Machine Torso




Machine Torso is a Crafting Material in Nier: Automata



 The torso unit of a machine lifeform.


Effects & Uses


Where to Find/Location

  • Reward for completing The Permanent Recluse
  • Reward for completing Idiot Savant
  • Can drop from machines living in the City Ruins: Deep Cave (the path to Emil's Residence).



  • A total of 14 Machine Torsos required for all upgrades.
  • Any machine with a torso can drop this material, but only higher level enemies will drop them frequently.


    • Anonymous

      02 Dec 2018 02:16  

      If you need this, I got tons of them for throwing on drop rate +3 and +2 and find the roller coaster after you leave the village. You can ride it how ever many times you like and it takes you back to the start. Just keep hoping back on, might as well throw an xp boost on too.

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