Machine in Love

Machine in Love
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Machine in Love is an NPC in NieR: Automata. Machine in Love is an Amicable Machine who is a fan of Sartre (Jean-Paul) in the Desert Zone NPCs are characters aside from the main player character that can be interacted with or encountered during the game. These NPCs provide additional dialogue, information, services, items or additional Quests and rewards when interacting with them. Various Shopkeepers, Operators, and some senient Machines will be classified as NPC in NieR: Automata. Find information on all Machine in Love interactions, services or related quests below or view NPCs to view a list of all available NPCs in the game.


Jean-Paul is wonderful. He pursues new knowledge with a passion that is almost indescribable. I admire him as I do no other. 


Machine in Love Information NieR Automata

  • "This Sartre fan from the desert, who wears clothing that reflects her view of the world, regards the philosopher as a passionate and inquiring mind. She also possess a keen sense of smell, going so far as to sniff out the fact that 2B and 9S came from Pascal's Village. She presented Sartre with a gift of machine fossil, only to have him reject it as a trash--a response that inexplicably made her happy."


Machine in Love Related Quests in NieR Automata


Machine in Love Location and Where to find in NieR Automata


Machine in Love Trivia, Note & Tips NieR Automata

  • Machine in Love NieR: Automata Notes, Tips and other Trivia.



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