Pods in NieR: Automata are small robots that follow your main Character and provide supportive assistance.




These pods are extremely useful in combat as they can be used for hanging, to allow the player to jump higher, or glide across large distances. You can also attack while gliding to attack larger enemies.

The Pods can be used for ranged attacking (shooting bullets at enemies). Whilst affective against most smaller enemies, the larger enemies, especially those with shields can deflect these bullets without any problem. So it is advised to use your melee weapons first against those enemies to break their shields before attacking them with bullets. The Pods lock onto enemies for easy targetting.

As you progress your Pods can receive downloaded programs that enable them to perform special situational abililties, like a unique attack during a Boss fight.


Pod Abilities

These are the following functions Pods can provide:

  • Fire ranged bullets at enemies. You can lock on to enemies and hold down the fire button for a constant stream.
  • Perform aerial chain attacks with your Weapons
  • Receive calls from other characters


Pod Upgrades

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