one of the cult members and start traveling. When you hack a machine to take control of it, don't forget to select Remote Control. And only if the target is not aware of your presence is this conceivable. When you get to the next chamber, carefully make your way past the press machine and exit through the bottom-left door. Additionally, switch out your machine for one that possesses a ranged weapon. In the following area, you will see a significant battle between machines. You're welcome to participate in the fun virtually. If your machine has a gun, you ought to be secure. Once everything is over, kill any enemies that turn on you before going to gather the loot. Continue till you reach the following press machine, then take control of the little sphere. Once you get over that part, keep going until you meet 2B and hack the flyer. After that, the goal is to unlock three gates when you return to the hacking area. You can take detours to get a total of three Project Gestalt Reports. After taking care of the gates, you'll need to turn off the electricity. Once all the other protection systems have been dealt with, destroy the three cores, which should be accessible for assault. This part can be rather messy, but fortunately, you get to pick up where you left off each time you die, so it's not too horrible. Pick up a flight unit and head back to the surface after seeing the commander acquire another archive entry.

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Chapter 10: Loss

The City Ruins are overrun with machines, so 2B and 9S head there to support the Resistance. One particularly large weapon turns out to contain a very angry Eve.

Route A

You'll be asked to go back to the Resistance Camp after the previous boss encounter, which takes place in the Abandoned Factory. You won't be able to use the Access Point to fas travel to the camp because there is an attack going on there. To get to the marker on your map, leave the manufacturing area and head over to the Resistance Camp. When you get to the camp, you'll see that everything is a complete mess. You will lose control briefly before regaining it. Attackers from a group of adversaries must be defeated. Find the camp commander in the area's corner once they are vanquished. To free the area, you'll need to battle additional foes deeper inside the camp. It shouldn't be too difficult for you to defeat the adversaries. Return to the camp commander and chat with her once more when all opponents have been vanquished. Right outside the camp, more foes will show up, and you'll need to hunt them down. You'll be thrown into a boss battle as soon as you leave the camp.

You will encounter the Machine Sphere once more that you battled earlier in the factory. The difference is that this time an electrical aura will encircle it and affect the whole region. While the electricity is on, no melee attacks can be made against the boss. You will have to wait for the electricity to quickly vanish before making a melee attack. You can still harm the electrified boss while dodging its blows by using your Pod attacks. Doing so will help maintain damage consistently while you fight. The boss fight follows the same strategy as before, but the addition of lightning gives it a serious additional dimension. As the boss moves about, smaller foes will sometimes come and attack you. The electricity will temporarily evaporate if you kill every enemy that appears, allowing you to confront the boss. A cutscene will start when the boss' health is finally reduced. After the cutscene is over, you'll have to take on an entirely another boss that arises as Eve enters the scene. Eve will be within a yellow ball as a bunch of machines begins to whirl around it and charge at you. Attacking the orb will cause it to suddenly stop, allowing you to assault it while destroying the machines that are surrounding it. You must avoid the lasers that the orb will shoot out of its core as it moves about. When you are struck by one of the laser beams, it will cause significant damage and stun you for a brief period before striking you again. The boss will briefly drop to the ground to recharge after the laser assault, allowing you to fight it. The orb will eventually rise once more and start blasting projectiles at you, which you can block with melee strikes or deflect with your blade. Repeat this procedure as necessary to reduce the boss's health. Once you've done enough damage, a cutscene will start. The boss will then run away from the location and toward Machine Village's entrance. Go after the boss where it flies to and start attacking once more. Up until the boss is killed, the battle strategy stays the same. After you defeat the boss, Pascal will start speaking with you. Following the conversation, you will be instructed to proceed to the enormous crater in the City Ruins for decisive combat.

chapter 10 route a nier automata wiki guide 600 px min

You must travel to the enormous crater to face Eve after beating the previous opponent close to the entrance to Machine Village. Along the journey, lesser adversaries will power up electrical charges that deal damage to you if you use melee weapons to assault them. Eve will be waiting for you if you go to the crater in the middle of the City Ruins and descend there. There will be a brief cutscene that plays before the ultimate battle begins. Eve will start viciously attacking you once he charges up.

