YoRHa Type A No.2 (A2)

yorha A2 character
Race Android
Sex Female
Japanese Name ヨルハA型2号
Voice Actor JPN: Ayaka Suwa
ENG: Cherami Leigh

YoRHa Type A No.2 (A2) is a Playable Character in NieR: Automata. YoRHa Type A No.2 (A2) is also known as A2 or Number 2, and is known to be a prototype ex-YoRHa member that was used to create models such as 2B and 9S. She is not initially introduced to the game as a Playable Character, but instead is encountered as a Boss fight and then later becomes the Playable Character of Route C.


Command is the one that betrayed you.


 YoRHa A2 General Information NieR Automata

  • A2 is first encountered as a boss fight in the story quest The Forest Kingdom.
  • A2 later becomes a controllable protagonist in Route C.
  • A2 is a prototype model which would later be used to create the more advanced 2B and 9S.
  • A2 is an ex-YoRHa member who distrusts the YoRHa Command.
  • A2 generally keeps to herself unless she feels it is necessary to speak up.
  • Height: 168cm (with heels), Weight: 139.2kg. Her three sizes are B:73cm W: 54cm H:82cm. (Info taken from the official NieR: Automata World Guide) 


YoRHa A2 Lore & Trivia Notes and Tips NieR Automata

  • While A2 has her own unique ability to taunt, flashing her Pod's light at enemies works as well. This method allows 2B and 9S to taunt too.
  • This character was designed by Akihiko Yoshida (CyDesignation, Inc.), who previously worked on other Square Enix titles such as FFXIV and Bravely Default.
  • The designation A2 refers to [A]ttacker Number [2].
  • Her extended backstory during the Pearl Harbor Descent is available as an official stage play, with A2 being portrayed by the Japanese idol and actor, Ruka Endō.
  • In the stage play, it is mentioned that all of the YoRHa units have human memories implanted into them. A2's memories were taken from the memories of a certain young girl who lived happily with her grandmother, a very possible allusion to Kainé from the original NieR. 
  • Similiar to 2B, A2 can pat Pod 042 on the head if you rub the touchpad.
  • A2 cuts her hair during Route C. You can get her long hair back by clearing Route C completely, which unlocks the A2 Wig.
  • The black cloth around A2's waist and back can be removed. All other black accents on her body are exposed endoskeleton, however,  from damage to the artificial skin. A2's "skin" is made of a type of carbon composite; a rubbery material (as proved by translated material from the official NieR Automata Strategy Guide).
  • In the TGS 2016 trailer, many characters of NieR: Automata were showcased along with a word/emotion that represents them the most. A2 is represented by 復讐—"revenge."
  • You can unlock the Destroyer's Outfit for A2 by clearing the Sand Trials from DLC 3C3C1D119440927. This outfit is the one worn by adult Nier in the Japanese version of the first game.

YoRHa A2 Unit Data

  • ! SPOILERS AHEAD ! Chapter 06-05 "The A-model is a YoRHa prototype that specializes in close-quarter combat. Though not presently in use, it was originally created to speed along the implementation of other official models such as 2B and 9S. This particular unit, whose official title is Class A, Number 2, was wanted by the Command for desertion and ordered to be destroyed on sight. She first appeared in the Forest Castle, where she slew the Forest King. 2B and 9S engaged her in combat, but she managed to escape."
  • Chapter 17-09 "9S and A2 face off. A2 tries to convince 9S of how pointless the fight is, but her words fail to penetrate the cloud of violent anger in his mind. During the battle, A2 hesitates for a moment when she hears a memory of 2B call out to her, leading to her demise."


YoRHa A2 Combat NieR Automata

A2 Basic Combat

  • Primary: Basic attack action does decent minimal damage but can be dealt at faster speeds and can vary in damage output depending on the equipped weapon. Holding this attack control will trigger one of A2's unique combat abilities and will make her taunt nearby enemies, which will boost the attack of enemy unit(s) and A2 herself by 180% 
  • Heavy Attack: Secondary attack action that deals more damage than the primary attack, but is dealt at lower speeds adding consequences to its higher damage. Heavy attacks can be performed during a jump and reacts to the equipped secondary weapon. Holding the heavy attack has the potential to deal a charged attack that deals great damage with a larger weapon equipped. 
  • Aerial Attack: These are stringed combat sequences that are done while 2B is suspended in the air. It allows 2B to remain airborne during the combo. Any aerial attack can also be concluded with a heavy attack to lunge back down. 

