Side Quests in Nier: Automata are covered on this page. Side quests can be acquired in the Resistance Camp and other hub locations as you complete main quest steps and unlock new regions. These side quests can usually be spotted on the map marked as "red dots". There are a total of 60 side quests, divided into six categories (four categories in game):

  • Shared (can be done by both 2B and 9S). 31 in total, 2 of them you get from the bunker only and one of them is easily overlooked.
  • 2B (can only be done by 2B). 4 in total, all on your first playthrough
  • 9S (can only be done by 9S). 13 in total, 11 of them on your 2nd playthrough and 2 of them on your 3rd playthrough
  • A2 (can only be done by A2). 3 in total
  • A2 & 9S (can be done by both A2 and 9S). 5 in total, both on your 3rd playthrough
  • All Three (can be done by all three characters 2B, 9S, A2). 4 in total, 1 of them you need all weapons fully upgraded and it can be done with all three characters through chapter select 

Notes: Completing the main quest 'Missile Supply Mission' will make most side quests in the game unavailable until the next playthrough. It is therefore recommended to check the map for "red dots" after completing a main story quest.

This table is presented by in-game log order. You can change the sorting by clicking the header of each column. The Chapter column represents the chapter towards it counts in the chapter selection.

Quest Name





Jean Paul's / Sartre's Melancholy

Machine Village: Jean-Paul   Shared


Machine Examination 1

City Ruins: 9S   Shared

05-03, 05-04

up to 07-03

Machine Examination 2

City Ruins: 9S   Shared

05-03, 05-04

06-01, 06-02, 06-03, 06-04, 06-05

07-01, 07-02, 07-03

Family Squabble

Machine Village: Mother Machine   Shared


Animal Care

Forest Zone: Animal-loving Machine   Shared


Turf War

Forest Zone: Animal-loving Machine Shared


Robo Dojo--White Belt

City Ruins: Father Servo Shared


Robo Dojo--Brown Belt

City Ruins: Father Servo   Shared


Robo Dojo--Black Belt

City Ruins: Father Servo   Shared


Robo Dojo--Red and White Belt

City Ruins: Father Servo   Shared


Robo Dojo--Red Belt

City Ruins: Father Servo Shared


Lost Girl

Machine Village: Big Sister Machine Shared


The Supply Trader's Request

Resistance Camp: Supply Trader Shared


The Manager's Request

Resistance Camp: Manager Shared


Camp Development

Resistance Camp: Anemone   Shared


Anemone's Past

Resistance Camp: Anemone   Shared



City Ruins: Resistance Member   9S


Resistance Disappearance

Resistance Camp: Resistance Member Shared


Jackass's Research

Desert Camp: Jackass 2B


Improving Communications

The Bunker: Commander Shared

02-02 through 05-01

Investigating Communications

City Ruins: Operator 60  
  • 320 EXP


Terminal Repairs

City Ruins: Operator 60 2B

07-01, 07-02, 07-03

Find a Present

Inbox: Operator 60 2B

07-01, 07-02, 07-03

Data Analysis Freak

The Bunker: Operator 210 9S


Data Analysis Freak 2

Inbox: Operator 210 9S


Lord of the Valley

Forest Zone: Canyon Machine   Shared


Vanquish the Bad Bot

Machine Village: Pascal A2


Play With Us!