At this point in the game, Eve is at his best, but the strategies for defeating him are largely similar to your prior encounters with Adam. As he advances over the ground, starts assaulting him violently while dodging his ranged and physical strikes. You can counterattack after every dodge for significant damage, but you must be cautious because Eve will attack again right away. Despite his damage, you can still be hit by his strikes. Eve will occasionally launch a powerful energy arm your way in an attempt to grasp you. If you are caught, he will launch you backward after striking you several times with powerful blows. If you see him getting ready to grab a free counterattack, try to avoid it. You should continually be using your Pod to attack throughout the whole battle. Eve will begin to levitate platforms off the ground and teleport upwards at one point during the battle. To get to his location, try to maneuver your way around and start jumping on the platforms. This can be a little challenging because you are trying to get to him as Eve shoots debris at you. If you're stuck, you'll probably fall back to the ground. You'll have a brief opportunity to inflict further damage on him if you arrive at the center where Eve is standing in time before he restores the environment to normal. Eve will start restoring health to max once you have dealt him enough damage. To restore Eve's health after this has happened, you must repeat the procedure. But this time, 9S will start hacking Eve to stop him from regenerating. Continue assaulting Eve and avoiding her repeatedly, as you did earlier. A brief sequence will eventually start, leading to the subsequent phase of the battle. After the cutscene, Eve will become stronger and more ferocious. He begins to move quickly while hurling projectiles your way. As Eve moves around, you'll need to attack your Pod frequently to cause more damage to him. His projectiles will do a lot of damage and make things very challenging if you get struck by one. You'll be alright throughout this phase of the war if you remain watchful. You will lose the ability to use melee attacks and most of your mobility once you have reduced Eve's health to a sufficient level, which will cause a huge explosion. You are now limited to damaging Eve with your Pod while dodging his projectile strikes as you stumble around. You must constantly move about and anticipate Eve's impending attacks because the pattern of his projectiles changes regularly. Because you will suffer severe damage if you are struck by any projectiles, this last phase of the battle can be challenging. During this phase of the battle, you are free to use any health items you have stored up. Eventually, if you keep moving and assaulting Eve with your Pod, you'll be able to inflict enough damage to take him out. A cinematic illustrating the conclusion of the conflict will begin once you have reduced Eve's health to zero. Following the cutscene, you'll momentarily regain control. You then need to move closer to 9S, who is lying on the ground. Once you've done that, the game's climactic extended cutscene will begin.

Route B

The initial section of this last chapter should proceed precisely as it did in Route A: Destroy the floating object by shooting the outside bits off to reveal the center, then move to Pascal's Village's entrance and eliminate all the opponents, including another one of the floating things. After that, you should be free to confront Eve. Eve will finally hide on one of the airborne debris if you deal enough damage to him throughout this encounter. He can be challenging to hit and will likely stay there for some time. If you can lock on, you can shoot him, or you may even try to approach him using the floating debris. But it's preferable to simply wait for him to come down while evading till he does. At this point, you can hack into him. Once within the hacking area, shoot Eve to take down the obstacles and continue. To get to the end, keep doing this while avoiding obstacles. After the cutscene, the encounter's last stage will start. As your combat abilities gradually deteriorate, all you can do is shoot Eve. Use recovery items if you receive damage because 9S is too slow to avoid. The conflict will soon come to an end if you continue to fight. When you are given control of 2B during the credits, explore the bunker and, if you desire, interact with the residents before visiting 9S in his quarters. To finish the process, he will pass over a group of objects and then proceed to 2B's room.

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Chapter 11: Full-Scale Attack

Having destroyed Adam and Eve, the YoRHa turn their attention to the other machines. however, they are wiped out by a large-scale virus, which has now spread to 2B as well...

Only after finishing Route B's 10 chapters, or those in which you played as 9S and repeated the campaign's main half, can you access Route C and Route D. Create a save file with all of your progress after watching the closing credits, specifically one that has ending B on the list of achievements that have been unlocked. From the main menu, select Continue, and then select the save file with completed Route B. You can think of Routes C and D as the second half of the campaign because they contain whole fresh content. You will play them simultaneously, which means you will do actions that will eventually reveal the C and D endings. Fortunately, you don't need to take great care while making crucial decisions because the game's conclusion is only determined at that point. In addition, if you acquire Chapter Select, you can quickly view the chapter that you first missed. It is nevertheless worthwhile to frequently save so that you may quickly obtain different, shorter endings. Three playable characters which are 2B, 9S, and A2 must be switched amongst as you progress through this content. You can complete the chapters about 9S and A2 out of sequence, but you must ultimately go through the entirety of the main plot. The subsection title in our guide contains information about the playable characters for each chapter.

