Plug-in Chips

Plug-in Chips are Skills you can customize in Nier: Automata.

  • By using a Plug-in Chip, you can freely customize abilities to change your play style the way you like it, such as emphasizing more on attack power or defense, and so on.
  • These Chips can be purchased, but they’re also acquired from enemy drops.
  • Each Chip is set with a capacity, but you’re able to equip several Plug-in Chips as long as there’s enough space within a character’s storage. You can view your Storage Used in the top right of the Skills Menu screen.
    • Chips bought from NPCs will have max capacity cost; enemies have a chance to drop Chips with the lowest capacity cost (these will be marked with ♦).
    • Fusing Chips will scale to the average capacity cost of the two + 1/2/3/4 according to chip level (unless the average is a fraction which will round down. For example, 4.5 will round down to 4, etc).
  • There are Chips that display HP meters, damage numbers, and other types of HUD info Chips. So for example, you could customize your characters by having less information available via Chips and focus more on customizations that allow you to attack better.
    • Combination effects are capped at 100%, except for Item Drop which is capped at 90%.
  • You begin that game with a certain amount of storage. To increase your capacity, you can do so at the Bunker. Take the elevator to the terminal to find a merchant. 
  • When you die you lose all the chips you had installed. In order to recover them you must make your way back to your prior body. Failing to do so results in losing the chips.
  • Plug-in Chips can be upgraded to a max of +6 normally and up to +8 at Canyon Machine, after completing her quest. 
  • Check out the Plug-in Chips Reference Guide for Optimal Chip Fusion.


The following are the chips in the game:



System Chips

System Chips are a category of Plug-in Chips in Nier: Automata. They allow you to customize elements displayed on the HUD.






HUD Damage Values

Display the values of damage dealt and received.



HUD Enemy Data

Displays enemy levels and HP.



HUD Objectives

Display text showing your current objectives.



HUD Control

Auto-hide HUD elements in certain situations.



HUD Save Points

Display an icon in areas where you can save.



HUD Mini-map

Display the mini-map.



HUD Text Log

Display the text log.



HUD Skill Gauge

Display the skill gauge (shows a Pod program's cooldown time).



HUD HP Gauge

Display the player's HP gauge



OS Chip

An android's central system. Removal means death.




Display the EXP gauge and amount of EXP earned.



HUD Fishing Spots

Display an icon in areas where you can fish.



HUD Sound Waves

Display a sound analysis graph.




    • Anonymous

      01 Sep 2018 07:53  

      Here is a list with most if not all the chips with there max effects. Note i can't find every max and some chips are not applicable but are included. Attack Weaponattack max: 100% Down attack max; unknown Critical up max: 30% Range attack: 100% shockwave: (very powerful) Last stand: unknown Counter: 250% Charge: 400% Defense Melee defense: 80% Range defense: unknown anti chain: 6 seconds Resilience: 5% hp or more Max hp up: 100% Offensive heal: 100% Auto heal: unknown Damage asorbe: unknown Reset: 50% revive 80% health Support Fast cooldown: 50% Evade range: 200% Moving speed: 20% Drop rate: 90% Exp gain: unknown Vengeance: unknown Overclock: 5.5% Taunt up: 500% Auto use item: unknown Auto collect items: NA Item scan: NA Hacking Hijack bost: +9 Stun: unknown Conbust: unknown

      • Anonymous

        02 Jul 2017 06:21  

        For some reason I have no control over how many of a certain chip I can place and its really bothering me, anyone have an answer as to if this is even possible on PC or how to do it?

        • Anonymous

          17 Apr 2017 05:16  

          Quick reference guide to all chip locations, values, most efficient loads to achieve effect limit, and locations.

          • Anonymous

            25 Mar 2017 05:19  

            Do chip levels (as in chip +1, +2, +3 etc) increase on drops from higher level enemies? For example, will I find +4 or higher drop rate chips in the amusement park if I come back on route B at a much higher level or am I better off farming them on route A before enemy levels scale?

            • Anonymous

              14 Mar 2017 15:25  

              Did some math, correct me if i'm wrong
              This is how many chips to reach Lvl10 Rank from +0
              Rank # Needed of previous rank
              10 2
              9 4
              8 8
              7 16
              6 32
              5 64
              4 128
              3 265
              2 512
              1 1024

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