Machine Village: Machine Children   A2


Storage Element

Machine Village: Pascal   A2


Half-Wit Inventor

Machine Village: Scientist Machine All Three


Idiot Savant

Machine Village: Weird Machine 9S


Game Dev Machine Lv 1

Amusement Park: Game Creator Machine 9S


Game Dev Machine Lv 2

Amusement Park: Game Creator Machine   9S


Game Dev Machine Lv 3

Amusement Park: Game Creator Machine   9S


Speed Star

City Ruins: High-speed Machine Shared


Emil's Memories

City Ruins: Emil   Shared

 06-03, 06-04, 06-05

07-01, 07-02, 07-03


Resistance Camp: Resistance Member   Shared


11B's Memento

The Bunker: 16D



Treasure Hunt at the Castle

Machine Village: Weird-talking Machine All Three


The Wandering Couple

Machine Village: Resistance Member Shared


Data on the Old World

Machine Village: Pascal   9S

05-03, 05-04

06-01, 06-02, 06-03, 06-04, 06-05

07-01, 07-02, 07-03

Culinary Researcher

City Ruins (Forest Camp): Resistance Supply Trader Shared


YoRHa Betrayers

City Ruins Operator 60 Shared


Reconnaissance Squad

Forest Zone: 4S 9S

13-03, 13-04

15-01, 15-02, 15-03, 15-04

16-01, 16-03, 16-04

17-01, 17-02

Devola's Request

Resistance Camp: Devola A2 & 9S


Popola's Errand

Resistance Camp: Popola A2 & 9S


The Twins' Request

Resistance Camp: Devola A2 & 9S


Heritage of the Past

Desert Zone: Resistance Researcher All Three


Retrieve the Confidential Intel

City Ruins: Resistance Member Shared


Sorting Trouble

Resistance Camp: Resistance Member   Shared


Sorting Trouble 2

Resistance Camp: Resistance Member A2 & 9S


Sorting Trouble 3

Resistance Camp: Resistance Member A2 & 9S


Stamp Collecting

Amusement Park: Receptionist Machine Shared


Parade Escort

City Ruins: Active Machine   Shared


Gathering Keepsakes

Resistance Camp: Resistance Member   9S

 13-01, 13-02, 13-03, 13-04

15-01, 15-02, 15-03, 15-04

16-01, 16-03, 16-04

17-01, 17-02

The Weapon Dealer's Request

Resistance Camp: Weapons Trader Shared


The Recluse

Machine Village: Overprotective Machine 9S


The Recluse Stays Home

Machine Village: Overprotective Machine 9S


The Permanent Recluse

Machine Village: Overprotective Machine 9S


Emil's Determination

City RuinsEmil   All Three



  • Various players have reported to be stuck at 98% quest completion after seemingly finishing all the quests in the game; i.e. no "red dots" showing up on the Earth-map. This is because of an easily overlooked quest called Improving Communications. This quest becomes available in chapter (CH)02_02: Traveling to the Desert, and is given by the Commander (found in the Bunker Command room, ground floor, dressed in white and with the beige text: "quest" above her head). Players are advised to use the Resistance Camp transport to go to the Bunker the moment they start the main story mission The Machine Surge to pick the quest up as soon as possible, as this quest is easily overlooked and needs to be completed before starting CH05-02: Goliath Attack.
  • It is recommended that players finish quest The Wandering Couple and Emil's Memories before triggering the main story quest Missile Resupply. Triggering this main story quest before completing these side quests, erases their progress entirely from the Active Quests menu and the player is subsequently locked out from completing the quests until a next playthrough (if playing as 2B) or until Chapter Select is unlocked (missing the quest as both 2B and 9S) . These quests are accessible and completable after CH05-02: Goliath Attack.

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    • Anonymous

      What about the quest Mysterious Letter? It's the last element in my list when I open All Quests in the game.

      • Anonymous

        There's this specific "side quest" with 9S where you have to hack 3 robots (one in a rooftop, one on the tower near bridge to the mall and another one on the edge of a branch closr to the broken bridge near the crater) and I have NO IDEA how to "finish" this side quest. I mean, I just hack the 3 of them and then a scene strarts were the last robot jumps to kill itself.
        Does anyone know what am I supposed to do next? Or is that a "side quest" with no end? I've done it at least 5 times already and I've got no clue how to end it.

        • Anonymous

          Same here. I've cross checked the Completed Quests one by one.
          I've confirmed I completed 33 shared quests. But in game it shows 32/33

          • Anonymous

            You can do Culinary Research and Heritage of the Past as A2, as well. I did them in route C after talking to Pascal about the fuel filter (but before giving the parts to Anemone).