As 2B in battle gear, you begin at Bunker. To control the Flight Suit and begin flying, proceed to the hangar. The action will now shift to 9S, and you'll have to undermine the defenses of the opposition. You can investigate the six red circles that are connected to the mission objective in any order that they appear on the map. You need to get to the highest position at each site inside the red circle. For instance, this may be the topmost platform of the defeated Goliath, a building's roof, or a radio tower's upper balcony. You will find one machine in each of the marked sites. Just hack the machines instead of destroying them. Simpler hacking mini-games will typically appear. Fortunately, you can try again even if you lose the mini-game. Go to the red circle that will appear next to the bridge between the City Ruins and the Abandoned Factory when all the machines have been compromised. When you arrive, a cut scene will appear. You will use the Flight Suit and take back control of 2B. Watch out for energy beam-shooting equipment, especially when fighting. Keep yourself between the beams and take out these adversary troops first.

You can visit the three marks on the map in any order. You will come across a sizable number of machines in each of the three places, and you can use any of 2B's primary attacks and Pod programs to take them out. You might be hearing rumors that additional YoRHa soldiers have perished in the interim. You don't need to worry about that because the mission won't be a failure. You'll get a message from the Operator after you've won every battle begging you to help the Omega Squad. You must visit the area of the city next to the factory bridge to complete this. Here, combat the machines until a cutscene appears. It will thereafter change to 9S. Jump off the bridge and resume your battle. The opponent will conceal itself with camouflage to avoid detection. Initially, you can still hack them, but after that, both hacking and evading are forbidden. Attack continuously until a new cutscene appears. Use hacking on the 2B who is kneeling after the bouts and finish a short hacking game. You will come under attack from YoRHa team members who have been afflicted with the virus. The local system will prevent you from attacking them directly, but you can hack them instead. To play the hacking mini-game, you must navigate a maze within a set amount of time. It will thereafter change to 9S. Jump off the bridge and resume your battle. The opponent will conceal itself with camouflage to avoid detection. Initially, you can still hack them, but after that, both hacking and evading are forbidden. Attack continuously until a new cutscene appears. Use hacking on the 2B who is kneeling after the bouts and finish a short hacking game. You will come under attack from YoRHa team members who have been afflicted with the virus. The local system will prevent you from attacking them directly, but you can hack them instead. To play the hacking mini-game, you must navigate a maze within a set amount of time. You'll be playing 2B when you awaken in her bedroom. Speak with the Commander in the Command Center.

chapter 11 route c nier automata wiki guide 600 px min

You will need to start leaving the Bunker after the nearby androids have been infected. Fight the infected YoRHa members first. Area assaults and robust Pod programs should function effectively in this situation. The station will enter an emergency when you have dealt with the enemies. re-enter the elevator. The left route will be blocked as you enter the station's main corridor, therefore you will need to take the right. Along the journey, prepare to battle other corrupted androids. The elevator that leads to the hangar is your aim. To start a brand-new, crucial cutscene, get close to the flight suits. The flight suit-clad androids that will appear on the screen when you're in the air. They use constant fire rather than single, powerful shots, so you should fly around the entire screen to get away from them. It is already known how this sequence will end: 2B will sustain damage and make an emergency landing in the Flooded City.

We advise using the route around the City Ruins that are seen in the illustration. By doing so, you will avoid a sizable crater in the center of the ruins. You could get into a lot of difficulties there because your speed is limited, especially if you run into a Goliath who can severely obstruct 2B's progress. Even if you pick the alternative route, you won't need to be concerned about running out of time. In general, you should move without ascending or making further jumps along the pretty stable ground. Aim for the drawbridge that spans the gap between the ruins and the shopping center. Image distortion will grow along the route, but keep going. 90 percent or more of the population should be infected after crossing the drawbridge. You'll see a cutscene depicting your meeting with A2 and first-person control of A2 when you get close to the entrance to the deserted mall. To advance, defeat the YoRHa team and then approach 2B with A2.

You can take control of 9S once you've seen the cutscenes. The same place in front of the mall is where you must go. Any route through the city is possible, and using any fighting machines along the way is optional.