A2 Attack Abilities

  • Dash: Her unique dash (R2) has an optical camouflage effect that makes her appear invisible for a split second. Holding R2 will boost your dash to cover more distance and temporarily increase attack power.
  • Berserk Mode (A2's equivalent of Self-Destruct; L3+R3) boosts A2's attack tremendously while rapidly draining her health. While in this mode, A2's boost dash can also deal damage to enemies. It will continue until her health reaches 1. Theoretically, with a strong enough set of Offensive Heal and/or Deadly Heal chips and a constant supply of enemies the effect could be continued indefinitely.
  • Taunting: Taunting (hold Ps3 square button Square) will boost the attack of enemy unit(s) and A2 herself by 180%. Adding Taunt Up attack chips will increase the percentage (maximum being 500%).

A2 Combat Weapons

  • Prior to receiving Virtuous Contract from 2B, she uses the Type 4O Sword and the Type 4O Blade as her main weapons.
  • Like her successor 2B, A2 prefers to wield weapons by her hands, allowing swift and deft combos. A2 adopts a more haphazardous style of fighting to complement her Berserker ability.


YoRHa A2 Story NieR Automata

While gathering intelligence on machine lifeforms in the Forest Kingdom, 2B and 9S encounter A2 for the first time. While 9S tries to communicate with her, YorHa command orders them to attack A2 on sight and eliminate her. The three spar violently but A2 manages to fend them off and disappears. After the Bunker is destroyed by the corrupted YorHa units, 2B notices that her own body is being eaten away by the virus that was spread through the machine lifeform's EMP attack. While fending off her attackers, 2B is saved by A2 and is forced to impart her memories before being fully corrupted. A2 accepts her request and kills 2B with her Virtuous Contract just as 9S arrives on the scene.

After being knocked unconscious by the collapsing landform, A2 awakens in the shopping center ruins, greeted by Pod 042. She resents the pod at first, but Pod 042, duty-bound by 2B's final orders, stuck fast to her travels, whether A2 liked it or not. Finally reaching an agreement after her wake, A2 and Pod 042 head to the desert to destroy a few Goliath biped machines, but are later disheartened when a colossal, interlocking machine appears from the sand. Struggling, she goes into "B-Mode" to fight it. After defeating said Goliath, A2 passes out.

A2, having suffered an overload during the battle, reboots. She goes to the Resistance Camp to change her failing fuel filter, and, after a brief reunion, Anemone refers her to Pascal. Having finally been able to function at peak performance, A2 feels obligated to do something in return for Pascal, accepting a request to gather materials for him. A2 eventually develops a bond between Pascal and the machine villagers. Afterward, while off on her own errands, A2 receives an alarming message from Pascal and arrives back to find the village in utter chaos—a group of cannibal machine lifeforms have set fire to the village and are killing the pacifistic inhabitants.

Pascal and the children from the village manage to escape to the abandoned factory. A2 meets up with them soon afterward and regretfully explains that she could not save the remaining villagers. Pod 042 then announces that a large group of enemies are gathering around the factory. A2 and Pascal then move outside to intercept them. While A2 fights from the ground, Pascal abandons his pacifistic morals and gives his all taking out the hostile machines via an Engels unit. After their success, Pascal and A2 hurry back to the factory. Upon their return, the two discover that every machine child has committed suicide out of fear. Pascal wracked with guilt, begs A2 to kill him or erase his memories. The player can choose to grant either wish or simply leave the factory. A2 makes her choice and then leaves the factory for good.

Guided by a voice coming from one of the resource units, A2 heads to the Amusement Park where she finds 9S, currently in battle with his operator, 21O. A2 finishes off 21O, much to 9S' rage, but before he can do anything, the resource unit's floor collapses, separating the two androids and leaving A2 to fight the new enemy machine. After she dispatches the machines, A2 leaves the Amusement Park, hearing from her Pod that the main tower gate in the City Ruins is now open. She makes her way to the entrance.

While searching the interior of the tower, A2 steps into a large, white library (an explicit allusion to the library from the original NieR), where she discovers that the Tower is in fact a data-gathering facility for the machines, who have now hacked deep into the human server database on the moon. Before she can inspect any further, a giant machine lifeform crashes down into the room and attacks her. A2 fights off the machine until she manages to board an elevator to the top of the tower where she's forcibly hacked. In cyberspace, girls in red clothes challenge her.

