This page contains tips on how to standardize formatting for wiki pages. You can use the Editing Guide to learn about the editor, and the to-do list to find items that need fixing.


Number Formatting

Commas ',' are to be used to seperate sequences of three digits, with periods '.' representing decimal points. If you have to use a fraction, represent it with a decimal instead, rounding to the nearest two decimal places.

  • 354           →  354
  • 548763     →  548,763
  • 4279875   →  4,279,875
  • 935.8459  →  935.85
  • 1/5            →  0.50
  • 1/3            →  0.33


Weapon Table Formatting

There are five parts to a weapon's upgrade table.

  • "Level" is the level of the weapon upgrade. Is always centered, and starts at 1 and goes to "Max". Cell width: 85px.
  • "Attack Value" is the base range of attack the weapon of that level has. Is always centered, with a space on either side of the hyphen. Cell width: 135px.
  • "Combo" is the combo limit for both the light and heavy attack of the weapon. Is always centered. Cell width: 120px.
  • "Other Improvement" is any aditional effects a weapon upgrade has on the weapon. Is always left aligned, with a space after the hyphen. Copy the exact text from the game. Cell width: 175px.
  • "Materials Required for Upgrade" is the recipe required for the weapon upgrade. The standard format for an upgrade recipe is: [gold value]G + [item 1] x[quantity], [item 2] x[quantity], ..., [item n] x[quantity] 
    Is always left aligned. Cell width: 675px.


An example of a complete weapon upgrade table:

Level Attack Value Combo Other Improvement Materials Required for Upgrade
1 300 - 330 Light: 2
Heavy: 2
2 540 - 594 Light: 2
Heavy: 2
- ATK Speed Up 2,500G + Rusted Clump x5, Beast Hide x5, Crystal x5
3 840 - 924 Light: 3
Heavy: 3
- ATK Speed Up
- Holy Blessing
5,000G + Dented Plate x4, Titanium Alloy x3, Severed Cable x3, Amber x2
Max 1140 - 1254 Light: 4
Heavy: 3
- ATK Speed Up
- Holy Blessing
Memory Alloy x2, Severed Cable x5, Pristine Cable x3, Machine Torso x2, Moldavite x1


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