You get to pick the following chapter after witnessing the brand-new significant sequences. You can either choose A2 or 9S to play as. This decision mustn't have unavoidable ramifications. To get to Chapter 17 for Routes C and D, you must ultimately complete all of A2's chapters and all of 9S's chapters. The decision being discussed simply pertains to choosing who you wish to play first.


Chapter 12: Memories of Sand

Pod 042 received 2B's final order to support A2, and stuck fast to her through her travels - whether A2 liked it or not

Listen to the talk with the Pod once A2 has awakened. Soon after taking control of A2, you will be given the first mission goal. Choose the Desert Center Access Point as your quick travel location to get to the machines, which are in the greatest area of the Desert Zone. You need to defeat several Goliaths. By default, aim to take down these robots one at a time. However, if you observe a swarm of approaching missiles, you should also flee from your current foe. You must defeat the Goliaths before the boss shows up.

The boss battle can be challenging and unpleasant because the boss's strikes can come swiftly and one after the other, making it impossible for you to respond with your assaults. Always try to flee the area as soon as you are hit by an energy stream to avoid taking additional damage from subsequent hits. Hegel occasionally separates into solitary spheres that land in various locations on the beach. The spheres can fire powerful energy beams that can not only deal significant damage but also throw A2 off balance and leave her open to more strikes. To avoid the beams coming from the now-under-assault sphere and other ones nearby, try to jump to the sides a lot. Repeat all of the aforementioned steps up until the cutscene where the spheres surround A2 starts to play. The monster has a high level of resistance overall, thus it may take you many minutes to defeat him.

You'll step into a virtual world. Start exploring the following locations, where you must play the typical hacking mini-games. You must destroy the black objects to uncover the black balls and to gain entrance to the following area by doing so. The chapter will soon come to an end as you get to the location where the cutscene will play. Like Chapter 11, choose if you want to support A2 or 9S. 

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Chapter 13: Meat Box

Having accessed the Tower, 9S was compelled to head for the Resource Recovery Unit. This led him toward the massive unit near the forest castle

After selecting the option to Support 9S in Chapter 11, you can first access Chapter 13. Alternatively, you can play as 9S later after finishing the additional chapters focused on A2. Whatever option you select, you cannot skip the new 9S-focused stages. You'll begin in the Resistance Camp, where Dovola and Popola will welcome you. Outside of the rebel hideaway is where you may find the first mission goal. Above the City Ruins, the tower will materialize. Approach it and attempt to hack at its root. 3 little Sub-units will start to appear. Try hacking one of them to discover that you must locate the 3 keys needed for each unit. The Forest Zone is where you can find the first key.

You can use a variety of techniques, including fast travel, to get to the woodland. Head down the slope to the enormous building known as the Resource Recovery Unit. Locate the entrance at the Recovery Unit's base. The Meat Box inscription over the entrance will be read out by the pod before you can enter. Keep in mind to utilize the pod flashlight to brighten the tower's darker rooms as needed. Chests with loot may be found when investigating the mechanical framework, and many of them will hold expensive goods like premium chips. You'll find battles with machines on practically every floor of the Meat Box skyscraper. These battles aren't particularly fierce, though, and you can eliminate your foes even more quickly by hacking. Reviving dead gamers will turn them against your character, so avoid doing it. The elevator that leads to the next floor can be accessed after taking out each group of hostile machines. Unfortunately, you can't finish all the floors at once since you have to get out of the elevator and participate in the battle on each succeeding floor. It is worthwhile to use the option to lock your camera on the opponents during one of the dark battles so that your ranged strikes have no chance of missing. Additionally, you can keep using hacking to simplify things. Be prepared to battle a mini-goliath as well. You can hack it effectively to weaken it or launch a distant attack. With the yellow core, you must ascend to the top floor. The last opponent must be defeated before you approach it. You will see a cutscene and get the Forest Access Key. The cut scene showing the defeated machine marks the conclusion of the chapter. You will be able to make a choice again between monitoring A2 or 9S.

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Chapter 14: Pascal's Despair

The machines of Pascal's village suddenly went haywire. A2 rushed to the village to help Pascal and the children escape, but they find no safe harbor. A2 fights beside Pascal, but...

