Fishing Locations in Nier: Automata will be located on this page. These are the places through the game world where you can catch Fish or special items.


Fishing Locations


Description of Fishing Spot

Fish Caught There

City Ruins

Just outside the Resistance Camp in City Ruins are some waterfalls and streams.

City Ruins

Underground Lake (Emil's house).

City Ruins

On the sewers for going to the Amusement Park
(unlocked with main quest MIA)

Desert Zone

After passing the Desert: Center savepoint.

(Located at the Oasis for the Photographs Side quest)

Desert Zone

Oil Field

Amusement Park

Bridge -- cast from area with 'broken railing'

(Leading up to Boss "Theater" Building)

Forest Zone



(Front of the forest castle)

  • Furcarp
  • Koi Carp
  • Arapaima
  • Carp
  • Kilifish
  • Machine Lifeform Head
  • Bloatfish Machine
  • Carp Machine
  • Arapaima Machine
  • Koi Carp Machine
  • Gas Cylinder

Flooded City

Coastline / Submerged Buildings

('Waterfall run-off' seems a separate spawn -- similar to standard City Ruins)


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