By working together with Pod 042, A2 manages to defeat the terminals and continues climbing the Tower, but she is once again attacked by a large multi-leg weapon in the elevator. Upon reaching the top of the tower she rendezvouses once again with 9S, this time forced to work together fighting off the combined might of two large multi-legged machines. After defeating the machines, 9S and A2 face off. A2 tries to convince 9S of how pointless it is to kill each other, but 9S is deafened by hate. This battle is where the player can decide between two different endings. When selecting 9S to fight in the battle, the battle concludes with A2 dying. She hesitates for a moment when she hears a memory of 2B calling out to her, leading to her demise. Selecting A2 for the ending causes the battle to end with A2 hacking into 9S, in order to remove the logic virus, infecting 9S as a last-ditch effort.


YoRHa A2 Pearl Harbor Descent NieR Automata

Prior to the events of the game, A2 was a secret YoRHa operative taking part in a project on Earth called the Pearl Harbor Descent. The purpose of this operation was to monitor and research how experimental YoRHa units would behave during battle. This information would then be studied and integrated into newer models to improve the quality of production. Originally there were 16 YoRHa units that took part in this operation, but only four managed to land in one piece, A2 being one of them.

Since the original squad captain was destroyed during the descent, A2 took command of the YoRHa squadron once they began the operation. Intel reveals that she issued many questionable commands during her initial time in a leadership role, but eventually formed a working relationship with the Resistance forces and managed to destroy a major machine server which gained YoRHa the upper hand during the war. Despite her success, A2 abandoned her post after the mission and from then on was marked as a deserter to be hunted down by the next-generation Type E model (2B).


YoRHa A2 Gameplay NieR Automata

Spoilers: YoRHa A2, also known as Number 2 is first accessible in first person after obtaining Ending B. A2 is first encountered in previous Routes as 2B and 9S work together to fight against her during The Forest Kingdom. Once she appears, you will be given the objective to Destroy YoRHa prototype A2. She will be introduced as a known fugitive wanted by YoRHa. She deserted us. She destroyed multiple pursuit androids. Before your encounter is over,it will end with a quick cutscene followed by a short pursuit. When they fail to catch her, the Commander will decline to disclose any information on why she deserted the force. 

The next encounter with A2 will be during Route C. You will briefly be able to play as A2 during Route C before you see her again across the bridge with 2B as 9S. This next option may determine your ending outcome. You will be given a chance to send the pod to Select a unit to support with the option to support A2 or 9S. Choosing to support A2 will allow you to continue as A2, and you will continue to Chapter 13. Choosing to support 9s will take you to chapter 13.


YoRHa A2 Ending NieR Automata

Ending C: Meaningless [C]ode

ending c nier automata wiki guide 300 px min


Conditions and Walkthrough

  • Occurs at the end of Route C
  • Choose A2 when prompted during A2's encounter with 9S

Ending C: Meaningless [C]ode. A2 has a chance to be a part of ***h Route C and D. She comes to face 9S and attempts to tell him the full truth. As the ending is approaches, you will be given another choice between 9S or A2 before a final battle begins. Choose A2 and continue the battle. This eventually allows A2 to enter and attempt to repair 9S's logic circuits. An alert will appear warning her of Severe virus corruption and a low probability of successful deletion. Successfully reaching the logic circuits will give you the ending C: Meaningless [C]ode. 


Ending D: Child[D]hood's end

ending d nier automata wiki guide 300 px min


Conditions and Walkthrough

  • Occurs at the end of Route C
  • Choose 9S when prompted during A2's encounter with 9S

Ending D can be achieved similarly by choosing the alternate option when A2 and 9S face each other during their final encounter. To achieve ending D, choose 9S instead of A2 when given the option. This is followed by a few glimpses of 9S's thoughts and memories and then a final cutscene leading you to D: child[D]hood's end.


YoRHa A2 Gallery NieR Automata

a2 confronation nier automata wiki guide 300 px min mina2 ending nier automata wiki guide 300 px min mina2 close up nier automata wiki guide 300 px min min
a2 cutscene nier automata wiki guide 300 px min mina2 wide nier automata wiki guide 300 px min min



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