The chapter opens in the same desert where A2 and the boss Hegel engaged in combat in Chapter 12. You will be informed that the fuel filter has to be replaced, and your new mission will be to locate someone who can assist. Resistance Camp is a place Pod recommends you visit, and you can get there quickly. The game status should be saved. Reach the marker at the camp's entrance and assist Pascal in eliminating the adversaries. Speak with Pascal after the fight. You'll be given the option to either leave Pascal alive or kill him in the game. Enter the rebel hideaway and have two conversations with Anemone. By the way, from here you can gain access to the suppliers. You can take advantage of the chance to begin fresh side missions in the Resistance Camp or just head over to Pascal's Village. You cannot fast-travel in this game, so head towards the barricade outside the city's ruins. Pascal will teach you what component is required to make the filter. Pascal's location is in the Forest Zone, therefore you can use fast travel in this instance. When exploring the forest, keep an eye out for neighborhood machines, which, among other things, could try to startle you by leaping out of the bushes. Fortunately, they don't offer much of a threat, so you can keep going without having to engage them in battle. Look behind the glowing loot at the foot of the large tree when you get to the red circle. You must obtain Rigid Tree Bark and use it to Pascal. A fuel filter will be given to you.

A2 will offer to assist in eliminating the device abusing the village's youngsters as a token of appreciation for developing the gasoline filter. A brief quest called Vanquish the Bad Bot will be given to you. It was covered in Chapter Side Missions on the page Machine Village. With Storage Element I Play With Us! side missions, you can keep assisting the machines. You must agree to deliver the book from Anemone to the Outdoor Machine when you meet with them in the village. To obtain Book: Pensees and Gold Ore, visit the Resistance Camp and speak with Anemone. There is a very brief Pascal-related cutscene. You will hear a radio message after taking back control of A2 that will inform you that the machine village is in danger. Use this chance to save your game progress. Respond to the call, then move approach the barrier blocking access to the Machine Village. When you arrive, you'll see that the machines are fighting, and Pascal is available for conversation. The machines have turned on the peaceful villagers, and Pascal will permit you to assault them. Mechanical worms are flying around the settlement in addition to the ground-fighting devices, which can be attacked by any method. To properly attack the flying adversary, it is best to lock the camera and the sight on the yellow center of the target. Check all of the village's levels using ladders as certain machines are on the lower level. After the battle, you can learn about the retreat of the remaining machines to the shuttered plant by listening to Pascal's message. To go to the abandoned factory, use fast travel. Make your way to the entryway to meet Pascal after saving your game status.

chapter 14 route c nier automata wiki guide 600 px min

In the factory room, new infected machines will start to arrive. Attack them right away. Outside the plant, more hostile machines will start to materialize. It would be a good idea to turn on the Berserk mode or use the area programs of the pod to deal with a lot of rather weak opponents. The Goliath Tank will eventually join the conflict. You should aim to destroy the tank's mounted weapons to prevent it from firing at you, just like in other tank encounters from earlier chapters. Berserk mode is another option, once more. After the battle, a cutscene showing the giant goliaths arriving will start, and you'll be given control of one of them. 

The enormous Goliath will be in your control as Pascal, and you can look for opportunities to destroy the incoming enemy flying planes by using furious strikes and upper-limb swings. You'll soon witness a scene in which the adversary Goliath Engels makes an appearance. To stop the boss from utilizing the same strike from the beginning of the boss fight, try attacking first. Once you see that Engels was able to land the assault, you can also block opponent punches. Continue to undermine Engels so that they lose pieces of their massive armor and eventually succumb.

Pascal will continue to be under your control when you get back to the workplace. Go back to the production room to find a horrifying realization. Play as A2 once more and speak to Pascal. You'll be asked by Pascal to remove his memories. Choose the bottom-level dialog option (Right... Do it). It's a wiser decision. because if you select this alternative, Pascal will let you buy a special Machine Heads weapon in Chapter 15. In a straightforward variation of the mini-hacking game, destroying black balls is the process of erasing the machine's memory.

When playing as 9S, if you haven't yet completed the new levels, the game will once more show the selection window; make sure to select the 9S option to join them. If not, the campaign will instantly go on to the next phase.


