YoRHa No.2 Type B (2B)

yorha 2B character
Race Android
Sex Female
Japanese Name ヨルハ2号B型
Voice Actor JPN: Yui Ishikawa
ENG: Kira Buckland

YoRHa No.2 Type B (2B) is a Playable Character in NieR: Automata. YoRHa No.2 Type B (2B) is also known as 2B. She is the main protagonist when getting through Route A in the game and is a Member of YoRHa - the automated infantry squad; No. 2 Type B giving her the nickname 2B. The B-type model specializes in close-quarters combat. As the game begins with Route A players will be first introduced to 2B as a playable character alongside other YoRHa units. As the game progresses, other YorHa units are introduced to the story and become playable when their route begins. 


Emotions are prohibited.


YoRHa 2B General Information NieR Automata

  • She is the playable protagonist of Route A.
  • Member of YoRHa - the automated infantry squad. The B-type model specializes in close-quarters combat.
  • Begins the game wielding the Virtuous Contract short sword and the Virtuous Treaty large sword.
  • 2B typically has a cool, calm, and collected personality. Reputable among other androids for being "too serious." At times, she loses her temper. 
  • Initiating self-destruct (hold L3+R3) will deal a large amount of damage to both nearby enemies and 2B herself. Additionally, it will get rid of her skirt and, if he is close enough, 9S's shorts. This will not occur if the Dress Module is in effect. 
  • Height: 168 cm (with heels), Weight: 148.8 kg. Her three sizes are B:84cm W:56cm H:88 cm. (Taken from the official NieR: Automata World Guide).


YoRHa 2B Lore & Trivia Notes NieR Automata

  • The player can attempt to peek up 2B's skirt, but will result in her pushing away the camera. Doing this ten times will unlock the trophy "What Are You Doing?"
  • If you rub the PS4 controller touchpad, she will pat the head of Pod 042.
  • You can remove her visor by wearing the Camouflage Goggles, unlocked after Route C.
  • 2B's official designation is No. 2, Type-E (2E). Type-E androids are a special class  of androids used for the execution of YoRHa members. They take on the appearance of a seemingly innocent unit to maintain constant contact with their target. 2E would take on the form of a Type-B android, a combat model, in order to not arouse the suspicion of 9S. Because Type-S models are intelligent, curious models, Command knew that 9S would eventually discover the truth about Project YoRHa and the Council of Humanity. Thus, the Commander issued an order for 2B to kill 9S every time he discovered the truth. 2B eventually accumulates emotional grief from killing 9S numerous times in the past, which could insinuate why she maintains a completely businesslike and distant relationship with 9S.
  • In the TGS 2016 trailer, the characters of NieR: Automata were showcased along with a word/emotion that represents them the most. 2B was represented by 信念—"faith."
  • You can unlock the Revealing Outfit for 2B by clearing arena battles in the Flooded City colosseum from DLC 3C3C1D119440927. This outfit is the exact same one worn by Kainé from the first NieR game.


YoRHa 2B Combat NieR Automata

2B Weapon Combos NieR Automata

2B is able to carry two different weapons at once. Each weapon type has a light attack combo and a heavy attack combo. The first weapon equipped will always perform its light attack combo, and the second weapon equipped will always perform its heavy attack combo. It's also possible to vary the combo by variating the timing of your button presses (similar to Devil May Cry) and you can perform combination attacks.To perform a combination attack, press triangle during a light attack combo. There's a unique combination attack for every combination of two weapons:

  • Small Sword + Small Sword
  • Small Sword + Large Sword
  • Small Sword + Spear
  • Small Sword + Combat Bracers
  • Large Sword + Large Sword
  • Large Sword + Spear
  • Large Sword + Combat Bracers
  • Spear + Spear
  • Spear + Combat Bracers
  • Combat Bracers + Combat Bracers

2B Attack Features NieR Automata

  • Primary: Basic attack action does decent minimal damage but can be dealt at faster speeds and can vary in damage output depending on the equipped weapon.
  • Heavy Attack: Secondary attack action that deals more damage than the primary attack, but is dealt at lower speeds adding consequences to its higher damage. 
  • Aerial Attack: These are stringed combat sequences that are done while 2B is suspended in the air. It allows 2B to remain airborne during the combo. Any aerial attack can also be concluded with a heavy attack to lunge back down. 


