Fishing Locations in Nier: Automata will be located on this page. These are the places in the game world where you can catch Fish or Special Items.


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Fishing Locations


Description of Fishing Spot

Fish Caught There

City Ruins

Waterfalls / Streams / Ravine

(Just outside the Resistance Camp in City Ruins.)

(Ravine is Under Wooden Bridge, by City Ruins: Near the Tower Access Point.)

City Ruins

Underground Lake (Emil's house).

City Ruins

Sewers Leading to Amusement Park

Desert Zone


(Past Desert: Center Access Point, Located at the Photographs Sidequest)

Desert Zone

Oil Field

Amusement Park


(Theater Building Entrance.)

Forest Zone


Waterfalls / Rivers / Castle Front

Flooded City

Waterfall  (Pond) / Coast / Missile

(Pond by Flooded City: Coast Access Point.)

(Coasts by the Submerged Buildings.)

(Missile by Missile Supply Mission.)

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    • Anonymous

      Maybe it is possible to catch the "Machine Lifeform Golden Head" in the Forest Zone, i didn't try until now, but i did catch two of these in the Flooded City too.

      • Anonymous

        For some reason, once i caught pod b, i cant fish in the flooded city. Well, i can, but i just sit for an hour and caught nothing (speaking from experience). Is this a bug? Help please

        • Anonymous

          Arowana Machine is in the valley between the ruined city and the commercial center where you fight that giant robot for the gravewarden

          • Anonymous

            it's also possible to catch a starfish machine around the flooded city area. i caught one around the end of the road where you first walk into the flooded city, where there are usually a few grounded enemies when you first walk in.

            • Anonymous

              i fished a machine lifeform head from the sewer area before the amusement park where you can fish the iron pipe and all the other garbage.

              • Anonymous

                I fished a fur carp out of the river/moat thing at the forest kings castle. I fished off the stone bridge over it.

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