Chapter 15: Soul Box

9S's next target is the Resource Recovery Unit in the Flooded City. Through deft hacking, he obtains the second Tower access key, but his body is left unable to fight

The woodland is where the chapter will start. In Chapter 13, 9S looked into the first design of the Recovery Unit at this point. You will investigate the second item from this group in the aforementioned chapter, but first, you must travel to Flooded City. With the aid of a swift journey, you can reach there with ease. On the shore is a new resource recovery unit called Soul Box. Use the doorway at the base of it. You can do a lot of hacking at Soul Box. Once you get to the closed box, the first hacking mini-game will begin. Note that there is no time limit on the mini-game. From a distance, try to destroy any hostile objects. Keep in mind that some shooting objects can only be damaged from behind during the mini-final game's stage. Try to quickly circle them before they decide to turn around. Destroy the purple missile-firing objects as well, especially since destroying these missiles will not stop them. Use the elevator to ascend to higher floors, just like in the tower from Chapter 13. Only one story up is reachable in each scenario. Numerous boxes in Soul Box provide extremely valuable goodies. Among other things, high-quality 6 chips to assist you in completing the campaign. Faith's special weapon is also among the crates. It goes without saying that you will have to play a harder version of the hacking mini-game for each locked box you manage to open. Remember that you don't need to hurry, just as previously. Destroy the orange bullets while avoiding the purple ones. Additionally, avoid the orange blocks because they hurt everything that touches them. You can keep rising if you successfully hack closed boxes, and you'll also be able to collect useful items and open up new archives. You must get to the top floor of Soul Box. A yellow core can be seen there. None of the adversaries are directly guarding this item. After employing core hacking, you'll enter virtual reality and, rather than commanding an arrow-shaped item, take charge of a 9S that is "virtual" and has all the abilities of the real world. Go directly to the "old friend's" meeting location at first.

chapter 15 route c nier automata wiki guide 600 px min

Rely on hacking to reduce the enemy's health during this combat. Unfortunately, the hacking-related minigames won't be simple, but you can try again if you fail. Also, keep in mind to avoid any potential player corpses because they will not only not aid in your triumph but will also turn against 9S. You can obtain the Ocean Access Key by eliminating the mini-boss.

The POD will notify you of the damage you sustained and the loss of some of 9S's powers when you get back to Flooded City. So you must go back to Resistance Camp. You can use fast travel at the access point in Flooded City, eliminating the need to travel via tunnels. Devol and Popol will treat 9S in the Resistance Camp. You'll have access to all skills once more, and you may start working on getting the third and final key.


Chapter 16: God Box

9S fights the corrupted Operator 210 inside the recovery unit and again encounters A2. As soon as he turns his ire upon her, a machine lifeform crashes their reunion

After finishing chapters 13 (9s) and 14, you will begin this chapter (A2). Initially, you will assume control of 9S. You need to investigate the third and final Recovery Unit object. After the start of the struggle in Resistance Camp, you must head to Amusement Park. Using quick travel will, of course, allow you to cut your journey short. The location of the Resource Recovery Unit called God Box is where you previously visited the Amusement Park's main building in earlier chapters. Take the exit at the base of it. Action shifts to A2 once 9S joins the Recovery Unit. There are no special tasks required of this character. You must go to the amusement park's Resource Recovery Unit. Explore the tower once you have control of 9S once more. It will suddenly get dark and you'll be attacked by machines in the first room. You can utilize POD's flashlight, but it is simpler to turn the camera away from adversaries so that you can attack them more successfully. Hacking is also available in this skirmish and subsequent ones, although it is not worthwhile to waste time using it to defeat simple foes. Go to the elevator after the altercation. Another conflict will start on a new level. To properly strike flying foes, keep in mind to focus the camera on their yellow cores. Regular machines perched atop the boxes can be attacked from a distance or up close and personal by leaping toward them. More battles await you on the following floor, and once more you can select between ranged and melee combat. To prevent larger opponents from firing a lot of missiles, focus your attacks on them. Run across the bare ground. Once you exit the elevator, you will arrive at Operator 21O, where you will discover that it is infected with a virus and that you must battle the boss.