NieR Automata 2B Gameplay 

2B Route A

Route A begins with 2B, alongside other YoRHa units, attempting to bypass aerial defense systems and land inside the Abandoned Factory to destroy a Goliath unit. While attacking with Flight Units, the game offers tutorials on what your basic attack and evasion does and what buttons apply to said actions. While 6O—2B's assigned Operator—explains their mission, all androids but 2B are wiped out by a laser employed by the machines. 2B then becomes the captain of the mission and is left to fulfill their goal by herself.

As 2B weaves her way through various tunnels, she eventually crashes into a large room. She is then allowed to access her swords and Pod 042 and perform both melee and ranged attacks from the ground. After she defeats a few hordes of machine lifeforms, 2B is met with Goliath Marx. They engage in battle until a cutscene interrupts, and newcomer 9S grants the final blow to the Goliath. He introduces himself to 2B as a Scanner unit employed to aid in her mission.

After their simple rendezvous, 9S scouts the area via Flight Unit, while 2B makes her way through from the ground. 9S offers 2B map data and initiates small talk that 2B rejects coldly. Emotions are prohibited, after all. 

As 2B makes her way through the factory, she can't seem to pinpoint the Goliath she needs to destroy. 9S suggests that 2B could make her way across a bridge to another factory district and investigate there. 9S becomes confused, sure that Command wouldn't get a location wrong. He concludes that they simply received bad intel, to which 2B claims isn't correct as she senses the Goliath nearby. More Marx models spark to life and another battle begins. 

As 2B destroys the Marxes, Goliath Engels, disguised as a building, reveals itself. 2B fights alongside the help of 9S, whom hacks the machine and wipes out chunks of the enemy's HP. A few moments later, a cutscene interrupts. 2B freezes as Engels swings its arm downwards, stopped shortly as 9S boosts his Flight Unit into the arms, only to be flung onto the top of the Goliath. 2B panicks and, fueled by anger, takes out Engels temporarily. She then climbs up and attempts to heal 9S, who lies nearly unconscious with a missing arm and leg. Pod 042 advises against this. 9S agrees, and sends 2B on her way with his Flight Unit. She continues to attack Engels, but is flung atop the unit herself, near 9S. As she requests for backup from Command, 9S stops her, believing that is unnecessary, as three more Engels units reveal themselves from the ocean. The two androids then both agree to detonate their black boxes—the sensitive cores of androids—and sacrifice their bodies while taking out the enemies. 

(Please note that if 2B dies at all during the prologue, you will have to restart the entire process, as saving isn't available until after the prologue.)

2B awakens to 9S performing a maintenance check on her. This allows the player to experiment with the settings menu, and introduces the Self-Destruct option, a last resort in which you detonate yourself to take out enemies around you. Unlike a black box detonation, this option doesn't kill you completely and also offers the benefit of removing 2B's skirt. 

2B, after completing her checkup, thanks 9S for uploading all of her memories and data to the Bunker. 9S doesn't remember this, as he only had time to upload 2B's memories and not his own. 2B is disheartened at this. The two androids then make their way to the Commander, as due to request, and receive a partnered mission to meet up with the City Ruins' Resistance. The Commander explains that the androids she assigned this mission to prior have gone missing, and that she wants 2B and 9S to look into that as well. 

2B and 9S take Flight Units to the City Ruins, landing a bit away from the Resistance camp. 9S explains to 2B that some machines roaming the area have been reported as passive, staring into space and keeping to themselves. 

