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Animal-loving Machine is an Amicable Machine enemy in NieR: Automata


Animal-loving Machine Information

"A machine lifeform that appeared riding atop a boar. It mistakenly attacked 2B and 9S under the impression they were harming local animals, but reached reconciliation after the misunderstanding was cleared up. Caring for weak and injured animals in a corner of the Forest Castle, this animal-loving unit has an extremely kind heart."


Animal-loving Machine Locations

  • Near Forest Zone: Center. Take a left leaving the teleporter and follow the edge of the Forest Zone. The Animal-loving Machine is in an alcove hidden by trees. You must jump over a tree trunk on the ground to get in.
  • This machine is not available during route C.



Animal-loving Machine Drops





  • ??
  • ??
  • ??




  • When first encountered, he will attempt to attack the player. As the combat progresses how ever, he stops and ask that the player do not harm his animals.
  • If you return to him later he will give the quests Animal Care and Turf War



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