            • Anonymous

              There is a side quest at the bridge of the abandoned factory pointed on the map but when i get closer, it disappears. I don't know what quest it is and how to trigger it.

              • Anonymous

                I thought I could take a year off from this game, come back, and find a list somewhere of the quests by chapter. I was wrong.

                • Anonymous

                  Treasure Hunt at the Castle can be done as A2 which means it is an "all three" quest. I missed it on route A and B but was able to finish it as A2 on route C.

                  • Anonymous

                    Before I even say this, I want to point out that I 100% have done Improving Connections, so it’s not that one, but the game says I’m missing 2 2B quests in Chapter 6, The Forest King. I know one of then is Find a Present, but it won’t appear in my inbox, and another is one I haven’t identified. The map says it’s at the edge of the destroyed factory bridge but when I get there, there’s no quest or marker to say there was a quest there anymore and I don’t understand why it’s happening.

                    • Anonymous

                      Aren't "The Supply Trader's Request" and "The Weapon Dealer's Request" story quests? You got to redo them in Route B, like a story quest, unlike all other side quests.

                      • Anonymous

                        Most side quests add depth to or reveal important sides of the main characters, along with subtly explain why certain key characters are the way they are (YoRHa Betrayers, Wandering Couple, 11B's Memento, Jackass' Research, Find a Present, Data Analysis Freak 1&2, etc, etc). Some attempt to break the fourth wall or take a playful jab at the player, without breaking the immersive experience (Stamp Collecting, Father Servo, Game Dev Lv 1-3, and Parade Escort are some good examples of this). Some become more meaningful or even dubious after a second playthrough (Retrieve Confidential Intel is particularly chilling--did they really get killed by machine lifeforms or did Command cover up a dispatch?). Some refer to original Nier (Emil's Memories, Heritage of the Past). There's really a bit of everything you could ask for in an RPG, and sure there are going to be side quests you don't particularly enjoy, but perhaps knowing the above makes the side quests more palatable.

                        Yoko Taro and his team didn't squander time away with meaningless side quests meant to glaze your eyes over on. Some of them are pretty tedious or text heavy, but hey, you're playing a game with instances of unavoidable purple balls of doom. So to whoever wrote that inflammatory comment down there, or anyone who begins thinking that way, this long comment as a way to explain these side quests that somehow deem the comment that the developer(s) "must be crucified, burned at stake, eviscerated with a dull broken spoon and be hanged with his own intestines"? This comment is for your benefit. Hope. This. Helps.

                        • Anonymous

                          Hi, I'm playing route A now and i missed a lot of secondary quest because i decided to do a main mission. I know that i can't replay route A until i have beaten the game with 9S and 2A and i was wondering if the sidequest are the same in all routes? are some exclusive to route a,b or c?

                          • Anonymous

                            Whoever designed side quests in this game must be crucified, burned at stake, eviscerated with a dull broken spoon and be hanged with his own intestines. By all the gods that exist, does not exist and may someday exist, these are the most horribly written, dull and boring side quests i have ever played. I mean the contrast the side quests have with the games main storyline is amazing. It is as if the developers are trying to tell us that "dont waste your time on these stupid fetch quests and bullet sponge mini bossess, but playe the main story damn it!".

                            • Anonymous

                              looking at the japanese wiki for nier leads me to believe that the missing quest has to do with fighting emil.

                              • I don't understand what shared quest I'm missing. I've got 59/60 quests done, I've done Emil's Determination, and I've cross-referenced every quest on the list with my own... the only one that doesn't show up on my completed list is Improving Communications. I'm not sure how to trigger it; apparently the commander gives it somehow? I don't understand how these shared quests work, either.

                                • Anonymous

                                  There's a quest missing and I can't figure out which one. This is 59/60 quests and to my dismay it's missing the very same one I can't seem to find, a Shared Quest unlocked sometime after visiting the Forest Castle.

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