2B and 9S then make their way to the camp and introduce themselves to Anemone, the camp leader. Anemone immediately recognizes 2B as "Number 2" (YoRHa deserter A2, precessor to 2B) but dismisses anything more. She then asks 2B and 9S to make themselves at home and familiarize themselves with the camp inhabitants. In order to progress, 2B and 9S must complete two quests given by the item shop owner and the weapon shop owner. As the two explore the City Ruins, 9S makes more comments about their situation. He talks about the vegetation overgrowth and expresses annoyance at how tedious the quests are, to which 2B defends. 2B considers the Resistance to be a valuable asset to YoRHa. 9S halfheartedly agrees. When the two have completed the quests, Anemone then asks 2B and 9S to investigate the Desert Zone, as there have been reports of large machine infestations. They comply and meet Jackass along the way, whom destroys the gate blocking the desert with explosives. 9S questions this. 

As the two defeat the small hordes of machines lifeforms, 2B becomes shaken at the words of the machines. They've began to adopt human phrases, such as "I'm scared." 9S tries to reassure 2B, claiming that the machines are only copying human speech. He also brings up the hypocrisy of their words—if they were scared, why were they attacking? 2B agrees reluctantly. 

Eventually, the two androids corner a single machine unit. Before they can kill it, it manages to escape to the Housing Complex. 2B and 9S follow suit and take out more enemies along the way. These enemies also repeat phrases such as "You are false" and "Androids are scary." 2B and 9S find their way to the back of the apartment complex, where many android bodies lie dead. 2B and 9S are perplexed at this, and proceed. They make their way down to a pit of machines engaging in a mock act of human sex. One machine is rocking an empty cradle, murmuring "child" to itself repeatedly. 2B and 9S take them out, but are eventually overrun by more machines. Outnumbered, they back away and stare as the machines start to chant "this cannot continue" and crawl into a clump. The machines pull apart in a sticky substance and the machine android Adam is "born." Adam talks much like the machines, but evolves within the fight. He scans and adopts fighting strategies from 2B and 9S but, in the end, perishes as 2B and 9S stab him in the abdomen. As he lay motionless, a copy model crawls out from Adam's wound and picks up the dead body. This unit, Eve, begins to scream and debris surrounding the pit begins to collapse. 2B and 9S escape through a tunnel. 

The YoRHa units are dumbfounded by the machine androids. Before they can contact Command, 2B and 9S climb through the cramped ravine and eventually reach an area with proper signal. 9S explains their situation to his Operator, 21O. As they reach the City Ruins, the player can determine whether or not they should return to the Resistance camp or continue on with their original mission to find the missing YoRHa party. Either choice will result in their making their way to the Amusement Park, where they are met with passive machines celebrating and dressed like clowns. There is an android signal emitting from the theatre dome, of which is blocked off by a locked gate. The two climb atop a broken down rocket ride and are welcomed by a tank decorated with balloons and clown machines, spitting confetti. 2B can choose to fight the machine or leave it alone. However, 2B receives an invaluable Machine Core if she does manage to defeat it. Afterward, 2B and 9S discover a roller coaster and ride it, defeating enemies and conversing on the way up. 9S suggests that 2B call him "Nines," as that's what his friends call him. 2B rejects the idea, firm on keeping her distance with 9S. He replies in disappointment. The two then drop from the coaster into the glass roof of the theatre and land inside. Pod 042 confirms a strong android signal and 2B and 9S continue onward, expecting to find their allies. Instead, an operatic machine, tall, ornate, and covered in android corpses, reveals herself. The androids and Simone begin their battle. During the fight's second phase, Simone summons android bodies, kept alive by electric currents, to hack into 2B and 9S. 9S counters with his own hacking abilities, and Simone is defeated. 

9S, again, tries to reassure 2B in the theatre lobby, as she appears shaken from Simone's strange cries during the battle. 2B simply shakes it off and warns 9S of a supposedly hostile machine approaching. Instead, the machine claims it is not hostile and invites the two androids to its village. It doesn't matter if the player rejects its request or kills the machine; the only way to progress is to follow. 

