YoRHa No.9 Type S (9S)

Race Android
Sex Male
Voice Actor JPN: Natsuki Hanae
ENG: Kyle McCarley

YoRHa No.9 Type S (9S) is a playable character in NieR: Automata.

"We...we're sold..iers...We take pride in...our service..."

General Information

  • He is the male protagonist of Route B.
  • Member of YoRHa - the automated infantry squad. The S-type model specializes in scanning and investigative purposes.
  • Begins the game wielding the Cruel Oath short sword.
  • Programmed with an emotional but kind personality
  • He also goes by the nickname "Nines".
  • Can hack enemies to detonate them in combat. Press Triangle to start a hacking sequence. Enemies who does not notice you when you hack them can be subjugated or remote controlled (can only do this for one enemy at a time). Adding Hijack Boost chips will increase the level of remote-controlled enemies (max. +9).
  • When you are in control of  a hacked enemy, other machines will not notice you unless you attack them.
  • When you subjugate/are in control of a hacked enemy press L3+R3 to detonate them.
  • Hacking also grant 9S the ability to open special chests and certain doors.
  • Pod cooldown will still be running even while you are hacking, allowing 9S to be more aggressive with Pod Programs.
  • Unlike 2B and A2, 9S does not have a dedicated heavy attack button. He can perform them, but it requires you to delay the second hit of a light attack. You can also perform them by pressing R2 without any directional input and then attacking.
  • The Forest Colosseum from DLC 3C3C1D119440927 allows 9S to fight in arena battles using remote-controlled machines. Hack into different types of enemies to gain access to their bodies in the arena.
  • Height: 160 cm (with boots), Weight: 129.9 kg. His three sizes are B:61cm W: 53cm H:73 cm. (Taken from the Official Nier Automata World Guide).

YoRHa No.9 Type S (9S) Unit Data


"This unit's official title is Model S, Number 9. While this YoRHa member possessed offensive abilities, he specialized skilled at information gathering and hacking. While 9S normally had a kind personality, he began to exhibit hatred for A2 when she killed 2B-for whom he possessed an unusually deep affection. In a cruel twist, he also met end at the hands of A2."


(Summary of story and endings goes here)

Lore / Trivia

  • Instead of a pat on the head, 9S will do a fist bump with Pod 153 if you rub the touch pad.
  • Like 2B and A2, part of 9S's clothing will be destroyed after you initiate self-destruct (mostly his pants). 
  • The secret trophy: Not That I Mind... is unlocked by playing 1 hour as 9S without his pants. 
  • Unlike A2 and 2B, 9S is limited in close combat due to his Hacking ability. Though ironically, 9S might easily outdamage A2 and 2B due to his targets being subjugated or detonated after a successful hack.
  • 9S does not hold his weapons but chooses to move them by levitation. This can result wide but slow attacks and occasional misses on smaller enemies.
  • 9S is not the only YoRHa Scanner model seen in game, although they seem to be in the minority of YoRHa androids. 4S in the side quest: Reconnaissance Squad, and two nameless Scanner models are encountered (One in the Bunker maintenance shop, and the other in the side quest: Retrieve the Confidential Info). An 11S was also mentioned, during an audio transmission to 9S.
  • 9S's hacking ability persists after remote controlling a foe. Most enemies tend to be passive unless engaged by the player. Players can take advantage of this ability to decimate groups of enemies by hacking alone. 
  • In the TGS 2016 trailer, the characters of Nier Automata were showcased along with a word/emotion that represents them the most. 9S's was 孤独 (Solitude).
  • You can unlock the Young Man's Outfit for 9S by clearing arena battles in the Forest Colosseum from DLC 3C3C1D119440927. This is the outfit worn by young Nier from the Japanese version of the first game.
  • 9S faces demise during his ending sequence, within his rage he kills A2 however impaling himself with 2B's original sword.




    • Anonymous

      14 Jul 2018 23:10  

      Kind of poetic really, he finally gets what he sees as revenge for 2B's death in his ending, only to die on 2B's sword... After forgetting the amount of times she's been forced to kill him in the past..

      • Anonymous

        17 Nov 2017 01:42  

        Weird that 9S's word/emotion that represented him is "solitude" and A2's is "revenge"
        I'd think it'd have been the opposite

        • 02 Jul 2017 19:46  

          Actually, 9S is an interesting character, at least plot-wise:
          The fact that the emotion assigned to him is "Solitude" could be explained by a theory that the more knowledge you posses, the more you feel isolated because of the lack of a possibility to share and discuss said knowledge with someone else (in this case because it's confidential data). It drove him insane because of the knowledge he learned despite what he was designed for. The more delicate data he discovered (like the thing with 2B being 2E, E standing for Execute (play the game to understand it)), the more his mental state degraded.
          It's a well thought and well conceived metaphor for real life and that's why 9S, despite being a bit boring with the hacking mini-games repetition, is one of the more fascinating characters in the game.

          • Anonymous

            26 Jun 2017 12:29  

            He becomes rather crazy when you understand how good his spear throw is, and that his hacking allows pod program cooldown to continue running, effectively making him an infinite pod program spam machine. I'd say a well-made crit build 9S with spear of the usurper is only rivalled by berserk mode A2, and both of them leave 2B far behind in terms of power.

            • Anonymous

              07 May 2017 16:40  

              Hacking without alerting enemies, red eyes, will open up 3 options: detonate, subjugate, remote control. Using remote control will disguise the player allowing to chain hack groups of enemies.

              • Anonymous

                07 May 2017 16:35  

                If you start a hack then do a perfect evade, the hack's progress bar will increase considerably. Just for those guys that you cant hack in one press.

                • Anonymous

                  03 May 2017 03:51  

                  seriously, playing 9S is nothing but a pain in the arse. his close combat skills are so lame and weak that it's rediculously dumb to even try to kill something with normal weapons. on the other hand, his hacking damage is so insane that you don't even want to use normal weapons. but honestly this is absolutely gamebreaking and lame. all this switching back and forth from normal game to this dumb hacking minigame gave me brain cancer, and the worst part is that you're forced to just hack and cheese through more than half of the game with this guy.. in the end i just equipped him for maximum mobility and avoided as many fights as possible so i just checked the map and stocked up on ressources with auto loot and loot scanner chips in hopes i'd get to play other characters more soon. sadly this didn't happen. A2's and 2B's playtime was way too short. but hey at least the plot was good..

                  • Anonymous

                    02 May 2017 07:02  

                    Am I to assume that all Type S models are support models? If so, then what would be Type A and Type B labeled as? (Via. A2 and 2B). All I know is A2 is a wanted unit that severed her link to the bunker. This would make sense if it was like a form of rank.

                    If anyone has any info related to this, feel free to let me know. Thank you!

                    • Anonymous

                      23 Apr 2017 10:59  

                      The "doesn't have heavy attacks" bit is incorrect. He can perform them but it requires you to delay the second hit. You can also perform them by pressing R2 without any directional input and then attacking. It'd be more correct to say, "9S has no dedicated heavy attack button."

                      • Anonymous

                        19 Apr 2017 19:46  

                        By doing attacks after dash(Not run) or stopping a bit after normal combo and then contiuing it, 9S can do heavy combo. You can confirm it by looking at the number of attacks.

                        • Anonymous

                          22 Mar 2017 00:35  

                          •"9S is the not only YoRHa Scanner model seen in game" Jesus who wrote this failure of a sentence. "It should be 9S is not the only YoRHa Scanner seen in game".

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