Merchants in NieR: Automata are NPCs that have a stock of different wares that can include can include different Items such as Uprades, Weapons and Consumables depending on the type of Merchant you visit. Merchants are NPCs that are available to trade or sell certain goods or provide services that can benefit the player progress through the game or can aid in Combat. Players with excess items can also choose to Sell Items to these Merchants to gain more funds (G). A few regular NPCs that are part of the story may also be considered merchants if they own a stock. Emil, featured in the previous title reappears in NieR Automata and owns an Item Shop

Shops in NieR Automata

A Merchant's stock or services can depend on what kind of Merchant they are. Some items may become available from these merchants as you progress through the game. Certain Merchants such as Supply Traders may even have extra interactions such as an available quest. All available Merchant Types and their stock can be found below: 

Merchant Items NieR Automata

All Items in NieR: Automata are also sorted into different categories which can determine which Merchant to look for when searching for a specific enhancement or upgrade. 

Merchant Related Quests NieR Automata

Some Merchants or NPCs are attached to certain quests that can be done for them to affect their stock or gain access to their shop all together. 

Notable NPC Merchants

Some NPCs or characters in the game may also own an Items Shop. Since they are characters, their shops could be Location specific or Progress specific. Characters such as Emil, owns a shop that may change Locations or update their stock. Other Shops may have conditions to their availability such as reaching a certain part of the storyline or completing a related quest. Below are a few of the notable Characters in the game that can also be interacted with as merchants. 

Buying Trophies NieR Automata

There is a Secret Vendor that sells Trophies and can be found after completing Route C in the game. She will be in the Resistance Camp with the initial name displaying Strange Resistance Woman. She can be found wearing a Machine part head. Speak to her to display her dialogue options and you can select to Request "unlocking you-know-what." This will give you access to her Secret Shop where you can Spend money to get certain things done. You can then find and purchase Trophies from here. 



All Merchants NieR Automata

Item Shops NieR Automata



NPC Item Shops NieR Automata


Supply Traders NieR Automata



Weapons Shops NieR Automata


Maintenance Shops NieR Automata


Other Merchants NieR Automata


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    • Anonymous

      The merchant in the underground colosseum was not included in this list, I know he sells materials but he ended up in round 8 and I had to kill him

      • Anonymous

        There is also a Ravine Supply Trader, where you can Fuse Chips as well as buy Plug-in Chips. It opens up after completing the "Lord of the Valley" quest.
        He sells:
        Offensive Heal: 350g
        Offensive Heal +1: 700g
        Deadly Heal: 1750g
        Dealdy Heal +1: 3500g
        Evade Range Up: 350g
        Evade Range Up +1: 700g
        Moving Speed Up: 350g
        Moving Speed Up +1: 700g
        Last Stand: 350g
        Last Stand +1: 700g
        Vengence: 350g
        Vengence +1: 700g
        Overclock: 1750g
        Overclock +1: 3500g
        Taunt Up: 350g
        Taunt Up +1: 700g
        Auto-use Item: 1750g
        Auto-use Item +1: 3500g

        • Anonymous

          There is also another kind of Emil's Item Shop (Part 3).
          You can buy:
          Type-3 Fists (weapon)
          Angel's Folly (weapon)
          Dress Module (Key item)

          With the dress module you can change your outfit (pants vs pantsless).

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