2B, 9S, and the small flyer unit continue through an alley, into the forest surrounding the Amusement Park. The party end up in Pascal's Village, a small home consisting of pacifistic machines that want to befriend the androids rather than fight. 2B and 9S are skeptical of this and hold their guard as they make their way in. The leader, Pascal, greets them with intelligence and civility, shocking the androids. 9S is very vocal about his distrust, as Pascal is aware. Pascal suggests that they all keep an open mind, and reveals that the machines in the village have already consulted with the Resistance members. He then asks the androids if they will kindly take a requested fuel filter back to Anemone. They agree.

On the way, Operator 6O contacts 2B for her regular checkup. 2B notices 6O's upset disposition and asks what had happened. 6O explains her crush's rejection and expresses that she can't find the will to keep on living. 2B tells 6O that she probably shouldn't talk to someone like her about this. In the end, however, 2B expresses that her unit can't function without an Operator, being a combat model with organized missions. 6O cheers up and thanks 2B. 2B ends the call shortly thereafter.

Meeting back up with Anemone, the androids exchange the fuel filter for viscous oil. Anemone confirms that they've been consorting with the machines. She assures 9S that they are harmless and that they have established a sort of commerce with one another. 9S doesn't approve, but the two return to the village, greeted with a call from Pascal mid-trip. 9S continues to patronize Pascal while 2B keeps quiet. Returning to the village, the androids give Pascal the oil. He expresses thanks and a hope that machines and androids could just get along. 9S counters this. Shortly after, the ground begins to shake and Operator 6O calls 2B with an emergency mission. Two Engels units have arrived in the City Ruins and 2B and 9S are tasked with destroying them. 9S accuses Pascal of setting the pair up in a trap. Pascal denies this accusation while 2B tells them that they'll simply settle it later. 

2B and 9S run across the ruins in hopes of reaching two assigned Flight Units. Just a few feet before said units, 2B and 9S are stopped by one of the two Engels Goliaths as it tears down the wall of the building. They engage in battle and manage to defeat it, accessing the Flight Units and continuing to destroy the second Engels. As 2B confirms their signals offline, a spark of electricity reboots a unit. The event concludes with an area beneath the ruins collapsing, the Engels units deactivating, and an alien signal emitting from a cave beneath the collapsed grounds.

2B and 9S are tasked with examining the signal and make their way beneath the earth. They find new machines, very old, dead machines, and an alien mothership. As they begin to question the situation, Adam and Eve manifest and began an explanation for what happened. The aliens are confirmed dead, killed by the machines themselves. Adam then expresses his unnatural desire of understanding humanity, asking the androids for some humans to dissect and analyze. 9S denies this request in bewilderment. Adam and Eve then give up negotiating and vanish. The android pair then agree to return to the Bunker, using the newly implemented transporter assembled by Jackass. 

2B and 9S explain what happened to the Commander. She ponders for a second but immediately assigns a new mission to the pair—gather intel on Pascal. The two agree and travel back to the village. 2B asks some questions that Pascal answers in honesty. He then mentions the Forest Kingdom, to which 9S suggests the pair investigate. 

2B and 9S head to the Commercial Facility. On their short trip, 9S asks 2B when she will call him Nines. 2B snaps back and says that 9S works fine. 9S gives up on the request and instead begins to complain about his job again as 2B chides him. 

As the two arrive at the facility, they find locked mall gates and try to find a way through. 9S begins to talk about the mall. 2B dismisses this as meaningless conjecture. 