The boss will fire numerous missiles while surrounding himself with shifting rings. Fortunately, you can shoot down the missiles, albeit they may cause you to lose focus on your primary objectives. Lock the camera on the yellow ring cores and start shooting at them right away if the difficulty level permits it. Increase precision by using the Laser program and other tools. The fascinating thing is that you can attempt to hack the cores. However, if there are too many missiles heading your way, this could be problematic. Both techniques have the potential to reduce the boss's defense. Red lasers will be fired by the rings. You have to jump over them at the appropriate time to prevent getting wounded. Continue firing the yellow cores at the rings as much as you can. After the rings are destroyed, the duel will move on to its second phase. Operator 21O can be taken out directly in this phase of the fight using both melees and ranged assaults. Because the boss will target direct attacks with melee weapons, ranged attacks are more secure. Boss hacking is also permitted, although naturally, you'll have to play the more challenging hacking mini-game variations. Continue attacking and hacking to gradually deprive Operator 21O of more energy points until the boss is defeated. The action shifts to Area 2, where you must combat Auguste, the second boss.

chapter 16 route c nier automata wiki guide 600 px min

You will take part in this battle as A2. The Boss utilizes various useful balls. Auguste primarily uses the balls as upper limbs; the boss can revolve around its axis, attempt to crush A2, or use the limbs to strike A2. The balls could separate from Auguste's body and endanger A2. Bosses can levitate or bounce off the arena, depending on the type of assault they use. Then, you can try to go as far away from the boss as you can or try to run between the balls while searching for opportunities to make efficient melee strikes. It is recommended to use area attacks to simultaneously try to kill them and weaken the monster because small machines can enter the battle. You will soon recover control of 9S and be in the center of the amusement park if you continue fighting until the boss loses all life and a cutscene starts. Wait until you receive the third and final Park Access Key after paying attention to POD's advice. You can now go to chapter 17, which is the last one.


Chapter 17: The Tower

9S and A2 are guided into the Tower, unaware of the purpose for which it was built by machine lifeforms. A truth awaits them inside, as hideous as the Red Girl's nightmare.

You can go back to the Tower in the City Ruins once you have located three keys in Chapters 13, 15, and 16. The Sub-units surrounding the Tower must be opened with the keys. You'll have to break into the sub-unit each time you utilize a key. You must navigate a maze in the hacking mini-game to get to a black orb or numerous black orbs. Due to the adversaries, the mini-game depicted in the image above may be challenging. Try to avoid destroying the black blocks that serve as a barrier between you and the opposing units as you move through the course. By doing this, you can avoid having to restart the mini-game due to their attacks. You should save your game before moving on to the Tower itself after you've managed to split it into three Sub-units. Your initial effort to hack the Tower will be unsuccessful. The procedure is quite slow, and you'll start to experience machine attacks that prevent you from hacking. Focus on combating the machines rather than attempting to hack the Tower. The adversaries you kill will be replaced by new ones, so you won't be able to eliminate them all. You need to be patient till Devola and Popola's twins show up. While you hack the Tower, they will help you. You must stand in front of the tower and hack it for the story to continue. On the battlefield, new machines keep popping up, but since they'll be occupied fighting Devola and Popola, they shouldn't trouble you. You must first complete a hacking mini-game before the tower will open. Utilize the fact that the mini-game, strangely, has no time restriction. Move slowly upwards and use care when taking out foes. Always stand between an orb's shots or in front of an orange projectile that can be shot down when fighting an orb. The orbs will be shielded by force fields in the final location. Nothing needs to be done by you. Watch for a cutscene featuring the twins and 9S. The goal of the game is to deepen your understanding of Devola and Popola's backstories by presenting you with Data Records about them. There are just text-based options in this scene, and they don't significantly alter the situation.

The Tower has a straight passage within. Expect to come across sick YoRHa units, which can be killed in open combat, but it's safer to hack them or engage them at a distance. Look around for treasure along the path, such as shining objects and chests (some of them need to be hacked open). You can get a ton of priceless loot and fresh entries for the Archives in this manner. There are hostile 2B models in one of the rooms that you must defeat. It is advisable to use your pod's offensive programs at a distance during this conflict. If you try to engage them in melee combat, the enemy can very easily encircle you. You would have to deftly dodge their strikes because 2B Copies are persistent in battle. There are hostile 2B models in one of the rooms that you must defeat. It is advisable to use your pod's offensive programs at a distance during this conflict. If you try to engage them in melee combat, the enemy can very easily encircle you. You would have to deftly dodge their strikes because 2B Copies are persistent in battle.

