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Courageous Brother is a Peculiar Machine enemy in NieR: Automata


Courageous Brother Information

"A small golden stubby that is accompanied by followers of the same color. They shout "Glory to machine lifeforms!" as they attack."

 Has incredibly high health, and is accompanied by two Gold Goliath Bipeds (in the City Ruins), One Gold Biped (in the Flooded City), or a tank (in front of the Desert Housing)

Courageous Brother Locations

  • Located near City Ruins: Centre waypoint sometime after completion of The Forest Kingdom quest
  • Located on the bridge in Flooded City (time uncertain)
  • Located on the way to Desert Housing when coming from the desert (time uncertain)


Courageous Brother Drops




  • Focus on taking down two accompanying goliath bipeds first, as they have lower health and pose more of a threat
  • Has same moveset as a small stubby, proves to be more of an annoyance and a test of will than a tough fight. If you are 9S hack him repeatedly as it will prove much more effective than melee combat, also hacking him is quite easy since he is just a small stubby type.



  • Required to defeat courageous brother if one wants to upgrade all 3 pods past level 1, as it is the third and final source of the needed Powerup Part S


    • Anonymous

      18 Jul 2017 07:26  

      Forest Kingdom doesn't need to be completed- found the City Ruins one at the start of that quest. That said, maybe it just needs activated- didn't see them beforehand.

      • Anonymous

        08 Jul 2017 06:14  

        I encountered Courageous Brother accompanied by the golden tank in the desert; wouldn't die/explode even after I depleted his health bar and he was knocked to the ground on the brink of explosion

        • Anonymous

          22 May 2017 09:02  

          I confronted said brothers in the 1st play. The first one was when I tried to complete the quest "Wandering Couple" at flooded area. He was accompanied by a Golden Goliath Biped. The 2nd one was at desert just before the entrance of Desert Complexes, accompanied by Golden tank.

          But my brother confronted only one brother with 2 Golden Bipeds in Ruined City. Do they randomly make appearance?

          • Anonymous

            01 May 2017 17:19  

            I encountered Courageous Brother along with a Golden Goliath tank in 2nd playthrough as i was leaving the Desert area and heading towards Desert Apartment Complexes.

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