The two try to find a way through, but before they can go far, however, Pod 042 announces the arrival of machine lifeforms. A few hostile enemies then jump down in hopes of defending their "kingdom", and so the androids and machines spar. After defeating all but one machine, 2B and 9S corner a medium biped unit who would rather run away than fight. 2B warns that the unit will explode, but instead, it short-circuits and falls to the ground, head rolling clean off. The head then pops open to reveal Emil—or, what's left of him, really. 2B and 9S agree to kill him, and Emil rolls away quickly in fear, leaving a large hole in the mall gate and allowing the androids to enter the forest.

A small party of guardlike machines attack the pair as they enter. They are intent on protecting their "king." 9S mentions that he saw a castle further ahead and suggests that they check it out. 2B complies.

As the two maneuver through the forest, more hordes of guards attack and chant about the Forest King. 9S reassures 2B yet again and personally questions how the machines understand the concept of loyalty. 

2B and 9S make their way inside the castle and fight off the guards. Mid-fight, 2B calls 9S Nines. 9S becomes dumbfounded and asks her what she said. She denies everything and tells 9S to cut the chatter. He scoffs in frustration. 

Continuing their attack against the machines, they eventually enter the Royal Chamber. 2B and 9S meet the "king," Immanuel. As they stand and stare, a sudden sword cuts through the baby king's chest. Along with that sword is A2, an android wanted by Command. All three androids battle it out, as per requested by the Commander. Initially, A2 was only wanted for detainment. As she refused this, she was instead sentenced for immediate death. 9S questions this and is hesitant about the battle. Nonetheless, they fight, but A2 escapes. Before she jumps out of the castle window, 9S asks why she would desert YoRHa. A2 claims that the real betrayal lies within Command itself and vanishes. The pair then contact the Commander and tell her what had happened. The Commander expresses that she is relieved that they are unharmed. She claims that A2 is very powerful. 9S asks why she had deserted, but the Commander hesitates and explains that her reasoning was strictly classified. 2B and 9S then leave and return to Pascal's village to ask about A2 explicitly. 9S shares a clip and combat data of A2. Pascal states that the village indeed holds records of A2, but they've never met her in person. 2B then advises that the pair return to the Resistance camp and resupply. 

Along the way, 2B lectures 9S on sharing such confidential data with the enemy, but backs it up with said curiosity being admirable. 9S thanks 2B, but she warns him that the machines are still the enemy. 

Operator 6O calls 2B for her regularly scheduled contact, but instead suggests that 2B put a Lunar Tear in her hair so that it'd look "really pretty." 2B dismisses the idea, but is countered with 6O's own dismissal. She claims that every girl wants to look good sometimes and ends the transmission before 2B can put another point in.

After consulting with Anemone, 2B and 9S travel to the flooded part of the City Ruins to help back up a carrier ship, as it's prone to attack. When the pair arrive, they find themselves in heavy risk. A long-forgotten Goliath, Grün, has resurfaced and is releasing devastating attacks on the carrier ship and the surrounding backup. The androids fight for a long while, but eventually Grün knocks out the majority of androids nearby with an electromagnetic wave attack, overloading in the process.

2B wakes up to find 9S missing. She heads to the Resistance camp and asks Anemone for help. Following Anemone's advice and borrowing Devola's dynamic scanner, she finds a coherent android and asks her where 9S landed. The android gives her best guess and 2B finds herself deep underground again. The scanner picks up 9S's faint black box signal. 2B enters an elevator and discovers the Copied City, where Adam awaits. He has gone insane with his desire to understand human cruelty, and is only happy when 2B becomes enraged when revealed to 9S' bloodied body. When she kills Adam, he is simply satisfied. 2B then picks up 9S and makes her way out of the Copied City.

(Note that, if you leave the combat area rather than pick up 9S, you will receive a joke ending.)

After managing to transport 9S to the Bunker for repair, the Commander asks 2B to analyze strange trends among the machines after Adam's death. 2B then calls Pascal and asks him if he's witnessed anything. While he says no, he does suggest that 2B come with him on a trip to the Abandoned Factory, as he was invited to sort out a peace treaty between the factory machines and his village. 2B agrees and tags along. 