chapter 17 route c nier automata wiki guide 600 px min

You'll handle A2 after dealing with 2B duplicates and seeing a cutscene. She must get to the Tower as well, although she needn't necessarily face off against any foes. You'll run into Devola at the entrance to the Tower, where you can converse with her one last time. The Tower's inside has the same hallways as 9S, but you can also find new stuff there. You will arrive at the library. You must look around on both floors of this building. You can approach "glowing" bookcases, explore first-floor chambers, and gather common stuff. A hacking skill for A2 can be unlocked by looking at the first bookcase. New hacking mini-games will start to appear now. As usual, they might entail discovering black orbs, or they might entail damaging tall objects. Once you've finished each mini-game in the Library, you'll receive a new Archives entry as your reward. On the bottom floor, there will be one final bookcase. Get close to it to start a cutscene. Holding the Triangle button will launch the mini-game, where you'll learn about the necessity of auto-healing in order to stop the virus. Your control will once more switch to 9S. You must destroy the black objects in the mini-game that are situated on either side of the main road. To avoid getting hit, always remember to fire down orange projectiles. Once you've healed yourself, gather the loot nearby and move on. Two holograms will appear, and then shortly after, machines will begin to assault. Prioritize fighting adversaries who can shoot a lot of shots at once. You shouldn't have too much issue winning this battle if you rely on routine attacks and hacking. You will receive a YoRHa Disposal Archives entry with an interesting entry as payment for winning the battle. You will come across some YoRHa units wearing flight suits as you continue. Hacking is strongly advised in this encounter to take out those incredibly resilient foes. Run sideways and dodge a lot because attackers have access to strong red energy beams. You can also hurt enemies nearby by detonating hacked units. Approach one of the Flight Suits and board it when all enemies have been vanquished.

Your control will now alternate between 9S and A2 at random intervals. Separate boss battles are required for each of the protagonists. A2 fights Ko-Shi while 9S fights Ro-Shi. The following lists the strategies for 9S and A2. You'll probably switch characters frequently during the boss battles. Every time, you have to keep going up against the boss of the controlled protagonist. You may expect 9S and A2 to vanquish their adversaries at roughly the same moment because the confrontations are somewhat choreographed and dramatic. But this is not the end of the story. After they unite, you'll have to defeat the bosses once again.

The tactics for 9S and A2 are listed here. During the boss fights, you'll probably switch characters frequently. You have to keep fighting the controlled protagonist's boss each time. The battles are quite spectacular and scripted, so you might expect 9S and A2 to defeat their enemies at around the same time. But the narrative is not over yet. You'll have to defeat the bosses again after they come together. The game alternately switches your control between A2 and 9S during this battle. Use the special talents of the protagonist who is currently playable since you can't change this. Thanks to A2's Berserk Mode, the bosses can be hacked as 9S and damaged more quickly. Although they aren't particularly difficult in their combined form, you should be cautious when they electrify because it makes them temporarily stronger. In addition, they can rotate while electrified. Keeping your distance and employing ranged strikes is your best course of action in this scenario. Focus on evading to minimize damage if you are unable to escape in time. You will have to decide how to go after dealing with Ko-Shi and Ro-Shi to determine how the game will end.

You must select A2 for the campaign's last playthrough if you want to see this ending. This is the second choice, and you must also affirm your decision. By siding with A2, 9S will take over as the game's final boss. You have two options for attacking 9S: up close or from a distance. Be ready to duck regularly because the boss uses ranged strikes. While controlling A2, you might try to engage the berserk mode, albeit it might be challenging because the 9S is a quick foe and typically stays away from close quarters. A dome that can slow down and restrict motions can be made by 9S. Try to avoid the area where it will appear by moving. Focus on leaving the dome as soon as you can if it's too late for that. Additionally, 9S might try to hack A2. To avoid getting hurt, you must complete the mini-hacking game each time. You should aim to jump over the shock wave that is produced by one of the 9S strikes' more uncommon attacks. You must finish another cyberspace scene after 9S loses his entire health bar. Fighting is not a part of it. The sole route that may be taken must simply be followed, with several stairways placed along the way. The "exit" from the above image leads to a longer stairway. The C ending and final credits will be visible in the game.

chapter 18 route c nier automata wiki guide 600 px min



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      I've only played route C once, after which I went for the E ending so I found myself replaying the whole thing again.

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