Lord of the Valley


Side Quest


Forest Zone

Quest Giver

Canyon Machine



Lord of the Valley is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata. After clearing the quest, Canyon Machine starts to sell and fuse chips up to +8.


"A lone machine lifeform dwells in a gloomy canyon. She doesn't seem hostile, and was even willing to share information on machines that are rampaging nearby. Head further into the canyon and take them out."

"You destroyed the violent machine lifeforms. Go back to the machine lifeform who first told you about them."

"You informed the machine of your success. She has decided to remain behind and pray for the souls of her comrades"


Lord of the Valley Objectives

  1. Spare the Canyon Machine
  2. Head further into the canyon and destroy the machines
  3. Return to the machine lifeform



Lord of the Valley Rewards



Lord of the Valley Walkthrough

  • To access this quest, The Forest Kingdom must have been completed up to Report on A2. Go to Forest: Center access point, and head down river and follow it until it drops off a long cliff. Find a place to drop down onto a safe ledge, then continue all the way down past a Locked Chest to meet the Canyon Machine.
  • Push the block in front of you to access the canyon.
  • A group of level 37-40 Medium Biped machines will attack you. To your left from the attack, a lift with a shortcut to City Ruins: Near Tower can be unlocked.
  • Continue down the canyon and stick to your right to pick up the Phoenix Dagger. Next to it, a Locked Chest contains Archives: Weapon Shop Flyer.
  • Another group of machines will attack you, followed by a level 50 Goliath Biped. It asks you to kill it as it fights you.
  • Return to the entrance of the canyon in Forest Zone to talk to the client. Unlocks an Item Shop, which can fuse chips up to +8.




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