As they enter the factory, 2B and Pascal are greeted with machines clad in purple fabrics and are eventually led down an elevator. Pascal claims that the situation is sketchy, but he refuses to leave as he dragged 2B into it. They meet with "His Grace," Kierkegaard, whose head rolls clean off. 2B and Pascal can only stand in perplexity as the surrounding machines begin to chant about becoming God Himself. The machines then begin to try and kill each other, themselves, 2B, and Pascal. 2B has Pod 042 loop a distress signal as the reception is poor underneath the factory. As 2B attacks, Pascal retains his pacifistic morals and instead expresses curiosity about the homicidal machines. The two notice an elevator open and escape the room. 9S then reveals himself via machine lifeform and explains that he's been hacking the factory server through the Bunker. 2B thanks him and she and Pascal continue their escape. They make their way through the dark as 9S unlocks various doors for them. As 2B encounters So-Shi, 9S shuts off the factory's entire power, as So-Shi harvested energy from it. 2B manages to destroy So-Shi and she and Pascal continue upstairs. 2B and Pascal pass by a few more machines but exit the building safely. 

Pascal comments on the adventure and invites 2B to join him again. She declines.

Shortly afterward, 2B receives an emergency call from Anemone, whom is currently fighting off a swarm of cannibal machines in the Resistance camp. 2B quickly dispatches the machines but not without much damage to the camp. Anemone thanks 2B, but her gratitude is interrupted by Boku-Shi's arrival. 2B takes the Goliath out, 9S arriving to deliver the final blow yet again. Unfortunately they are met with a large chain of machine parts threatening to take out Pascal's village. They both hurry to take it out and learn from Pascal that Eve has been increasing machine numbers due to Adam's death. Pod 042 begins to play transmissions from Eve and it is revealed that he is wracked with anger over his brother's death. The two androids trace Eve's signal to the center of the City Ruins. They begin their final fight.

2B and 9S kill Eve, but not without consequence. 9S has been infected with a logic virus, as he had hacked Eve mid-battle. 2B, heartbroken, puts him to rest by choking him. 

She asks herself why things end like this and stands up, ready to kill a nearby machine until she noticed the signals they are sending out. 9S had transferred his data to a Goliath biped and activates the machine to greet 2B. She interrupts him to express that she is glad that he's still alive. 2B then climbs into the large palm of 9S and begins a monologue, ending Route A.


2B Route B

As Route B follows the same storyline as Route A, there is not much difference.

Once 9S discovers the truth about YoRHa, he asks himself how he could tell 2B, despite the fact that she already knows.


2B Route C

Route C begins with 2B suiting up for an all-out attack after Eve's death. 

2B and 9S rendezvous at the bridge leading to the Abandoned Factory and continue with a guerrilla-style offense to help other YoRHa troops. Depending on your level during this segment, 2B may or may not save the YoRHa members from dying.

After meeting with every YoRHa troop, 2B is met with the machines combating with devastating EMP attacks and eventually, a logic virus. 9S can easily rid of this virus, but unfortunately, many others cannot. 2B fends off the virus thanks to 9S's help, as do a few other androids. The two cannot contact Command so they travel directly to the Bunker, where they explain everything. The Commander accuses both 2B and 9S of being infected and are ordered to accept detainment. Before such a thing happens, however, YoRHa members within the Server Room become infected and begin to attack. 2B and 9S attempt to escape with the Commander, but she leaves the two of them, as she had caught the virus. 2B is reluctant to leave her, but obeys when the Commander demands that she'd go. 2B and 9S then leave with Flight Units.

2B screams with rage after the Bunker explodes. The pair then are cornered into fighting hostile YoRHa units. 2B sends 9S away by force, knowing that she was becoming infected herself. As she lands in the Flooded City Ruins, 2B realizes she is fully infected. Pod 042 warns her of this, but 2B ignores him as she trudges back to the City Ruins, intent on dying far away from other units, as to not infect them too.

