White Moose


White Moose are one of the Mounts in Nier: Automata.


White  Moose Information


  • Can appear by save points once transport is unlocked.
  • Will flee when approached unless you posess the Sachet.
  • Can drop White Moose Meat, an item that can be sold for 15,000 gold in Route A, 22,000 gold in Route B and 37,250 gold in Route C
  • Also drops Beast Hide, a crafting material.





Boar  ♦  Moose  ♦  White Boar


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    • Anonymous

      01 Aug 2020 11:41  

      I just took one of these out before unlocking teleportation. I didn't even know it was different. I was just gathering materials and saw it was worth was more than all of my other things????

      • Anonymous

        30 Jun 2018 01:32  

        Just killed the White Moose and sold it to Masamune. Sold for a whopping 33,7590G. That's the highest sell price you'll for it I think.

        • Anonymous

          09 Apr 2018 17:48  

          I saw one near the factory save point, a bit past the bridge. I decided to save the white moose meat but if I find any more I reccomend selling it to Emil. He sold it for roughly 22,000.

          • Anonymous

            26 Oct 2017 20:21  

            Best bet to find these are in the Forest area. Larger groups of both animals in the entire area - I've found about 3 in less than 30min. Also, save these items because they become more valuable in the other playthroughs.

            • Anonymous

              23 Jul 2017 13:32  

              There is also a white wild boar the game. Very rarely you can meet it in the city ruins. Is ridable too. Unfortunately I don't know, what can you get after killing it, because I didn't try to do this.

              Here are some screens

              I'm not very good in writing wiki articles, but i someone could add this information to the wiki, it would be great!=)

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