2B weakly limps to the Commercial Facility, systems failing and virus overtaking her body. She is helpless when she arrives, and allows herself to succumb to the hostile YoRHa units awaiting her. Much to her surprise, A2 takes out the units and walks over to 2B. 2B asks A2 to kill her and take her sword and memories with her. She also asks A2 to protect 9S. A2 agrees and kills 2B to end her pain.

9S watches from afar, staring in horror as 2B is stabbed in the abdomen by A2. Unknowing of 2B's request, 9S is overcome with raw anger and promises that he will kill A2, no matter the cost.

Later on, while 9S explores the Tower, 2B models manifest and challenge 9S' sanity. After killing every one of them, he caresses one 2B unit's cheek before ripping off her arm. 2B is also present in 9S's memories and appears beneath 9S as he stabs a faceless enemy repeatedly.

2B's body can be seen during Ending E, if the player chooses to revive the androids. 

2B also leaves a transmission in her Flight Unit, expressing to anybody that hears it to protect 9S and let him know that their times together were "like memories of pure light."


2B Endings NieR Automata

Ending A: flowers for m[A]chines

ending a nier automata wiki guide 300 px min


Conditions and Walkthrough

  • Play through the game for the first time and complete all of the Main Story Quests.

Spoilers: Ending A is the first achievable ending followed by completing the whole of Route A from 2B's perspective. By completing this ending, you unlock the chance to unlock Endings: B, C, D and E. 

As 2B, you witness the after effects of your encounter with Eve and how that impacted 9S and his data. 



Ending B: Or not to [B]e

ending b nier automata wiki guide 300 px min min


Conditions and Walkthrough

  • In order to achieve this ending load the cleared save from beating the game once and earning Ending A.
  • Play through the game again and complete all of the Main Story Quests to achieve this ending.

Spoilers: As you approach the end of Route B, you are reintroduced to the large Machines until 9S gains access to a memory storage and discovers something about the machines. From 9S's perspective you will hack further into some protected files including files from the moon server and some mysterious shipping documents. 9S will continue to dive into the servers until you he interrupted with a sound and 9S chooses to activate his body. 

9S will be able to run into the commander and she will address the data about the installation of the Council of Humanity. These are the events leading up to the final battles of Route B which will result in 9S's file corruption when Eve detached to the network.Players will find similar scenes from Ending A, but will gain more internal insight from the perspective of 9S


YoRHa No.2 Type B (2B) Gallery

2B Desert Automaton Promotional Front B2 Beastlord From Above Abandoned Factory Front 2B Pod Laser Abandoned Factory Front 

2B Fighting Medium Bipeds Front Small Flyers In The Mall Front



NieR: Automata All NPCs
22B  ♦  4S  ♦  64B  ♦  8B  ♦  Adam  ♦  Anemone  ♦  Animal-loving Machine  ♦  Apologetic Machine  ♦  Big Sister Machine  ♦  Child Machine  ♦  Commander  ♦  Devola  ♦  Devola & Popola  ♦  Devola Popola  ♦  Emil  ♦  Eve  ♦  Father Machine  ♦  Father Servo  ♦  Friend Machine  ♦  High-Speed Machine  ♦  Jackass  ♦  Jean-Paul  ♦  Juliet  ♦  Little Sister Machine  ♦  Machine in Love  ♦  Machine with a Dream  ♦  Machine with Makeup  ♦  Masamune  ♦  Master Swordsmith Masamune  ♦  Mother Machine  ♦  Operator 210  ♦  Operator 21O  ♦  Operator 60  ♦  Operator 6O  ♦  Pascal  ♦  Pod 042  ♦  Pod 153  ♦  Popola  ♦  Red Girl  ♦  Romeo  ♦  Sartre  ♦  Scientist Machine  ♦  Weird Machine  ♦  Yorha 9S  ♦  Yorha A2  ♦  YoRHa: Gunner 16


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